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Mar 27, 2017

Reason why the death of David Rockefeller has been announced at this particular time – Three groups operate the Trump administration –

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Reason why the death of David Rockefeller has been announced at this particular time – Three groups operate the Trump administration –
 Finally, the news of death of David Rockefeller has been released. I suppose that announcement has to be made at this particular time.

According to the first article, the elites believe that they can outlive by putting their souls into other bodies (clones in many cases) after death. Cobra said a similar thing.  However, this cannot be done now because their souls have been destroyed.
According to Mr. Fulford, the death of David Rockefeller has been announced at this particular time because Henry Kissinger and Rex Tillerson failed in fund procurement. It might be right in thinking that the Rockefellers practically have gone to ruin. There is a big difference between Fulford report and information from Mr. Eiken Itagaki on the issue. According to Fulford report, it seems that both Kissinger and Tillerson are agents of the Committee of 300 and contend against the imperial family and Mr. Ichiro Ozawa is their flunky. This makes me remember that according to information on gold by Mr. Neil Keenan, it was Mr. Ozawa who provided information about looted gold of the imperial family.
According to information from Mr. Itagaki, however, the Goldman Families Group (former Committee of 300) is led by Kissinger and places Emperor at the top. This does not make sense.
In my opinion, Kissinger and Tillerson stopped working for the Rockefellers long time ago and they had known that they would fail to get funding in Asia, which is described in Fulford report. I suppose that their nominal threat to the imperial family is a signal to the Dragon family, just like that Mr. Ozawa provided information on gold to Mr. Neil Keenan. In a word, it is a message saying that Kissinger and Tillerson are preparing to talk with the Dragon family.
It is difficult to see how the Trump administration moves because the administration is practically operated by three groups. The first group is comprised of White House chief strategist Steve Banno, Ivanka’s husband Kushner and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The group is led by Ivanka.
The second group is comprised of Secretary Defense Mattis, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and National Security Advisor McMaster. This group is led by General Joseph Dunford. All of them are members of the SSP Alliance.
The third group is comprised of Secretary of State Tillerson, Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin and Chief Economic Advisor Gary Cohn. The group is led by Henry Kissinger.
You might be surprised, but these three leaders follow President Putin. The real President Putin is not the leader of Russia now. I suppose that Foreign Minister Lavrov runs the country. The real President Putin manages the whole earth as the Emperor of the World. We may say that the Trump administration has been finally brought together thanks to Ivanka who acts as the eyes and ears of President Trump.

March 22, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

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Excerpt from a Japanese article: Trend of Japan, World and Universe – March 21, 2017 –

News just broke that the former Chase Manhattan Chief Executive David Rockefeller has died at the age of 101.


If you’ve ever had this feeling that something was terribly wrong with the world that we live in, but we couldn’t figure out just what it was.
Secret societies, mysterious religions and the Illuminati have been controlling our reality since the beginning of time but not anymore, because there is an awakening happening and you are about to become a part of it.  Wake up because this is a call for an uprising.


As of March 20 David Rockefeller has officially died at his home at the age of 101, a family spokesman confirmed.


Rockefeller, Rothschild and other elites believe that they can outlive by putting their souls into other bodies.
They do rituals before they’re going to go and they put their souls into other bodies. But they’re not doing that because God is in control.

English translation a Japanese article: UntoldFacts of Politics and Economics Never Reported by Mass Media – March 22, 2017 –

Today’s “Eiken Itagaki Information Service”
“Devil King” David Rockefeller has passed and Dr. Kissinger and Mr. Ichiro Ozawa will enjoy prosperity.

[Special information 1]
“Devil King” David Rockefeller, the richest business tycoon in the U.S., (born in New York in 1915) died of heart failure at his home at age 101 in the suburbs of New York on March 20, New York Times and other media reported.  And as a result, the global elite group “Goldman Families Group” with the Emperor at the top, which is above the “International Monetary Fund,” has shifted into a “new system” in both name and reality. In other words, Dr. Henry Alfred Kissinger (Adviser of Center for Strategic and International Studies, CSIS, Secretary of State under the Nixon administration ) and Mr. Ichiro Ozawa will reach to the top of the “Committee of 300” and finally enjoy prosperity.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: How Sad! – March 21, 2017 –

Fulford Report (March 20, 2017)


The Satan worshipping cabal suffered crushing defeats last week on all fronts multiple sources agree. The biggest news is that US President Donald Trump announced last week that the cabal owned United States Corporation founded in 1861 has been replaced with the Republic of the United States of America that was founded in 1776. For details on this see here:


United States Corporation Secretary of State and slave to Corporation top shareholder David Rockefeller Jr. Rex Tillerson failed in his efforts to get funding for it in Asia last week, Asian secret society sources say.

Japanese imperial family sources say Rockefeller bagman Henry Kissinger showed up with Rex Tillerson and both threatened the Imperial family in a failed effort to get them to cash a bogus 4δΊ¬(kei) yen (40 trillion dollar) World Bank bond so that they could keep the US Corporation going and place their flunky Ichiro Ozawa as Prime Minister of Japan. Ozawa is despised in Japanese government circles and will not be allowed near the Prime Minister’s office so the request was denied, Japanese right wing sources say.

However, the US military is determined to get rid of current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Finance Minister Taro Aso, who blocked the deal, because they are desperate for funds to keep their international operations going. That is why they are flooding the Japanese media with stories exposing Abe’s scandals.

(The rest is omitted)

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