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Mar 18, 2017

Cosmic Disclosure Season 7 Episode 7: Deeper Disclosure From William Tompkins – People indoctrinated with wrong knowledge are offensive to opinions which differ from the religious belief they have

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Cosmic Disclosure Season 7 Episode 7: Deeper Disclosure From William Tompkins – People indoctrinated with wrong knowledge are offensive to opinions which differ from the religious belief they have
Mr. Corey Goode makes a comment on the information disclosed by Mr. William Tompkins. According to Mr. William Tompkins, all information on the planet has been modified by the Dracos and the Reptilians. This is a quite convincing story.
As a matter of fact, I almost never studies in elementary school and junior high school. Therefore, I almost never inject wrong knowledge into the brain. My son is strongly influenced by my genes. My wife doesn’t retain knowledge even if she gains it. He also inherits genes from her. My son, who inherits good genes from us parents like this, spent his elementary and junior high school days with cramming nothing into his head.
The reference source says that such empty-minded people are actually given important positions in society because the brain is not contaminated with lies given in every field. Reading an article by Mr. Corey Goode, I could freely interpret that if parents let children play as they like without forcing them to study and instead raise the children affectionately, such children will grow up to be empty-minded, good people and play an important role in the future of Earth.
The truth is that children raised in this manner clearly realize what they want to do. However, people who were forced to study from childhood and concentrated on their schoolwork composed of lies, in other words, so-called competent people don’t realize what they really want to do but rather they are inclined to seek position or power within an organization they join. In that sense, we have to fundamentally review how to raise children and how to educate them.
When I was a freshman in university, I noticed that mathematics is fabrication. I thought that if axiomatic system of mathematics is built upon faith, physics and chemistry are all the more unreliable. As I often mention on this blog, most of Western medicine is made up of fabrication. So is religion. However, people who study hard at school have a hard head and cannot think with a new perspective.
As shown in this article, can you understand such a point of view that ‘consciousness is a field and not just something localized in the brain’ or ‘there is only one consciousness in the universe’? Actually I should say that one consciousness represents the universe. This is an obvious fact to me. However, it is difficult for most earthlings to understand this view point, which is considered to be paganism by most religions on Earth
Luckily, we don’t live in medieval times and pagans would never be burned alive. However, many of earthlings are very offensive to others who give a different opinion from what they have believed. Regrettably, they cannot accept it as just one out of many others.
Let me give an example. If I say to people who have religious faith that Siddhartha Gautama, Krishna, Rama and Maitreya they believe to be gods have already been destroyed in the Heavenly Reformation and they have disappeared, some of them would even feel hostility toward me.  Although these people are all legendary figures, my comment provokes such a backlash.
I give the names of a few people who still have soul on this blog or in video lectures. Just try to think why I never give the names of other well-known people. Every one of them has lost their souls. I think that judging from the awareness level of earthlings, it is not proper to give specific names of such people.
Alternatively, I’d like to tell an easy method to check the current status of a specific person you want to know about. Any person who is considered to be god must reach the evolutionary level at least 5 or higher. Therefore, if you chant the name of a specific person, every chakra on the body surface route must be simultaneously opened. Try to do it yourself. Try to chant the names of me, my wife and Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi who you know very well on this blog. You will see all seven chakras on not only the out-of-the-body but the body surface, the nerve plexus and the spinal cord routes opened. This will happen if a person reaches the evolutionary level 7 or higher.
With regard to the deceased, let’s try to chant the names of Ramalinga Swamigal and Edgar Cayce. The same thing will happen. And now try to chant the names of the above-mentioned people and well-known gurus living on earth. Nothing will happen because the souls of most religious leaders have already disappeared.
As I have explained on this blog, the information from Mr. Corey Goode and Cobra is quite useful but the information comes from the Hierarchy. In a sense, Mr. Corey Goode knows it very well. He knows that the Secret Space Program (SSP) he has worked for is part of the Cabal, which, to put it simply, is the Illuminati. He realizes that he has been forced to do what he has to keep secret from the public in the organization. The SSP Alliance is a group which rebelled against the Cabal but in my opinion, they don’t think that they belong to the Light forces.
The truth is that Mr. Corey Goode has disclosed that the seven Ancient Earth Break-Away Civilizations are rather positive but actually established alliance with the Cabal.
Basically, I don’t give negative information about people who are expected to amend, on this blog. If I give negative information about a specific person, the person has already disappeared in most cases or he has already lost the soul or his execution has been decided.

March 12, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from Sphere-Being Alliance – February 21, 2017 –

Cosmic Disclosure: Season 7 Episode 7 Further exposure from William Tomkins




William Tompkins: People all over this planet, for at least 6,000 years, have been influenced by extraterrestrials: the Dracos and the Reptilians.
They have taken the information that is in, essentially, every school on the planet and they've modified the information. < snip> All history documentation  <snip> in this country and in every country on the planet have been given lies about astronomy, lies about mathematics, lies about technical capabilities, lies about the universe, you name it.


Corey: It was common knowledge in the programs.  <snip>  They use different hyperdimensional mathematics models than what are used down here. You know, the physics models, . . . You know, we're still on this quantum and, you know, classical physics model.  <snip>  They are making calculations on what they're observing and using incorrect math to make the calculations.  <snip>  And it's all done for control purposes.   <snip> when we have <snip> Full Disclosure, we have a better understanding of the nature of the universe – we're going to be able to not only understand our place in the universe, but our place on the planet and in our various societies.

David: Do you think that it will be more commonly accepted that consciousness is a field and not just something localized in the brain?  <snip>  What do you think happens when we get to this idea that there is only one consciousness in the universe? <snip>

Corey: Well, we figure out that we are all One. We're not as different and separated as we think we are.


William Tompkins: They found out about extraterrestrials advising the SS in Germany and Hitler on how to build massive spacecraft carriers, how to build massive space cruisers to operate with the Reptilian Draco space navy.  <snip>  extraterrestrials were actually here on the planet and actually were working with Germany, had agreed, legal agreements, with Hitler.  <snip>  We then had these Navy spies, which we had operating there 24 hours a day from 1942 to the end of the war. <snip>  actually what the operatives brought were perspective sketches of different research that's going on inside of laboratories.  <snip>  And, of course, it's way above “Top Secret”, but we don't have the documents stamped that way.  <snip> All of it totally unreal to any possible engineering group.  <snip>  You don't know the mathematics. You don't know the writing.  <snip>  it was so difficult for all these people that got a package to take this and try to figure out what it is.

David: Okay. he didn't mention the number, but it was 23 embedded spies – he's said that before – all throughout World War II – included photographs of people, soldiers, I guess, standing in front of UFO-type craft that could be anywhere between 50~240, I think he said, feet in diameter.   <snip>  Do you think that part of this biomedical packaging could have been in the development of cloning technology?

Corey: Absolutely, yes.  <snip>

David: Is this something that basically kind of allows you to print an organism, <snip>  ?

Corey: Well, they're growing these things also in these temporal fields.  <snip>  And they can make it look like a little zygote grows up into a full grown human in a couple of hours.   <snip>


William Tompkins: By the end of the war, Germany had already removed massive, not underground, in mountain. All over Germany and the occupied countries, Germany was building mass production of a dozen different types of extraterrestrial vehicles that were given to them by the Dracos.  <snip>  80% of that had all been removed from Germany six months before the war ended. It had all been taken to Antarctica, and they were continuing the construction down there.   <snip> So the submarine, still submerged, goes through these tunnels. <snip>  and they get to a lake where there's all these facilities and the cities and naval bases and towns and thousands of people.  <snip> And so Paperclip, we got the different people,   <snip>  They came in and sort of took over all of the aerospace companies and all of the biomedical research companies.   <snip>  It's really about where we are.

David: <snip>  So why do you think the Germans in the middle of World War II are so busily developing a technology that was not being implemented by them in World War II?

Corey: The Draco wanted them to build these vessels to fly alongside the Draco and do battle.  <snip>  Out in space.   <snip>  And they are known for having conquered races fight alongside them. I've mentioned the tall Nordic looking group that has the large forehead, six fingers, that are often seen in our solar system working alongside the Draco.  <snip>  what the Dark Fleet is to our planet – a group that either was conquered or made a deal with the Reptilians and then started fighting alongside them.

David: So were the Draco concerned about whether the Nazis won or lost World War II?

Corey:  <snip> So it sounds to me like they were trying to get the Germans, . . . the World War II situation, . . . put the Germans in a spot to where they needed the help from the Draco.  <snip>  So the Germans, they had an agenda, but the Draco or the Reptilians had a much larger agenda that this was just one tiny little piece of.

(The rest is omitted)

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