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Mar 15, 2017

Consciousness of life attuned to Earth is in the state of mediation. Only humans are being rapidly polarized

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Consciousness of life attuned to Earth is in the state of mediation. Only humans are being rapidly polarized
It seems that the examination clearly showed that the brain of mice in meditation indicate the same theta wave pattern as that of humans. The article says: “We think of meditation as a human thing, a high-level thing.” This is clearly false. Or rather we should say that humans spend in a life environment extremely detached from state of meditation.
At present, the universe embodies the supreme consciousness. Our solar system and Earth are also attuned to the supreme consciousness. So are living creatures on Earth other than humans. Let’s take an ant in your garden for example. Checking out the vibration, you will see the vibration attuned to the Sahasrara chakra. In a word, the consciousness of every life attuned to Earth is in the state of meditation and we can say that they realize Nirvikalpa Samadhi.
On the other hand, only humans are being rapidly polarized and overwhelmingly majority of them, who are detached from nature, are determined to perish. When you are asked a question – which is important to you, “life or money”? – if you choose money, it can be said that you are determined to perish.
The video below shows cats in the state of perfect meditation. It is surprising to see the image of first 10 seconds or so and it looks as if it were still image. If you are short on time, just watch the first 10 sec. and a few seconds after 50 sec.  The image clearly shows that the cats are not asleep because if they fall asleep, their heads must move. If they are not asleep but in the quiet state of mind and can move adroitly any time, it turns out that they are in the state of meditation.
We humans can experience the state of some relaxation by “basking in the sun,” which is alike in appearance but quite different in nature than meditation. However, humans think of many things such as work or the opposite sex even during a break and they cannot mediate at all. Therefore, it may safe to say that from the viewpoint of spiritual level, humans are far inferior to these cats.

March 11, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

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English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: TOCANA – March 6, 2017 –

“True effect” of meditation found when brain wave of “meditating mice” checked out! 


Brain wave of mice in the state of meditation changes into theta wave


Researchers from the University of Oregon  <snip>  have created genetically engineered “meditating mice” to examine the effects of mediation on the brain. The result is that the brain waves of the mice noticeably showed dramatically reduced stress.


There was the same theta wave pattern in mice in meditation as seen in human examinees and brain waves indicating deeper relaxation appeared.


We think of meditation as a human thing, a high-level thing, but we want to examine the effectiveness of meditation biologically (other than humans). Our final purpose is not to have mice meditate, but we want to learn more about how mediation affects the brain.”


There seems to be many different meditation styles in regard to posture, breathing technique and time to meditate.

If you are interested in mediation, I advise you to practice meditation even for only five minutes a day in your own way.

(The rest is omitted)
Distributed by YouTube – March 7, 2017 –

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