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Mar 22, 2017

Brainwashing of people for war machine maintenance and 11 “unavoidable facts” as agenda for social destruction – People’s awareness leads to drastic global changes

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Brainwashing of people for war machine maintenance and 11 “unavoidable facts” as agenda for social destruction – People’s awareness leads to drastic global changes
According to the article, the jam-packed stadiums for baseball or football games are described as present-day coliseums “offering both prestige and glorification for all the actions conducted in the interest of winning.”  I think that the Olympic Games are at the top of these events. They say that such brainwashing of people is carried out for the purpose of “constant military buildup and war machine maintenance.” Considering the effect of violent video games and supplements such as muscles mass builders or synthetic hormone from this view point, I can’t help thinking that the elite try to mass-produce stupid soldiers who work for them.
In the latter half of the article, very negative and unavoidable 11 facts the elite are involved in are listed. All are serious problems and I feel that they are exactly what Dr. John Coleman talked about as an agenda for social destruction by the Committee of 300 in his books more than 20 years ago.
The only way to break through this darkness is many people’s awareness of the truth that opinions which have been ignored as conspiracy theories are actual facts. This awareness will lead to drastic global changes. The time is near at hand.

March 19, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

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Excerpt from a Japanese article: Design of Creation Society – March 14, 2017 –

The USA: Military Arm Of The New World Order (Latter Half)

Modern-day coliseums, video games and bovine growth hormone

American society has been ordered in such a way so as to justify these wildly exorbitant expenditures on constant military buildup and war machine maintenance.  <snip> 
The drumbeat heard in every sports stadium in the country is one example.


The jam-packed stadiums provide a moral backdrop for all that transpires in these present-day coliseums offering both prestige and glorification for all the actions conducted in the interest of winning. The ubiquitous office betting pools even allow those who can’t attend the weekend ‘big event’ to participate vicariously through their bets, small though they may be.


Next we come to violent video games. What better way to capture a young and impressionable mind than to steer it in the direction of gratuitous and mindless violence. After years of exposure to this highly effective mind control program, some kids will quite willingly pick up a gun and shoot their own friends,


Then there are all the food additives, vitamin enrichments, protein powders, super hormones, muscles mass builders and other newfangled chemical magic that is supposed to make the kid … adolescent … young adult bigger and stronger, faster and taller.


Also known as BGH or BST (short for Bovine somatotropin), this synthetic hormone is of course a product of Monsanto and guaranteed to grow you big.

When you’re buying guns, you’re not buying butter.

The USA has been known for years not to take care of their poor, their homeless, their war veterans, their single moms, their mentally handicapped, their physically disabled, their medically uninsured, their unborn. Basically the most vulnerable and powerless in American society have always received short shrift. Except now that predicament is about to be extended to an entire demographic(s).   <snip>  All because the USA is used as the military arm of the World Shadow Government.


When the federal debt ceiling is forever increased to accommodate war expenditures which have no basis in reality, what can possibly be expected.

At this late date, we truly wonder what could save the USA from the crazy and convoluted karma it has created for well over a century.


In the meantime we all suffer with the following facts of life in a country that is consigned to starting and ending all wars throughout the earthly realm:

(i) a flouridated water supply to compromise the pineal gland and remove critical thinking from the populace
 (ii) chemtrail-laden air to weaken and undermine the immune system forcing the unaware into the clutches of the pharmaceutical-medical complex.
 (iii) food that is devoid of minerals and other essential nutritive constituents because of chemical farming, which also poisons the land and leaves toxins in the produce.
 (iv) vaccination programs which inject mercury, sqaulene, formaldehyde and other dangerous substances into the delicate and sensitive bodies of our children.
 (v) a pharmaceutical regime that is enforced and promoted with zeal in every medical establishment across the land
 (vi) an all-powerful medical complex that encourages chemo, radiation and surgery, as it discourages the alternative healing modalities, holistic wellness approaches and natural methods of curing
 (vii) an obnoxious TV or two or three in every household beaming negative energy and propaganda messages which disseminate violence, profanity, sex and crudity 24/7
 (viii) an educational system which indoctrinates with propaganda and brainwashes with false facts and fictitious figures that are as meaningless as they are misleading to the impressionable mind
 (ix) a political order that does’t even maintain the appearance of propriety or act in the interest of the people
 (x) an economic marketplace and financial system devoid of integrity, whose institutions have been in a free-fall collapse since the real estate collapse of 2007 and stock market crash of 2008
 (xi) societal disintegration due to the destruction of the nuclear family, foisting an LGBT agenda on everyone, proliferation of the pharmaceutical drug culture, widespread acceptance of recreational drugs, relentless promotion of celebrity excesses, mercenary deification of sports heroes, rampant addiction to information technology, worship of the Almighty Dollar, and glorification of the Consumer Society.

Throughout the fall of the Roman Empire, and perhaps during the decline of any nation, there is always a conspicuous deterioration of the social fabric.


What could possibly be expected when a nation so callously sends their boys (and girls) off to war for nothing more than the defense of an overly materialistic and degenerate society?


Let’s stop here before anyone gets too depressed and falls into despair. There is after all a very bright side to this whole undeniable scenario. It is this:

Each of us was put here to live our lives the best way we know how. During the Viet Nam War (VNW), the hippies and beatniks and many other peace activists were successful in shutting down a major corporate-driven war.   <snip>  The vehement protest and subsequent termination of the Viet Nam War just may have been the greatest success by the greatest popular movement of the modern era.


a political sea change is ripe for the happening because there is a very strong and pervasive sentiment to change the course of American foreign policy …  forever.

Only the people can alter such a deeply rooted military culture. Only the electorate can vote out* of office the war parties and war candidates who are personally enriched by such a self-destructive agenda. Only a steeled will and courageous heart can break the military arm of the NOW

**Pat Tillman, an American football star who volunteered to serve his country as an Army ranger, found out the hard way about the real US foreign policy that is administered at the end of the barrel of gun. After the US Army used his image to draft lots of 18 year olds, Pat was killed by ‘friendly fire’ after revealing his anti-war views and intentions to tell the truth about the illegal invasion of Iraq. He came to regard the US military involvement in Afghanistan as a war crime, which he then made the mistake of sharing during his tour of duty there. In Pat Tillman’s case we have a true hero, not because he served bravely in the US Armed Forces, but because he was willing to sacrifice his reputation and life to tell the truth about the barbarism of American war policy.

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