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Feb 4, 2017

Giant of Kandahar Afghanistan Filmed

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Giant of Kandahar Afghanistan Filmed
I didn’t know anything about this giant in Kandahar. According to the article, a giant inside a cave was killed and carried to the U.S. by U.S. military personnel in 2005. The first video below is about the testimony of a pilot who transported the dead body to the U.S.  According to his accounts, the giant was about 500 kg and about 4.5 meter tall.
The second video is about a giant who was filmed in another place by the U.S. marines.  Neither the testimony of the pilot or the image of this video seems to be fabrication. If this information is true, it turns out that giants still exist.

January 29, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

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Translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Walk in the Spirit – January 29, 2017 –
Giant in Kandahar Afghanistan Filmed

Last year I picked up a story about a giant in Kandahar, and since then I have heard a lot of testimonies of military personnel.
This video shows a testimony of a C-130 pilot who actually transported the dead body of the giant in a cave from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan to the U.S.

Neither photo nor video about this giant has been released at all. Only the picture of the giant goes into circulation.

However, a very precious video was released in July last year.

In 2002, surprisingly, in a place other than the cave, red-haired giants were filmed by the U.S. marines.

It is difficult to see the giants on the video. Here is an expanded image.

The topic of giant of Kandahar is entering a new phase because a real image was released.

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