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Jan 25, 2017

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 30 - Summary of questions to and answers from Harukanaruhikarino-himemiko

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Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 30 - Summary of questions to and answers from Harukanaruhikarino-himemiko

I write out all of the 10 questions below. These questions and answers might be difficult to believe because they far outstrip most of so-called channeled information. Although I myself think that I provide high accuracy information, sometimes I might make some slight mistakes. You don’t need to believe the information I provide. I would be happy if you could use it as a reference.
Channeled information widely spread in the world is so different from the information provided here because most of channeled information comes from Darkness. They never admit the existence of deities. Some information, for example, from Mr. Corey Goode and Mr. Alex Collier is of very high accuracy. However, such information is about aliens not about deities.
Information on true deities has hardly been available on the earth. Even if a Shinto priest with psychic power can receive a message from a spirit, the message comes from a Master or an entity which pretends to be god. For example, the HitsukiShinji (the Devine Revelation) is one of such messages.
However, most people cannot tell the difference between a message from true deity and a fake message. Even priests of shrines where Hotsuma deities are enshrined cannot tell the difference. Therefore, it may safe to say that most of divine messages are disinformation. It is similar to the mainstream media which actually won’t report truth.
If such situation had continued, the earth would have been destroyed. For this reason, the Reformation of HeavenlyWorld started in 2007. The reformation aimed at the governance system not based on bloodline, where higher posts are taken by pure-hearted deities. Deities in the heavenly world who tried to defend vested interests doggedly resisted the new order. As a result, such deities were all destroyed.
Amaterasu-omikami had reigned over the heavenly world in our Sirius System until 2007. However, the Amaterasu administration collapsed in the reformation of heavenly world. Most of deities revered in shrines have disappeared. Only a small number of pure-hearted deities have survived. So even if you pray to a deity a shrine is dedicated to, in most cases a deity who protects the shrine now will listen to your prayer.
This goes for any religion with the exception of Shintoism. Most of the beings that believers in each religion worship as a deity have already disappeared.

Beings that have become famous as great deities on the earth were almost exclusively highly ambitious and did not deserve to be called deities. Most of them should start from scratch or had completely disappeared and do not exist any longer.
I think the time will come when what I say is completely true.

January 2, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 30

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: December 26, 2016>

Question1: I think that our Linga Sarira and causal body existed in 123 D and 183 D in the past, but now our Linga Sarira and causal body exist in 843 D and 903 D, respectively. Is it correct?

: Everything you say is correct.

Question 2: There is something I don’t understand in the Hotuma Tsutae. According to the Hotsuma Tsutae, Amaterasu-omikami ascended to heaven as god when he was about1.73 million years old, some 60,000 years ago. Is this a correct description from the viewpoint of time perception we earthlings have?

: This is a record based on time perception when the Hotsuma Tsutae was written. Therefore, it cannot be said to be correct from the viewpoint of time perception we earthlings have.

Question 3: Emperor Jinmu’s mother Tamayori-hime was born in 178,625 B.C. and gave birth to Kan’yamato-iwarehiko (who became Emperor Jinmu) in 712 B.C. Is it correct?

: It is correct.

Question 4: I think that Amaterasu-omikami was 4 m 71 cm tall and Tamayori-hime was 4 m 35 cm tall. Is it correct?

: You might be surprised but it is exactly correct.

Question 5: Hotsuma deities from Amaterasu-omikami to Ugayafukiaezuno-mikoto seem to have been around 4 m 70 cm tall. However, I remember Emperor Jinmu was 2 m 56 cm tall. I wonder why they got shorter.

: Because of the Devil’s conspiracy.
The Devil made humans on the earth shorter by genetically engineering them on purpose. The Devil intends to control humanity, whose number increased, as slaves.

Question 6: According to mythology, Tamayori-hime gave birth to Kamowakeikazuchino-kami, who can be said to be a child of god. I think the real father of Mikeirino-mikoto is Ooyamakuino-kami. The problem is that Tamayori-hime was reincarnated in physical form but Ooyamakuino-kami was a spirit body. If a child had been born between the two, the only possibility is that Ooyamakuino-kami would have embodied his Maya Virupa. What is the truth?

: That is exactly right.
Some deities can embody Maya Virupa.

Question 7: In my opinion, Hotsuma deities including Amaterasu-omikami and Tamayori-hime were reincarnated in 3.0 D physical form on Earth and lived as humans in Japan and enjoyed such longevity. Am I right?

: What you say is exactly right.

Question 8: What I have great difficulty in understanding is that Tamayori-hime, the mother of Emperor Jimmu, lived at least for more than 170,000 years in earth time but Emperor Jimmu passed away at the age of 128. I wonder if there is any reason why he suddenly had shorter lifetime.

: It is the same reason with a decrease in height.
Shorter lifetime was due to genetic engineering by the Devil.

Question 9: My understanding is that the successive emperors of Japan, from Emperor Jimmu (1st emperor) to Emperor Oujin (15th emperor) and lastly to Emperor Koumei (121st emperor), were direct male line descendants of Amaterasu-omikami, with the exception of the period after the reign of Emperor Tenmu (40th emperor), which is called the “eight reigns by seven emperors”; actually, the seven emperors from Emperor Jitou (41st emperor) to Shoutoku Emperor (48th emperor) took the throne because Emperor Koken (46th emperor) and Emperor Shotoku (48th emperor) were the same person. Is that correct?

: What you say is exactly right.

Question 10: Would you tell me about the situation of the current heavenly world, including such royal family bloodline?

: The heavenly world has adopted a new system, in which bloodline or lineage of royal family is not valued as it was in the past. A new system of love has started functioning based on the cosmic truth of Yama (universal morality) and Niyama (personal observances), not based on hereditary system, power, wealth or ability.

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  1. What happened to Amenominakanushi-no-kami? To me, Amenominakanushi was one of my ancestors. I think I am talking to her, so I'm curious to know what she did in the reformation of heavenly world and what she is currently doing. Was she at the 12th level?