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Jan 13, 2017

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 25 - Questions to Harukanauchuno-hikarino-himemiko: Time perception in Hotsuma Ttsutae

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Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 25 - Questions to Harukanauchuno-hikarino-himemiko: Time perception in Hotsuma Ttsutae
On this blog I have commented that I recommend you to read the Hotsuma Ttsutae because it is correct description of ancient record. I was reincarnated as Hotsuma deity in Heavenly Deity 1st Level of the Sirius System in this life. My evolutionary level at my birth was 77. If I am correct, when I was 23, I reached the consciousness of Brahman and succeeded in liberating myself from the Sirius System.
I don’ think that my name appears in the Hotsuma Tsutae but many close friends of mine appear there. Iyotsuhikono-mikoto is the author of the HotsumaTsutae, which was descended from the heavenly world to the earth. Therefore, it is an authentic history book, while the Kojiki and Nihon Shoki are apocryphal books. These two apocryphal books were written by order of Emperor Tenmu, who was the first non-royal descent and traced his lineage back to the Israel royal family, to falsify history. For this reason, the core part of mythology described in the two books is wrong and the books manipulate ancient history so that it is totally unknown to anybody. I think it is what Israelis will do. They have falsified history and taken over royal families all over the world. They did the same thing in Japan, too.
However, subsequently Emperor Tenmu-related emperors were removed and Emperor Tenchi-related emperors, who were direct descendants of Emperor Tenchi, recovered the position and lasted until Emperor Komei. However, at the time of the Meiji Restoration, they were replaced by Israeli-related emperors. Therefore, the current imperial family members are not direct descendants of imperial bloodline.
Many people will be surprised at the following message, but it is absolute truth. Those who try to falsify true history in this manner should keep in mind that they are not allowed to survive in the universe.

January 3, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi

Question 2: There is something I don’t understand in the Hotuma Tsutae. According to the Hotsuma Tsutae, Amaterasu-omikami ascended to heaven as god when he was about1.73 million years old, some 60,000 years ago. Is this a correct description from the viewpoint of time perception we earthlings have?

: This is a record based on time perception when the Hotsuma Tsutae was written. Therefore, it cannot be said to be correct from the viewpoint of time perception we earthlings have.

Question 3: Emperor Jinmu’s mother Tamayori-hime was born in 178,625 B.C. and gave birth to Kan’yamato-iwarehiko (who became Emperor Jinmu) in 712 B.C. Is it correct?

: It is correct.


The Hotsuma Tsutae describes the Susuki Calendar and Kiae Calandar. Therefore, we can compute the correct date of mythology it describes.
According to the Susuki Calendar, one ‘Ho” is equal to one year, one ‘Ye’ is equal to 60 ‘Ho” or 60 years, one ‘Susuki’ is equal to 1,000 ‘Ye’ or 60,000 years. This calendar originates from the marriage system of Uijini and Suijini about 3,000,717 B.C. years ago. The birth of Amaterasu-omikami is “21 Susuki, 125 Ye, 31 Ho” from the Uijini era. Computation is as follows:

                (21-1) x 60,000 x 125x60 (31-1) = 1,207,530
                3,000,717 – 1,207,530 = 1,793,187

Therefore, it turns out that Amaterasu-omikami was born on January 1 in 1,793,187 B.C. According to the Hotsuma Tsutae, Amaterasu-omikami was born on January 1 96 moths (eight years) after Izanamino-mikoto got pregnant.
Amaterasu-omikami ascended to heaven as god in “50 Susuki, 0 Ye, 31 Ho.” When computed from the same mathematical formula, it turns out that his life-span was 1,732,500 years.
My intuition also says that it is correct. It means that description of the Hotsuma Tsutae is extremely accurate.
Ironoehime-asako’s answer to Question 3 also shows that the date is correct. However, the answer to Question 2 says that their time perception is different from that of modern earthlings. It means that as I explained in the last article, the length of one year changed from 360 days to 365 days approximately 500,000 years ago. Furthermore, Hotsuma deities who were reincarnated as humans on the earth at that time were giants who were over four meters tall. So time perception differs between them and modern earthlings.
Let’s take hamsters for example. Considering their speed of movement and their heartbeat, there should be an apparent difference in time perception of 24 hours between them and us humans. It would appear that a similar thing had happened.
Japan’s Imperial family before the Meiji Restoration was very unique in that they were direct descendants of true god Amateraru-omikami. Given this fact, you can understand how ridiculous it is to put Amaterasu-omikami and Jesus Christ in the same category. Jesus in the Bible was a human and his evolutionary level was 4 at the time. Maitreya who spiritually guided Jesus was Jesus in the spirit world of heaven (Hierarchy) and his evolutionary level is merely 7.
On the other hand, Hotsuma deities should reach the level of higher than 60. Therefore, we should not confuse real deities with Masters who evolved from humans.

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