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Jan 11, 2017

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 24 - Questions to Harukanauchuno-hikarino-himemiko: Change in dimensions where Linga sarira and causal body exist

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Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 24 - Questions to Harukanauchuno-hikarino-himemiko: Change in dimensions where Linga sarira and causal body exist
This is a sequel to yesterday’s article.
I requested Mrs. Nakanishi to ask my 10 questions of Harukanauchuno-hikarino-himemikoto. I introduce only question 1 and her answer today. The others are questions regarding the contents of the Hotsuma Tsutae, which I have been dubious about. I would like to introduce these questions in the next article because I think they need some explanation.
It is impossible to understand today’s question and answer with the usual space view of Theosophy (dimensions to be covered are 3.0 to 3.9 D), so I’d like to give some explanation to it. Our body is composed of five bodies: physical body, etheric body, astral body, mental body and causal body. The etheric body, astral body and mental body become one and form Linga sarira. Therefore, a person who is reincarnated in physical form has three bodies of physical body, Linga Sarira and causal body. The physical body here means “physical body in a broad sense” and is divided into the light body, plasma body and physical body (in a narrow sense).
In Theosophy, an out of the body experience (OBE) refers to a separation from plasma body or light body in most cases. According to the world view of Theosophy, the body which enters the astral realm or mental realm is defined as the astral body or mental body. However, actually the light body just enters such realm. Realistically, we have never seen any person who experiences OBE in the form of Linga Sarira.
You can see specific examples of existence of Linga Sarira and causal body in “Visions I saw on July 10 and exposition by Mr. Takeshita 1” of an article dated July 18, 2012 on the blog “From Sea of Light.” We can see illustrations of two deities, who descended from Atma Creation Deity 1st Level (183D).
These are illustrations of visions Serena (currently Fukakimorino-himemiko) saw. The second vision is about my causal body and Ironoehime-asako who greet the above two deities. This is the world of 68.9 D, highest realm shown in pale purple in the 1st sub-realm of Formless realm shown in the table of “System of Heavenly World 5.” There are high mountain ranges and glass land over there as in this world.
I do not realize myself that my Linga Sarira or causal body is doing such thing in inner world. I can only understand the meaning of visions Serena saw.
With regard to Takakimikuranoboru-mikoto who appeared in this vision, his name was mentioned for the first time in an article I introduced on July 6, 2012. Subsequently, powerful energy was showered on the earth for one hour from noon of July 10, 2012. At that time, urgent information on this was posted on Shanti-phula’s blog. Serena did a write-up about the visions she saw when light was showered on the foregoing blog.
In the “Reformation of Heavenly World 36” is there an article about “UFO appeared over the stadium of the London Olympic Games opening ceremony.” Reading the article, you will understand that two deities who had appeared in Serena’s vision were on board this UFO.
Although many of you cannot believe it, deities exist on such dimensions and come to Earth on board UFO.
It were my casual body and the spirit bodies of the two deities and Ironoehime-asako that Serena saw in the above-mentioned visions. Spirit body is formed by Linga Sarira, light body and plasma body. In a word, they have no physical body in a narrow sense.
I asked the first question for confirmation because the location of our Linga Sarira and causal body slightly changed differently than before. Please refer to the “System of Heavenly World 10” with regard to dimensions. As for the dimensions beyond these dimensions, please refer to “Message from Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko 27.”

January 2, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 24

1.     I think that our Linga Sarira and causal body existed in 123 D and 183 D in the past, but now our Linga Sarira and causal body exist in 843 D and 903 D, respectively. Is it correct?

: Everything you say is correct.

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