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Dec 10, 2016

Putin: Attempts to Create Unipolar World Failed – Attempts to create a NWO (New World Order) unlikely to succeed –

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Putin: Attempts to Create Unipolar World Failed – Attempts to create a NWO (New World Order) unlikely to succeed –
I had this blog set up after the Fukushima nuclear disaster on March 11, 2011. I have commented since then that the elite’s agenda for a NWO (New World Order) would never succeed. This means unilateral domination of the earth by only a few families who own business giants, which are above a state. They implant a great number of people on earth with microchips and enslave them with the use of AI.
This is exactly the devil’s plan and those who have put such plan into practice over many years are Satanists who never believe in God.
This attempt never succeeds because it is a plan against the will of God they don’t believe in. They had their souls (Jiva) destroyed long ago and they have to start from the scratch even if they should be lucky. They are unlikely to succeed because the wicked will never be resurrected hereafter.
By the way, President Putin clearly showed that NWO’s attempts have failed. According to the article, he said with conviction: “Attempts to create a unipolar world has failed.” The Washington Post also says that the times of domination by the West is over and points out that “the European Union is likely to collapse before too long.”
The article uses the word of liberal democratic idea. I think that is the wrong word and it should be fascism. However, if we think that the Liberal Democratic Party led by Abepoyn in Japan is considered to be a typical example of liberal democratic idea, this word can be used here. However, only the Western newspaper could have distorted a word like this.

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Reprint from Sputnik – December 4, 2016 –

Putin: Attempts to Create Unipolar World Failed, Global balance is Restoring

Sputnik/Alexel Druzhinin

The balance in the world is restoring as attempts to create a unipolar world have failed,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with Russia’s NTV channel.

Key players on the international arena preferred already not to observe norms of the international law, but preferred to follow their own geopolitical interests,” he said.

President Putin said: “The situation has been changing. And I think it is not a secret for anyone. Everyone can see many of our partners now prefer to adhere to international law because the global balance is gradually restoring." He said with conviction: “Attempts to create a unipolar world has failed.”

The president also said: “We are already living in different times. Russia has always clung to a point that we must respect the interests of others while defending our own ones. This is how we are going to build our relations with our colleagues.”

Before this, President Putin expressed his expectations for normalization of the bilateral relationship between Russia and the U.S. after Mr. Donald Trump’s assumption of the presidency.

Reprint from the Japanese version of Sputnik – November 5, 2016 –

Washing Post: Era of Western dominance is over

An era of Western dominance and liberal democratic idea came after the end of the Cold War, but that era is over, the Washington Post reported.

The Washington Post points out that the U.S. is in retreat, as indicated by the example of Aleppo, a norther city in Syria.

The situation is described as follows: “What better symbol for the end of that heady liberal-democratic historical moment.” According to the writer of the article, Russia drops bombs; American issues statements.

The Washington Post points out that the current trend shows the end of Western victory seen in Europe. Erupe tires of the sanctions imposed on Russia and President Obama’s much-touted isolation of Russia has ignominiously dissolved. Repeated visits to Russia by U.S. Secretary State Kerry is eloquent of this.

The article points out: “The European Union, the largest democratic club on Earth, could itself soon break up as Brexit-like movements spread across the continent.”

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