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Dec 29, 2016

Conspiracy about gold: Dragon Families, Move to Antarctica, Resistance Movement, Hierarchy

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Conspiracy about gold: Dragon Families, Move to Antarctica, Resistance Movement, Hierarchy
In today’s article about “Timeline of gold history 12” Yutika, translator of the article, says that the “spiritual adviser” of Dragon Family elders is possibly Cobra. I think she is exactly right. Today’s article about gold history has made us finally grasp the whole picture of it.
The following three articles are information of the past from Cobra. Cobra says: “Taiwan is the operating base for many positive Dragon families.” In the article about Timeline of gold history 12, “In a country in Asia (not Indonesia) a meeting was held,” the above article about Timeline of gold history 12 says. I suppose it might be Taiwan. Cobra is deeply connected to the Red Dragon families and the Blue Dragon families. He says that the Red Dragons “have advanced skills to reset the global financial system with the push of a button if the need for that arises.” I think it means that Red Dragons have a mind to shut down the current financial system because their purpose is to defeat the Jesuits and the Rothschilds, as the article says.
With regard to the Blue Dragons, I introduced an article of November 14 titled “The Blue and Event.” The article suggested that there is a Thuban Draconians’ city under the ground around Chendgu in China.
The second article below says that Yamashita gold said to be hidden in Philippines has already been taken by the RM (Resistance Movement). Rob, MC, asks Cobra a question by saying: “Has any of the gold taken by the RM been returned to the surface?” I think that the gold taken by the RM might probably have been moved to the Thuban Draconians’ underground city temporarily.
The last article below mentions an underground base in Antarctica built in the ‘40’s by the Nazis. Cobra says: “The base has been cleared by the RM more than decade ago so there is nothing that is down there.”
The gold temporarily moved to the underground city has probably been moved to the Nazi’s underground base in Antarctica now. It seems that Cobra group has a high-speed railway system connected to the underground city and they have no difficulty in carrying a large quantity of gold.
If these inferences are right, we can solve a mystery of the reason why leading figures including Russia’s Patriarch Kirill get together at Antarctica. Supposing that they use various strategies to decide how to distribute a large quantity of gold and build a new financial system, everything makes sense.
Each faction claims ownership of the gold. For example, it seems that Japan claims ownership of it because they looted it during the war. Thinking this way, Mr. Eiken Itagaki’s description of “the global ruling class ‘Goldman Families Group’ with the Emperor as the top” is not wrong.
On the other hand, the Dragon families would claim the original ownership of gold. Reading articles by Neil Keenan, a lot of swindlers seem to claim the ownership.
From Cobra’s standpoint, he has an opinion that nobody is in the position to claim ownership because gold is for humanity. I agree with Cobra in this matter.
As a matter of fact, things are not so easy. Dragon family elders who got in contact with Cobra have completely been deceived by him. Cobra seemingly makes efforts to start up a new financial system in order to achieve world peace the elders want. However, his real purpose is not that but to grab all gold out of humanity. Their group intended to decrease quark bombs to the level they can control, gradually drive the Chimera group to the wall and finally have them use toplet bombs to destroy the earth by supernova explosion. If the gold is collected in Antarctica before such final destruction, they can easily bring the gold on spaceship out of the earth.
To tell the truth, Masters of the Hierarchy were most firmly attached to gold. Gold is the source of power and authority on this physical dimension, too. Gold if of high value at the plasma level and it is the material which is the source of spiritual power. Sanat Kumara and Maitreya who wanted to completely control the physical dimension were strongly attached to gold. In conclusion, they were an army group of Lucifer and Darkness, and Cobra was an agent who tried to carry out such conspiracy.

December 18, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: NowCreation – February 20, 2016 –

Red Dragons and Blue Dragons


Taiwan is the operating base for many positive Dragon families. They were forced out of mainland China after the communist revolution.

The Red Dragon families originate from the positive faction of the Draconian race. Their purpose is to defeat their archenemies the Jesuits (Andromedan/Orion hybrids) and the Rothschilds (Orion black magi). They are valiant protectors and guardians of justice.

You need to understand that Red Dragons today are not the same as soldiers of a Ming emperor. They have kept up with the progress of technology and they have access to a considerable military power in a way that will not be described here. Also, their computer specialists are savvy enough to reset the global financial system with the push of a button if the need for that arises.

Since the Chinese new year, the Red are becoming more active. They have their own plans with the unholy four. They are the secret force behind Putin:

Excerpt from a Japanese article: NowCreation – October 28, 2014 –

Rob Potter Cobra Interview (Latter Half)


*Spratly Islands

Rob – OK. Here’s some question from some people in the Philippines. They have some small islands West of the Philippines called the Spratly Islands. China is making claims that it’s theirs and they want to build some fortifications over it, much like the tussle between China over their islands there. What’s so important about these islands when it’s nothing but insignificant land. Is there any real story behind that.

COBRA – It’s not just insignificant land. There’s many tunnels that hid gold. Of course the gold is not there any more. Many Chinese think there is still gold there and they want that gold.

Rob – Has any of the gold taken by the RM been returned to the surface.

COBRA –. (No, no, not yet).

Excerpt from Now Creation – February 3, 2015 –

Cobra Interview by Rob Potter (First Half)


*New Swebyland

Rob – Yes, another question, kind of related down there is about New Schwabenland.  The Germans went down there.  They populated that area.  It’s beneath the surface of the planet.  Did they find an ancient base that was abandoned by the ET’s and re-inhabited that. What happened down there.

COBRA – Not exactly.  New Swabenland was part of Antarctica and they have created or built an underground base in the ’40’s.  They have found some ET artifacts and this base has been cleared by the RM more than decade ago so there is nothing that is down there.  It is empty.

Rob – Awesome, so there are no Nazi’s in Antarctica anymore.

COBRA – Not anymore and if you are careful, all the intel that you received about all the underground bases is more than a decade ago. All the insiders speak about old information.  There are no insiders speaking about recent information.  It is because recent developments are highly classified and this intel does not come to internet.

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