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Dec 3, 2016

About activities Cobra group has done and their real intention of building Tachyon Chambers, and fall of their monad

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About activities Cobra group has done and their real intention of building Tachyon Chambers, and fall of their monad
I have excerpted only part of the Cobra interview dated November 8. This is, of course, fake Cobra. Scanning the article, I have an impression that 50 percent of the article is correct information as it was. It may be safely said that information on higher dimension is all wrong. The excerpted part is comparatively true but it needs some explanation.
The article below is an article of the Cobra interview posted on November 8. At that time, the veil was destroyed but was not removed though it had cracks. I gave a comment on the November 18 article that “it seems that the earth had the veil covering it was destroyed at 10:15 and we had the compression breakthrough, which came to a climax of Event flash. I don’t think that my feeling was wrong. In my diary dated November 12, I wrote as follows: “Dou Mu was executed at 15:00 hours. The soul of fake Cobra has disappeared. At 4 am. He still has the physical body.”
With regard to this fake Cobra, Cobra says about the veil as follows: “The situation is still not improving much but there are plans to introduce certain things after I would say, mid-November.” This is a plan to build Tachyon Chambers in various places. According Cobra’s story, it is necessary to remove the veil and build the Tachyon Chambers in order to achieve the compression breakthrough. The fact is completely opposite. Installment of Tachyon Chambers aims at restoration and protection of the veil installed by the Alcorn Chimera.
The Cobra Group has always protected the Chimera Group and continued to do wrongdoing jointly with them. They had the original purpose of destruction of the earth with the Event they call the ascension, but they could not carry out the plan. According to Cobra, remaining plasma toplet or stranglet bombs has delayed the Event. As a matter of fact, this Cobra information is wrong and these bombs have already been removed.
The alien group which has close relations with Cobra possessed such bombs to the last. They got the wrong idea that nobody can interrupt them. However, deities immediately had their plasma bombs unexploded and executed them. Disposal of such plasma bombs is confirmed by the description in the article: “most of the obstacles towards The Event have already been removed.”
Regrettably, Cobra and his comrades, for example, like Dou Mu, they will need to “start the whole cycle again, from scratch.”  When the MC asks fake Cobra, he answers: “Even simpler than that.”
Restarting point depends on to which system the monad fell. It is highly likely that this fake Cobra will start from stone again. Those beings whose monad fell to lower systems will probably start from atom again.
Incidentally, I think that the Blue Dragon closely related to the Cobra group as well as various new-age religious groups in the world got involved in installation of Tachyon Chambers. Additionally, the donation by good people they deceived with information on Tachyon Chambers undoubtedly ended up helping give hand to do wrong. Such plan and ridiculous information on ascension have the same root.

November 27, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from NowCreation – November 26, 2016 –

(Summary of partial excerption from the interview)


Q – What is the situation with the ‘cracks in the veil’? Are there more openings or about the same?

A – The situation is still not improving much but there are plans to introduce certain things after I would say, mid-November.

*The Event will be smooth and successful yet?
COBRA –The Event will be successful and quite peaceful because most of the obstacles towards The Event have already been removed.

*New evolutionary process
Q – Those cabal members that go to the central sun; what form of life will they take when they begin their new evolutionary process?

A – They will begin their new evolutionary process very simple elemental forms of life, like they will need to start the whole cycle again, from scratch.

Q – What would you describe as a very simple elemental form of life? Like a rock?

A – Even simpler than that.

Richard –Will there be only few of us who survive the 5D ascension process on earth? What will happen to the ones that do not?

COBRA – The Ascension process is not something you do survive or don’t. It is something that transforms you.

Richard – Will everyone be transformed?

COBRA – Everyone will be transformed, one way or another, but not everyone will ascend.

Richard – What happens to others that do not ascend?

COBRA – Ultimately when the whole process is over, a long time after The Event, people who do not ascend they will be taken to different parts of the galaxy where they will continue their evolution.

Richard – What happens to lower dimensions when the ascension process happens?

COBRA – They will be transformed.

Lynn – If we all become peaceful, loving species on earth, will we be defenseless against other aliens who try to invade us from other planets?

COBRA – Nobody will try to invade this planet anymore because it will be the end of darkness. And even though we’ll be a peaceful society we’ll know how to defend ourselves if there is a need and of course there will not be a need.

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