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Nov 7, 2016

Reinvestigation of Hilary’s emails: FBI director weigh the threat from the Clinton camp against the risk caused by Trump’s victory

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Reinvestigation of Hilary’s emails: FBI director weigh the threat from the Clinton camp against the risk caused by Trump’s victory
Reinvestigation of Hilary email case has been criticized as election interference. However, it seems that FBI Director James Comey reopened the investigation after careful consideration.
According the article of Mr. Paul Craig Roberts, voter support for Trump seems to be overwhelming and Mr. Trump’s victory is sure thing. Therefore, FBI had no choice but to reopen the investigation.
If Mr. Trump holds a slight edge over Hilary, election results can be simply changed by election fraud. However, if voter support for Trump is overwhelming, rigged election is quite difficult to be done. As the article says: “The agency now has to redeem itself,” if Mr. Trump becomes president, Hillary Clinton would have to go to jail on a charge of being involved in cover-up of crimes. I think the director has made a decision to reopen the investigation by weighing the threat from the Clinton camp against the above-mentioned risk. This indicates that if the election is carried out as it is, unlike media reports, Mr. Trump will win.

November 1, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

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(1)AFPBB News
FBI Director’s intervention in election criticized over disclosed Clinton’s email investigation.
November 1, 2016 07:48

Chisokuteki intonsha (self-sufficient hermit)
Hilary email scandal
(1)U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch did not order FBI Director Comey to withhold Clinton-related emails …
(2)However, Lynch said: “it’s against the rule that U.S. government officials should not launch investigation affecting any election during the election campaign.”
(3)However, Comey notified Congress after due consideration.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Overseas News Never Reported by Mass Media

The Director of the FBI Reopens the Hillary Case


Paul Craig Roberts
On October 29, 2016

Word has reached me from Washington that the FBI has reopened the Hillary case of her violation of US National Security protocols, not because of the content of the new email releases, but because voter support for Trump seems to be overwhelming, while Hillary has cancelled appearances due to inability to muster a crowd. The popular vote leaves the FBI far out on the limb for its corrupt clearance of Hillary. The agency now has to redeem itself.


However, FBI director Comey did not need to reopen the case against Hillary simply because some new incriminating emails appeared.  Having dismissed the other incriminating evidence, these emails could have passed unremarked.

The problem for the FBI, which once was a trusted American institution, but no longer is, is that there is no longer any doubt that Donald Trump will win the popular vote for president of the United States.

Americans are sick to death of the corrupt Clintons and the corrupt American media. 


No greater danger to life exists than Washington. We have to hope that Trump can clean out the Augean Stables.

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