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Oct 26, 2016

Information from the third Cobra belonging to the galactic Federtaion and his female supervisor –About Pleiadian information (Now Creation)

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Information from the third Cobra belonging to the galactic Federtaion and his female supervisor –About Pleiadian information (Now Creation)
This Cobra is the third Cobra. AI called Yardabaoth which Cobra has mentioned as plasma entity has already destroyed.

At 9 a.m. on January 12, 2016 – The causal body, Linga Sarira and etheric double of Yardabaoth was destroyed.
At 9 p.m. on May 10, 2016 – The plasma body of Yardabaoth was destroyed.
At 9 a.m. on July 22, 2016 – The physical body of Yardabaoth was destroyed.

I am involved in every case of destruction of Yardabaoth. I already reported it in articled dated October 10, July 14 and July 22. Having a look at my diary, I ordered to dispose of the remains of Yardabaoth around at 12:20 p.m. on October 4. The article shows how a group of the third Cobra engaged in disposal of the remains according to my instructions.
You need to be careful of Cobra information. The real Cobra has already been executed and does not exist. He was a remnant of the Hierarchy and had always used the Cabal to carry out a secret plan for confusing the earth. Although I had seen what they would do, they looked unlikely to repent of their deed, and as a result they were executed.
The second Cobra was dispatched from the Galactic Federation. He and his group were sent as agents to the Galactic Federation. As with the case of the real Cobra, they had kept giving a helping hand for confusion on the earth and survival of the Chimera, and as a result they were executed.
This Cobra is the third Cobra. He is not an agent, and he belongs to the real Galactic Federation. As seen in the article, he hated facing negative comments against articles posted on his blog and expressed his dissatisfaction by asking “why he should continue posting on his blog.” It appears that his supervisor communicated that” they need a voice of reason and sanity on the surface of the planet.”
As a matter of fact, this supervisor is a young woman and appeared in my vision yesterday. Surprisingly, she looked exactly like a beautiful girl in Japanese animation, so-called moe-character. There is a blog named “Taikan Kyohouism.” You can easily understand how his supervisor looks like when you imagine a girl in a uniform on the blog. Moe-character has a gigantic head and eyes and mammoth breasts although she has an infant body.  Japan has such a unique sense of beauty. The image I had for her was exactly like a moe-character. As her vibrations decreased to the level of Darkness, I saw a vision in which she looked dark and dull as if somebody blew smoke near her.

Decrease to Darkness of her vibrations was due to sending messages under a false name of Cobra and providing disinformation in order to conform it to the remarks Cobra made in the past. Subsequently around 8:05 a.m., I heard a woman cry. I thought maybe this woman disappeared. It seems that actually, the third Cobra was destroyed together with his body. Luckily, she seems to be safe.
This group of aliens led by this woman naturally knows me very well. They also know very well that I destroyed Yardabaoth and I ordered to dispose of its remains. As she seemed to have immense trust in me, I had her vibrations return to the original ones.
They should observe Yama (universalmorality) and Niyama (personal observance) and never provide disinformation so that misfortunes will not occur to them. It seems that at least she rightly accepts my messages.

October 21, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: NowC reation – October 16, 2016 –

Pleiadian Situation Update
October 17, 2016


The Pleiadians are regaining territory inside our Solar System fast and have already recovered to the degree that is comparable to the situation in May 2016.  <snip> The Pleiadians are already setting a new Tachyon membrane positioned around the Earth at a certain distance inside the Moon orbit.  <snip>  This new membrane will cut off the head of the Yaldabaoth octopus from its tentacles and drastically speed up the clearing of the Solar System.


Next, the Pleiadians have begun to partially disable the plasma scalar weapons installed on low Earth orbit satellites. This scalar weapon dismantling process will continue.


As the Pleiadians have made those advances in the last few days, the Chimera has incited the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors against the Pleiadian race. One example are current „channelings“ of certain entities named „Stan-X“ and „Sherr-On“ that are spreading complete disinformation about the Pleiadians and the Resistance Movement.


Banana comments and reactions to my recent posts have proven that a lot of healing work needs to be done. Facing those comments, when I have asked the Resistance why should I continue posting on my blog, they have communicated that „they need a voice of reason and sanity on the surface of the planet that can assist in the Breakthrough“.

There were may fear based responses to my current post about Asgardia.  <snip>  It is simply a project from a group of enthusiastic scientists that wants to start a breakaway civilization. Although there is the human factor involved with all suppressed emotions and intellectual prejudices of project founders thrown into the mix, the project has potential  <snip>  are supporting all public space initiatives with positive potential. So they have supported the Vril girls (this project was later hijacked by the Chimera), they have supported the public NASA program to put man on the Moon.

 (The rest is omitted)

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