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Aug 29, 2016

Susanna and Grace Kelly, who assumed the positions of Heavenly Empresses, disappeared because of a revelation of their involvement in coup.

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Susanna and Grace Kelly, who assumed the positions of Heavenly Empresses, disappeared because of a revelation of their involvement in coup.
In yesterday’s article, I introduced Empress Elisabeth of Austria as the supreme deity who unifies our Solar System. The visions Serena saw on December 24, 2013 were shown on her blog “From se of Light.” As a matter of fact, I introduced the five deities of east, west, center, south and north (ki, tsu, wo, sa and ne), who belonged to 1st System Earthly Deity 5th Leve. Before the Heavenly Reformation in 2007, rank order of the five deities was as follows: 1st :center, 2nd :south, 3rd :west, 4th :north and 5th :east in a sequential order. However, after the Heavenly Reformation, rank order was changed as follows: 1st :center, 2nd :west, 3rd :north, 4th :east and 5th : south. In the article below, the five empresses as of December 2013 were described. Elizabeth Taylor equivalent to “north” was dethroned as heavenly empress because a scandal was revealed and she disappeared some time later. Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi succeeded to her. In the article you see an illustration drawn by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi. However, Mrs. Nakanishi was promoted to the position of “north” of east, west, center, south and north (ki, tsu, wo, sa and ne) who belong to the 1st System Earthly Deity 4th Level, and Grace Kelly succeeded to Mrs. Nakanishi.
I have already conveyed that Julia Levia, placed as the position of south, had been executed because of her involvementin the coup in the heavenly world. Regrettably, two more deities were executed today: Susanna of “west” and Grace Kelly of “north.” Last night, I noticed that Grace Kelly had strange vibrations and made a closer examination of her. It was discovered that she had got involved in the coup. She was executed at midnight today. Furthermore, I recognized that Susanna had also been executed. After examination, I found that Susanna had recommended Grace Kelly as this position and Susanna also got involved in the coup.
Why has this fact not been revealed? That’s because the goddess of Central Sun in the Milky Way Galaxy has covered up the information about these two goddesses. However, such cover-up has become impossible because the goddess of Central Sun disappeared and Misakitakakunoboru-himemiko newly assumed the position of Central Sun.
I explained that those who still have souls disappear in some cases. I have never dreamed that those taking high positions as heavenly empresses would disappear in such a manner.
It seems that new goddesses have succeeded to the posts of the two heavenly empresses. Two women visited our house this morning. That’s because I always appoint a heavenly emperor and carry out inaugural ceremony at home. I know their names. I’m going to introduce them to you when I get confirmation.

August 13, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

English translation of a Japanese article: From Sea of Light – January 18, 2014 –

Visions on December 24, 2013

Light from goddess Susanna was showered for one hour from noon on December 2013. I’d like to introduce to you the visions I saw, about which Mr. Takeshita has explained.

Mr. Takeshita’s explanation is shown in blue letters provided in quotation marks.

Exactly at noon, I realized light started being showered. I felt so comfortable and started to see visions when I closed my eyes.

(1)   A goddess with a silver band in her hands appeared. She looked like a westerner. She has curly hair and wore white dress and s star-shaped accessory on the forehead.

“This woman is Susanna in the Book of Daniel. I suppose that Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi drew her illustration. I think the illustration greatly resembles her.

Illustrated by Mr. Seiko Nakanishi

(2)   I saw three women in white dress. The top goddess is the goddess explained in (1). I saw the band sending out strong light.

“The tall woman at the left below is Elizabeth Taylor and the woman with hair falling on her shoulders at the right below is Esther in the Book of Esther of the Old Testament.


(16) And then a goddess holding a boy in her arms appeared. I think this is a bad likeness (Laughter). She was a beautiful goddess assuming a more resolute attitude.

“She is Julia Levia (earthly deity). She appeared in a vision Serana saw in the past. I’m going to introduce the five empresses belonging to the Sirius System Earthly Deity 5th Level, who directly govern the Earth.

1st Great Empress: Empress of Elizabeth of Austria
2nd Great Empress: Susanna
1st Heavenly Empress: Elizabeth Taylor
2nd Heavenly Empress: Esther
3rd Heavenly Empress: Julia Levia

In the Heavenly Reformation in and after 2007 we took a policy to place pure-hearted deities in important positions. As a result, goddesses took all posts of emperors. The post of 1st Great Emperor was added after the Heavenly Reformation. Before the reformation, there were four Emperors consisted of one Great Emperor and three Heavenly Emperors. Specifically, they were: Sanaka as Great Emperor, Sananda as 1st Heavenly Emperor, Sanat Kumara as 2nd Heavenly Emperor and Maha Avatar Babaji  as 3rd Heavenly Emperor. All of them were destroyed in the Heavenly Reformation. Incidentally, a person calling himself to be Sananda who sends channeling information is an imposter of Sananda who is a disciple of one of 12 Ascended Masters who are aides to Maitreya.”           

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