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Jul 6, 2016

PFC Cobra Interview - May 26, 2016 (Latter Half) – Healers, God’s plan, Transition of financial system, etc. – Even realization of supreme consciousness never leads to improvement of essential personality –

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PFC Cobra Interview - May 26, 2016 (Latter Half) – Healers, God’s plan, Transition of financial system, etc. – Even realization of supreme consciousness never leads to improvement of essential personality –
This is the latter half of Cobra interview. Information from Cobra has quite a lot of information that I can neither accept nor deny because I have different sensitivity than Cobra does. However, it has a lot of useful information. I think we can use it as a reference.
Take “the true nature of Divine plan.” Cobra says that it is to reform humanity back to the Source. It may not be wrong but it is of ambiguous meaning. For example, one of goals religion aims at is enlightenment. Among enlightenment is to achieve enlightenment after establishing a unity with Atman. It is said to be one of supreme realizations in religion.
However, in the Heavenly Reformation after 2007 every saint who had achieved realization of Atman was brought to justice and disappeared. Most of them had their souls (Monad) destroyed and they disappeared into nothingness forever. Moreover, even those who had achieved realization of Paramatman, which is more difficult to achieve than that of Atman, or had achieved the supreme realization of Brahman disappeared in large numbers.
Specifically, those who assumed high positions and were qualified were bestowed on Brahman by me and my wife. We did so in the hope that they would bestow Brahman on qualified persons, which would help the light of Brahman prevail across the universe. However, every Heavenly Emperor that assumed high position fell from the heavenly world and most of them disappeared.
This proved that realization of the supreme consciousness never leads to improvement of essential personality (character). This was a case example which made me understand that it takes a lot of time to cultivate personality in daily life and that superficial and temporary increase of vibrations cannot become real power.
My view on the true nature of Divine plan is that it is not to return humanity to the Source but “to make humanity happy.” This means that we should live together with Comic Laws, Yama (universalmorality) and Niyama (personal observances).

June 19, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold face or in red letters.

Excerpt from Now Creation – May 26, 2016 –

PCF Cobra Interview (Latter Half)
May 26 Interview


(Sequel to the first half)


Lynn – Are there or have there ever been human healers on earth that can cure any disease, physical disfigurements or even grow limbs back?
COBRA – There have been many claims of such healers but the only healers who could actually do that are the Ascended beings and Ascended beings very rarely manifest on the physical plane of planet Earth.
Richard Is it true that Jesus was able to heal?
COBRA – Yes he was able to heal quite much. He had assistance of very advanced E.T. technology so it was not just him it was a joint project with our space brothers and sisters.
Richard – So he didn’t actually have this ability when he came here. He learned it through his life time?
COBRA – He learned it through his life time and he had assistance.
Richard Is it possible for regular humans to heal the way he did?
COBRA – It’s possible for anybody who dedicates his life to this to reach that but it takes time and practice.
Richard – By any chance do you know the practice or where we can find that practice so we can learn to heal the way he did?
COBRA – It’s not a technique or certain spiritual discipline it’s a path that each person needs to travel by their own.


<God’s Plan>

Lynn – Cobra, this is a broad question but the asker is asking if you could explain this to the best of your knowledge; What is the ‘True Nature of GOD’S PLAN’ for humanity?
COBRA – The true nature of Divine plan is to return humanity back to the Source.

<Laws of Karma>

Richard – Cobra, will you explain the origin and purpose and importance of the Laws of Karma?
COBRA – I have answered this question many times. The law of Karma is an artificial construct which was created by the Archons to control and enslave spiritually control and enslave beings, entities in this quarantine status and usually explanation of Law of Karma is if you have done something you have consequences one way or the other. It is a distorted interpretation of the law of manifestation. Of course your actions have consequences but it is not true that we are now experiencing certain bad things because we have done something in one of our past lifetimes. We are experiencing bad things because this planet is occupied and somebody is doing those bad things and we have to resist. And we have to liberate the planet so those things will not happen anymore.

<End of cycle>

Lynn – Cobra The time we are currently living in, is it just the end of a ‘cycle’ or is it the time of a total reset of the entire universe?
COBRA – It is an end of a cycle. It is not a total re-set of the universe but I would say it’s a restructuring of a certain aspect of the universe. It is the restructuring of the primary anomaly which is one important part of the cosmic evolution but it’s not the only part.


Richard – Cobra, what is Magic?
COBRA – Magic is a science of manifestation. It’s an occult science which describes how we can manifest our ideas towards the physical plane by handling energies.
Lynn – Cobra, what is Witchcraft?
COBRA – Witchcraft is an ancient practice of magic which can be used in a positive or a negative way. Jesuits and some other Archon forces have tried to put a bad light on witchcraft and describe it as something negative because there were many female healers that were using this practice to heal and improve the conditions of their fellow living beings around the planet. So witchcraft originally is just a practice of using those energies in a spiritual scientific way to improve the living conditions for beings around us.
Richard – So Cobra, what is Sorcery? And what are the differences between magic and sorcery?
COBRA – Sorcery is a very I would say a limited aspect of magic which uses just certain techniques or certain approaches I would say more; I would say basic approaches without deeper understandings of the forces which are being evoked.

<Chemistry and Alchemy>

Lynn – Cobra, can you tell us the differences between Chemistry and Alchemy?
COBRA – Chemistry is a modern science which describes the reactions between atoms and molecules and tries to define and describe the behavior of physical matter. Alchemy is the spiritual science which describes inner transmutation process and to a certain degree also a transmutation process of physical matter. Not so much the chemical reactions but more spiritual reactions within our energy bodies and on the physical plane certain very advanced alchemists in the past were understanding nuclear reactions and happenings within the atomic nucleus.

<Etheric Plane/Astral Plane/Cosal Plane/Mental Plane>

Richard – Cobra, can you describe what the Astral and the Etheric Plane are and how are they used?
COBRA – The etheric plane is the energy plane. It is the where sensitive people feel all those energies, they feel the etheric plane. It is the plane of our Chakra’s, our Nadis, our energy field. The astral pane is the plane of our emotions, our emotional body and this is the plane that you usually visit when we are asleep in our dreams.
Lynn – What is the Causal Plane?
COBRA – The causal plane is actually the higher mental plane. It is the plane of the archetypes from where our physical world and all other worlds are created.
Richard – Cobra will you now describe for us the Mental Plane?
COBRA – The mental plane is the plane of the mind of the thought forms of the ideas. After we die and after we transmit through the etheric and astral plane for some time we also spend before the next incarnation, we spend some time on the mental plane. This is the so-called paradise between 2 incarnations.
Richard I also know there is a calm where your imagination is formed or your thoughts where you do your manifestation.
COBRA – This is exactly it, yes. yes.
<Sat Nam’ Plane>
Lynn – What is the ‘Sat Nam’ Plane and will you describe it for us?
COBRA – OK. some people describe this as the plane of truth. Some people call it the Buddhic plane or the spiritual plane or the 6th dimension. It is the plane of pure love and light.

<Cannabis/Aloe Vera>

Lynn – This questioner is asking: I am wondering with Cobras vast knowledge if he could know if the cannabis (or marijuana) plant is native to earth, or was it introduced here from another planet?
COBRA – It was introduced here a long time ago from somewhere else.
Lynn – If perhaps other plants are introduced also like perhaps Aloe Vera which also has great medicinal value. Was this also from somewhere else.
COBRA – Yes, of course.

<Planet X and Pole Shift>

Richard – Cobra, is it true what the Zetas are saying, that Planet X will be coming and cause a pole shift.
COBRA – No, it is absolutely not true.


Lynn – Cobra can you offer any comments regarding orgonite? Many of us create and “gift” orgonite in the form of tower busters in order to protect our communities from EMF attack. Aside from cell towers, can you advise where our orgonite would be most effective?
COBRA – The location of the so-called Gwen towers which are located across the US. The other thing that could be good is to look to position those orgonite around any kind of radar facilities around the U.S. If those two things are covered it would great. Those two aspects, the Gwen towers and the radar stations. Of course with the radar stations you can also include HAARP and other facilities around the world.

<The Source and the Creator>

Richard – Cobra, Is there an intelligence above Source?
COBRA – Source is the intelligence.
Richard – Cobra, how is source and the creator related.
COBRA – I would not use the term creator because it implies certain philosophical understanding which I would not agree with. I would say the Source is the being that always existed and always will exist. This universe was not created by a certain source it was created as interaction between the Source and the primary anomaly.

<Population to ascend>

Richard – Cobra, what approximate percentage of the population of Earth is expected to ascend?
COBRA – I will not answer this question for various reasons, #1) there is free will involved and I would not want to limit human free will to a certain percentage. #2) Even if I would know that question that would be classified information at this point.
<Transition of financial system>
Lynn – After The Event how long will it take to transition our current monetary system into a fair and equitable financial system?
COBRA – The actual transition will be very fast. After the moment of the event we have I would say 1-2 weeks when the banks will be closed and when they re-open we will have a much fairer and much more balanced financial system because it is being prepared already. And then we’ll have a certain period of transition where we will transcend the need a financial system when we begin to realize that we have technology to manufacture and materialize everything we want on the physical plane. Money will become redundant.
Lynn – Do you see any changes in this? Do you think there will be any funds released before The Event?
COBRA – It is, I will say on a planetary global scale, I would say no. Funds will be released at the moment of The Event and after; I will say 1-2 weeks after the event they will start being released. There will be limited cases where certain small amounts of funds can be released to a certain limited closed group before the event, but this is not what we are actually working for. We are working for a global planetary financial reset.

<Planetary entity>

Lynn What is the best way to connect to Earth’s soul or the living Earth being (Mother Nature)?
COBRA – The best way to connect is of course is through nature. Nature is an expression of the breath of the life of the planetary entity and each person has her and his own way of connecting so I’m not here to tell how you do that.
Lynn What name does this being resonate with the most?
COBRA – Again, different cultures, different people have different names for this entity. It’s not important the name. What is important is the true heart connection with that being.

<Angelic entities>

Richard – Cobra, how can we connect to the angelic entities?
COBRA – Simply by invoking them, connecting with them, meditation. You can read a little bit about them so you have an idea of who they are and then connect with them in any way possible.

(The rest is omitted.)

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