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Jul 19, 2016

Josef News June 26, 2016 – Please cease to stick to your faith and just look at revealed facts for what they are. –

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Josef News June 26, 2016 – Please cease to stick to your faith and just look at revealed facts for what they are. –
The information below is true. There is a phrase: “they will continue to improve, getting better, and better, and better, and better..” I think this is exactly right. Many people are making efforts to decrease negative situations as much as possible. Such effort is bearing fruit in this form.
As various kinds of information is revealing, it is highly likely that the conventional world view will be destroyed. Anybody has misunderstanding and makes a mistake. Please cease to stick to your faith and instead look at revealed facts for what they are.
Information reveled by Shanti-phula, for example, is difficult to be accepted by those who are trapped by traditional religious views. Christians believe Jesus to be God and Hindus believe Krishna to be God. I have exposed their true identity, which seems to hurt their faith.
If what I say is true, I wonder what they are hurt by. People have never met or seen them or have no idea of how they looked like or what they talked about. When they hear others speak about a different theory than what they believe in, I wonder what on earth they are hurt by.
If they truly believe in God, why can they lead such a dishonest life?
I mention as dishonest people, for example, those who take it for granted that they should retaliate Afghanistan for the 911 terrorist attacks, even though they say they to be God Jesus who taught “If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, let him slap your left cheek, too” as Christians. This is nothing but dishonest. I think that people who have no faith in religion are far more honest. The reality is that such dishonest people are rampant on the earth regardless of religion.
I suppose that presumably they are hurt by exposure of the hypocrisy they have about the god or faith they never believe in. If so, first and foremost, they should change their way of life in which you are not yourselves.

June 29, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold face or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: GFL Service – June 26, 2016 –

Josef News June 26, 2016


Great Day All,

There's so much good intel at this late hour, it's best to just sit back and let the fireworks happen later tonight (Saturday evening through Sunday morning).  We have some certainty that humanity will now make history.

Know that as a family,
we have indeed been enslaved and violently oppressed for over a dozen millennia without our full conscious awareness.  Yes, this dark reality has been brutal for generations of our family, and our current lives, but it is now over, and a new collective lighter existence is here, and being released to us all in constant flows or waves of love.

Together and tonight, humanity will be "shot of a cannon" into our most benevolent and highest possible versions of self now.
Current events will not only appear to start appear as getting better, they will continue to improve, getting better, and better, and better, and better… as we have all crossed over into some transitional age of human expansion that ascends both our species and planet--in harmony all other species, planets, galaxies, universes and super universes.

Therefore, it's both prudent and wise to offer sincere praise and thanks to the One Creator Source of All, God the Father, Yahweh, Akua… as only by His Divine and Loving Hand could we now be released from such darkness to enjoy such a new and wondrous manifestation of infinite possibility and perpetual blessing.  So mahalo nui loa Akua (Thank You Very Much God)… as One, we are eternally grateful and appreciative of our breath and life… and we shall now show you our love with our hands, our voice, our song, our smiles and our aloha moving forward.

What Akua has done for us over these last 15 years...
·           Reversed the entire Central Banking System from a malevolent to benevolent intent and leadership.
·           Reformed or replaced all corrupted forms of sovereign government and dictatorships on every continent and in every corner of the world.
·           Replaced every fiat printed petrol dollar with gold backed digital credits.
·           Eliminated toxic petrol oil as humanity's financial collateral and replaced it with tangible, natural in-ground assets of the earth.
·           Technologically safeguarded every bank account and sovereign country's central bank holdings globally.
·           Militarily defeated a rogue and coordinated energy: NATO/EU/ISIS/ISIL/DAASH/Blackwater/Black Hats in the Pentagon/Halliburton.
·           United and Reformed 209 nations fiscal creation, control and disbursement mechanisms, including: International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Bank of International Settlements, United Nations, Federal Reserve Bank.
·           Created a benevolent source of funds (i.e. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank or AIIB) to bless the entire world with humanitarian non-recourse capital.
·           Restored the financial relevance and dignity of the entire continent of Africa and all people of sovereign color.
·           Mercifully allowed the entire Western World to participate in the new financial system instead punishing the Anglo-Saxon race for attempting to destroying the old and perpetually enslave other shades of humanity.
·           Physically rescued our planet (air, land and sea) from irreversible cellular degeneration which ultimately would have lead to human extinction.
·           Collectively released humanity from financial, physical and vibrational bondage in perpetuity … without the option of reversal.
·           Provided galactic and benevolent assistance as to keep all marco-event changing events and moments quiet so humanity would experience the least amount of personal disruption and mass panic.
·           Disabled and/or removed all nuclear weaponry from the earth's surface and mankind's control -- never to return.
·           And yes… now shall be allowing individual souls and households to share in both the infinite possibility and abundant blessings of Christ's Restored Kingdom (aka… Heaven on Earth).

I recognize
some to much of what is being presented above may not at this hour be believable to you.  And I also recognize some to much of what is being presented above may never become  your daily understanding of reality… but please know, you were loved enough to be told the truth in the manner to the scope of which it was given.  And soon, when you redeem this infamous foreign currency (which technically is just considered a "retrieve history asset") perhaps at some point after you will feel safe enough emotionally to review the above list with greater openness and perhaps allow a more universal understanding of this transaction event as perhaps a transitional event that you were allowed to participate in by divine grace.

Please receive one thing from my heart to yours over all these years of emails, updates, thoughts and SITREPs… God loves you so deeply, it's ok to love Him just as deeply
no matter what has happened in your life prior to the RV… and no matter what occurs in your life after the RV… His love is never changing, constant, unwavering and unconditional and available to all who have the courage to make emotional and spiritual Pono (forgiveness) with yourself and others

So make Pono. 
Surrender all your anger, your hatred, your fear… and just allow Akua's love to fill your heart, your mind, your soul for the rest of your days.   Everything is possible with God's love, as God's love is everything.

Aloha Ke Akua
(God is Love)


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