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Jul 27, 2016

Joint Cobra/Corey Interview 2

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Joint Cobra/Corey Interview 2
This is an interesting joint Cobra/Corey interview. This is the second interview and the third interview is scheduled to be conducted. Since they provide high-level information, it is difficult to keep up with it unless you know much about information provided in the past. At the beginning of the article, the manager of the site excellently summarizes the main points of information from Corey Goode so that you can download PDF version formatted for print (in Japanese). There is a word Super Federation we are unfamiliar with in the latter half of the article. The word is explained in the PDF document. (*Note: This comment is only for Japanese readers who can read the PDF document.)
The interview is rich in content. In it, the plasma being called Yaldabaoth is introduced. I already destroyed Yaldabaoth at 9 a.m. on January 12, 2016. Therefore, Yaldabaoth has nothing left but the physical body and plasma body. According to the article, “there are many Light forces working on transformation of that plasma entity.” I think that it is going to happen.
The area outside Heliopause in the solar system is called Pleroma, though I omitted it in the article. Pleroma and Yaldabaoth here reflect the original concept corresponding to ancient Gnosticism on the plasma level. So they have no original meaning in Gnosticism. Unless having deep knowledge of religious concept, you cannot tell the difference.
I’m giving video lectures on Theosophy. I have got the point where I can convey the true essence of Theosophy. I’m going to explain the stanzas of the Secret Doctrine. Unless knowing what is written in the Secret Doctrine, you cannot understand such small details.

July 14, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Now Creation – July 13, 2016 –

Joint Cobra/Corey Interview by Rob Potter Part 2



Rob Potter: We’re going to talk to Corey first and this first question is from someone. It says, “Corey, you have mentioned that some ET groups have been here with a little bit of service-to-self. Is that correct?  (Yes) You have stated the Blue Avians are here  *snip*.. the Earth’s mess is kind of holding them back from evolving. Is that correct?

Corey: Yes, and that’s the case with all beings that follow the creed or kind of model and tinker and create other beings. When they progress past that point maybe thousands or millions of years later, they cannot ascend to other levels or progress further until they go back and deal with their creations and whatever karmic entanglements they have with them. But we’re not a creation of these Sphere Beings, but their actions that they had millions and billions of years ago somehow had them tied with us to where we have to ascend or reach our next level before they can fully. They’ve gone as far as they can. Their goal is ultimately to return to Source.
Rob: Yeah, they may not be here at this time to intercede otherwise, possibly. Does that make them self-serving as well?

Corey: Yeah. Kaaree used that to kind of punch me in the stomach.  *snip*

Cobra: The whole galaxy is a living being.  *snip* … all cells in the galactic organism are connected. So if one single cell is infected with a cancer, the whole galactic body cannot evolve fully. And no race in the galaxy can evolve fully until the Earth’s situation is resolved.  *snip* Each sentient being needs to first take care of himself before he can help others. The key is in the balance of taking care of your own needs and then helping others. And evolved galactic society keeps that balance. *snip*

Rob: Cobra, you have stated that the artificial intelligence that Corey kind of delineates *snip*  Can you talk about that version of your understanding?

<View on AI>

Cobra: *snip* Basically, what we have here is sentient organic intelligence that uses technology, that actually uses technology as its body. *snip* what would appear is that the program is making decisions. But there is always an entity, a living being, free will, which is behind those decisions. And the Chimera group has invented so-called artificial intelligence millions upon millions of years ago and has tried to spread its infection throughout the galaxy through scalar plasma networks.  *snip*

Corey: Some of what Cobra said sounds like a little bit of a mixture of two different technologies if I’m understanding him correctly. There is a scalar mind-control grid that has been around the Earth as long as there have been humans, you know, walking around.  *snip* The inter dimensional AI signal that I’m talking about is a signal that was broadcast and it came in from another reality many, many millions, if not billions, of years ago. It cascaded its way through multiple galaxies, and in the manner I’ve described, it has infiltrated people’s bio neural fields.  *snip*  It’s not an actual artificial intelligence technology that’s created by organic beings here. It is a pervasive signal that now broadcasts itself through relay systems that it has tricked organic beings into creating for it. This is something that these more technologically and spiritually advanced beings can deal with. Many, many, many lower-tech civilizations that are a thousand years more developed than ours on the surface are subject to having to deal with this threat.

Rob: Cobra, have you heard of this other kind of universal AI intelligence? Corey has stated that this intelligence influences organic beings to create technology that it can then live inside. It can actually be in a computer. If you touch a technology, it can infect you.

Cobra: *snip*  I can confirm that this virus has infected one part of this galaxy, one part of the Andromeda galaxy, and one part of the M33 Galaxy in Triangulum, and to a very, very limited degree certain other galaxies in the local cluster of the galaxies. I can also say that the Resistance Movement has dealt with that issue and for their own society they have handled the issue.  *snip*  It is something like a shower. You need to take a certain shower that removes all parts of that signal before you can even enter their region below the surface.

Corey: There is a plan that’s a part of the natural process of what’s going to occur with the energetic waves coming in to our solar system through our sun, there’s going to be an event that’s going to completely purge the signal from our solar system at some point.
Cobra: This is exactly what I’m speaking about the removal of this plasma scalar field removal of Yaldabaoth, this octopus entity, and this is exactly the Event. When this plasma field is removed, that is the moment of the Compression Breakthrough.

Rob: One more question on this for you, Cobra, was: From what you guys are describing this signal still is going to exist but it’s going to be pushed off the Earth but is still involved in other parts of our super-cluster of various galaxies.  *snip*

Cobra: Okay, according to my sources, the increased activity of the Galactic Central Sun is precisely the means to erase that signal from the galaxy.  *snip* This signal will not exist anymore, anywhere.  *snip*

< AI infection of people on the earth >

Rob: Cobra, You say the Resistance members made humans go through that. 
Cobra: *snip* The technologies to disinfect the surface will be available at the time of the Event, not before. *snip*  There are certain technologies that the Resistance have and other Light forces have that will be brought to the surface at the moment of the Event that will disinfect the surface from many things. This is one part of the Compression Breakthrough. *snip*

<Magnetic field/Plasma entity/Heliopause>

Rob: *snip* On the Internet it showed that the magnetic fields of the Earth actually kind of went into kind of a calm state. I think it was about within a week to 10 days ago.

Corey: The Earth’s magnetic field is connected directly to the sun’s, and as the sun is going through these different changes as the cosmic energy is funneling through it through the cosmic web, there’s going to be interaction. It’s going to ebb and flow – the electrical field of the planet.

Cobra: The plasma field around the sun is called the solar wind. And the plasma field around the Earth is interacting with that solar wind. The magnetic field shapes and curves the plasma entity and the plasma entity is not just particle, it’s a living being. And in the case of this solar system, the plasma being is called Yaldabaoth, the octopus entity. And there are many Light forces working on transformation of that plasma entity.  *snip* … and this is why the oscillation and perturbations in the solar winds are happening. 
(And the heliopause is the area where the solar winds, the solar plasma field and this entity meets the interstellar wind or so-called galactic consciousness.)

<Local star cluster>

Corey: Yeah, and what’s playing out here on Earth is playing out on multiple planets within the 52 stars in our local star cluster.  *snip*  So these stars in the local star cluster are also connected, not only through the cosmic web, but in a more direct way through physically, you know, directly.
And in our local staff cluster there have been all of these different planets that have had these Draco groups and other groups kicking dirt and causing problems just like they’ve been doing here in our solar system.  *snip* And that is something that is being corrected at this time.  *snip*


Rob: That’s okay. You kind of answered it. So for you, it was a . . . It’s a natural created planet or moon that was created originally naturally and that was hollowed out and used as an ark possibly by Ancient Builders.

Corey: It was a natural formation that was hollowed out and made into a giant ark. It may have been a part of the original defense network that was created by what they called the Ancient Builder Race, which was in operation up until the moment when this Super Earth blew up.   *snip*    When this technology went down, all these different races that we refer to as genetic farmer races, began to come in and, you know, mess around with us, with our genetics and just doing whatever they wished. *snip*  There is conflicting information about it from the different groups that have looked at the information when there have been archaeological expeditions throughout the Moon. Depending on the group and their point of view or religious beliefs, they’ve come up with several different perspectives about what the Moon is.

Rob: Okay, Cobra, I’d like you to comment on your understanding of the Moon.

Cobra: The Moon is a natural object which has an orbit that is locked to the Earth and this is quite a natural occurrence through most of the solar systems. It has not been hollowed out, but it has been honeycombed, which means that there have been tunnels dug below the surface of the Moon. There have been tunnels expanded through the natural lava tubes, underground cities and the various civilizations have been using those for quite extended periods of time. And I would say it’s a natural satellite. It’s nothing artificial about the Moon. *snip*

<Super Federation>

Rob: This is a kind of more for Corey question. At least it seems he never mentions it really apart from the Sphere-Being Alliance. So the question, Corey, do you believe in the positive Galactic Confederation?  *snip*

Corey: There, again, we’re throwing around ‘positive’, ‘negative’ and all this kind of thing. This Super Federation is a super federation. It’s made up of other federations, and these federations are made up of hundreds or thousands of solar systems, if not more. These groups, just as I’ve stated, some of them are positive from our point of view. They seem to very much want to help us even though they have their own agenda., *snip*
Most of the people in the Secret Space Programs are not even aware of these groups. They’re aware of more of the groups that they’re dealing with like these Draco groups or these other groups. *snip*

<Galactic Confederation>

Rob: Cobra, I’d like your comments on that aspect between the positive and the negative alliances out there. And are they really communicating?  *snip* (You mentioned the Dracos don’t communicate. They don’t take part.)

Cobra: First, I need to say there is a Galactic Confederation that is positive. It’s very real. They have actually saved my life many times. And there are many races that belong to that confederation. And it is, from my perspective, the most powerful group in the galaxy, because they live in a reality of cosmic love. And they don’t have any, I would say, bad motivation, any agenda. *snip*  And as the galactic network of Light expands throughout the galaxy, more and more races join through a process of integration to this galactic network of light. *snip*  And every race that oversteps certain boundaries needs to be dealt with. And now races that have overstepped the boundaries inside of the solar system, are being dealt with.

<Purified future>

Rob:  *snip* What’s going to happen there, Cobra, to these beings?

Cobra: No. This is the final clearing process of the galaxy. All of the individual sentient beings that belong to those races will be given certain choices. If they want to cooperate, they will be given assistance. There were many attempts, positive attempts, to give them space to think about it and realize that the positive path is the path that makes more sense. If they don’t want to cooperate, they will have to go through the restructuring process, because darkness has a certain time slot in the history of the universe and this time is almost over.  *snip*  It is simply an anomaly which needs to be corrected.

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