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Jul 4, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure: Viewers Questions Part 4 - Each of the three has different interpretation for “Ascension”

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Cosmic Disclosure: Viewers Questions Part 4 - Each of the three has different interpretation for “Ascension”
I have summarized an excerpt from Cosmic Disclosure Viewers Question to Mr. Corey Goode. As I don’t believe the Super Earth theory claimed by Mr. Wilcock and Mr. Corey Goode, the part describing it has been omitted.
There is a Q and A session regarding ascension for which the term ‘harvest’ is used. As you can see, Mr. Corey Goode uses the term ‘harvest’ differently than Cobra does. According to Mr. Corey Goode, the Inner Earth people are “fourth density already” and they are “ascended beings”.
In other words, we see that Mr. Corey Goode interprets ascension as a shift to a dimension higher than third dimension or as beings which have achieved such a shift.
According to Cobra, ascension means experience in the causal realm on the physical dimension of consciousness. It seems that Arhats who have achieved full enlightenment in Buddhism or those who have reached spiritual evolution level of 4.0 in Theosophy are called ascended beings.
In contrast, according to Mr. Benjamin Creme, ascension means Assumption and when Masters who have achieved 5 initiations on earth receive higher initiation of Assumption, such beings are called Ascended Masters.
We have to be careful about the fact that the same term ‘ascension’ has completely different meanings, depending on a person who uses it. Particularly, in religion and spiritual world there is a big language problem: the same term is used differently by different sections. This causes not a little confusion.
It may be said that as a matter of fact, Theosophy is the greatest cause for confusion. I give video lectures on religious science to prevent such confusion and provide a clear-cut view of religion.
Usage of the term ‘reap’ meaning ascension is based on “the Law of One” which Mr. Wilcock often introduces. Information which has been provided by Mr. Wilcock and Mr. Corey Goode shows that the source of “the Law of One” is Sphere-Being Alliance, aka Guardians of Being. However, reading a book by Dr. M. Doreal, we see that they are the Cosmic White Lodge.
At the end of the article, David and Corey talk about legends, histories, and mythologies about gods and angels. Humanity has misinterpreted such Inner Earth people, ETs, Great White Brotherhood or Cosmic White Lodge people as “gods.” The truth is that they deceived people on Earth by calling themselves gods. Take Hinduism for example. There are so many “so-called saints” who call themselves “incarnations of gods” and have believers warship them.
As I have commented many times, they are not deities but people. Humans and deities have different constituent elements. By examining it, you can tell the difference between humans and deities. Additionally, deities are divided into Heavenly deities and Earthly deities. I think that Shanti-phula is the only website that conveys the existence of deities.

June 18, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold face or in red letters.

Excerpt from Sphere–Being Alliance – May 18, 2016 –

Cosmic Disclosure: Viewers Questions Part 4
Season 4 Episode 11


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David : The first question that we have is: “How can one find out if he or she has been infected by the AI?”
Corey : Well, that's not something that they're really going to know unless they get tested by a particular instrument that is used by the SSP. They use it . . . They put it close to your . . . by your electric field, and if it measures more than one signature, then they know you're infected. It's not something you can test for anywhere down here.
David : I think to double-click on that question a little bit, what they're really asking too is, how prevalent is this AI infection in regular humanity?  *snip*
Corey : People will have the infection.(, but if they're of no operational value to the AI, then it's not going to stay dormant in them. It's going to move on.)  *snip* Well, the AI may use a person as a host just to hang out in their bio-neural field until they find a better host that's going to get them into the electronics that they want to be in. Let's say an aborigine happened to find a piece of a ship, and they messed with it, and they got infected. Then it would hang out in their bio-neural field until they passed it along to other people. And eventually, it got into someone who uses technology, and then that person is their conduit into technology.  *snip*
David : Is there going to ever be a case in which the AI could use someone other than to pass itself into technology here on Earth?
Corey : Well, if people have key positions, a lot of times they'll be infected with actual nanites. And these nanites can either be programmed, or they can be remote-controlled by the AI signal.
David: The next one we have is from Alsion Bell.  *snip * when they use the term 'harvest', they mean ascension. “If the Inner Earth people have been here for 17 to 18 million years, have they never been harvested? Have they escaped being harvested? Do they not also want to progress?”
Corey: Well, they are actually fourth density already. And they have remained on the planet to assist the planet and us.
David: So fourth density meaning they are ascended beings?
Corey: Right. And they're basically . . . They're supposed to be stewards of the planet and all of its inhabitants.
David: And given the fact that they've been here for this long, I just want to reconfirm that time changes when you go from density to density, right?
Corey: Yeah, they experience time differently than we do. *snip* … a decade to us seems like quite a long time. *snip* That's not the case for them. So 100 years to them could be easily like maybe one to five years for us. *snip*
David: “When Corey came back 20 years in time and was debriefed, did the authorities in charge get the full debriefing of his service that was yet to come?” And then the question goes on to basically say, “Did they know what was going to happen to you after they brought you back?”  *snip*
Corey: Well, I know they have the capability, but logistically, for every single person, I don't know if that's practical to look . . . *snip*
David: I think what this person is also just trying to find out is, how much is the Cabal aware of what's happening in the future? How much do they get to plan it all out, map it all out? In other words, why didn't they know, for example, that you're doing this show? Why couldn't they see that?
Corey: That's a good question, because they use a type of AI technology to look at probable futures. And that's . . . We've heard all these things about the Cabal's about to fall, the Cabal's about to fall, mass arrests are coming. Well, they've used this technology to stay one step ahead of all these programs that were meant to take them down. So honestly, I don't know why they didn't intervene or see this previously, unless there was another intervention preventing them.
David: Is it possible that the mere act of trying to look at the future changes the future?
Corey: Yes. It's just like when scientists observe an experiment, they change the experiment.
David: That's a question we could do a whole episode on.  *snip*  Are our people being pawns and slaves for Reptilians and maybe other human-like races?”
Corey: The interstellar or intergalactic slave trade, human slave trade is . . . it's very complicated. A portion of the people that are taken are handed over to Reptilian beings, but these people are a commodity, and they're traded off to many other civilizations.
David: What is this disease of control, power, violence, and destruction, and where does it come from?  *snip*  I think this person is just having trouble understanding why anyone who's a biological life form would have a desire to be negative, to dominate, to control, to kill. *snip*
Corey: Well, I had to spend a lot of time with some of these negative people, and it seemed like they had some hole in them that they couldn't fill. And you could see the darkness in their eyes. Somehow by causing other people to feel the emotions that they couldn't, they were drawing energy and, like, sort of trying to fill this hole. That doesn't really seem to make sense, but, I mean, these people are . . . I mean, they're sociopaths.  *snip*
We're still fighting battles from further back than 500,000 years. And we, the people on Earth, are sort of proxies for these refugees that came here and run things from the background. They cause us to fight proxy wars on their behalf against their enemies, and we're just pawns.
David: “I'd like to ask Corey if he knows about the connection between the people in the Inner Earth and legends, histories, and mythologies about gods and angels on the surface.
Corey: Yes, that is definitely something that came up in my meeting with Kaaree down in the library. And myths are full of truth and carried through oral tradition. And different things will happen to change the narrative, but usually, there's a core truth in there somewhere.
But when they appeared, they would either let the people keep the assumption that they were gods, or some of them would actually say they were gods. And they did this, they say, for operational security. *snip*  I wouldn't say that these Inner Earth beings are the root of all of these myths, because some of these are non-terrestrials that have come down. So it's a mix.  *snip*  And often, they're both visiting the same culture, the same civilization intermittently, giving them information. So they'll have two different gods visiting them. *snip* And I mean, just your average person in the world right now, if they were to be pulled down there to the Inner Earth and saw someone sitting in a floating chair, they're probably going to think, “Oh. This is an angel.”

(The rest is omitted. Please refer to the original source.)

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