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Jul 18, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure: Remote Viewing and Influencing – Bad karma created by intention to kill people who have revealed facts –

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Cosmic Disclosure: Remote Viewing and Influencing – Bad karma created by intention to kill people who have revealed facts –
This is an interesting article about remote viewing. There is a phrase: “you will receive the same kind of splinter in your brain kind of pain.” I understand it because I often have such an experience. There are many aliens, people with supernatural power and psychics who feel uncomfortable about articles I post on the blog. They attack me very often. They get fatally wounded after attacking me because there is an extraordinary difference in spiritual evolution level between me and them. Undoubtedly, their body used for attack will be destroyed. Recently, most of them have had the etheric double (light body) and plasma body destroyed.
Although I know that any warning makes no difference, I’d like to warn again. They had better stop such silly attempts. They will undoubtedly experience a tragedy by not only making a spiritual attack but also sending harassing e-mails. Upon pushing a button to send slanderous e-mails to Shanti-phula, their vibrations will start decreasing and fall into Darkness within a half day. They will suddenly suffer from depression and seriously bad health. It is too late for them to realize an act of foolishness they committed. Such fools will generally have souls disappear within a few days.
I am writing the truth and have no intention of unnecessarily threatening somebody. I feel that I receive attacks from various beings almost every day and they disappear after attacking me. I keep a diary about it.
I am not attacking anybody but I just release facts. Full disclosure of information will inevitably occur and those who can’t accept such facts seem to consider it as attack against them. And they intend to kill those who have released such facts in spiritual level, in an easy-to-understand term, to kill such people inwardly. It can be said that this is a bad karma of those involved in the earth.
The latter half of the article deals with the remote viewing on solar flares. Reading Reformation of Heavenly 36 – 39, you will understand it in detail. Explaining the gist simply, it is described how super flares or killshot, which cannot be avoided no matter how hard humans work, was avoided together with deities who visited to save Earth from higher systems.
The earth asked the sun for help. In response to its request, the sun had already planned to unleash super flares toward the earth 25 years ago. I met planet deities who are incarnated on the sun, the earth and the moon and raise their vibrations in order to prevent them from carrying out the plan. Every deity is somebody like daughter or grandchild for me and they are all adorable girls. Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi draws illustrations depicting how adorable they are. Please refer to them.

June 27, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from Sphere-Being Alliance – June 3, 2016 –

Cosmic Disclosure: Remote Viewing and Influencing
Season 5 Episode 2


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David : So the conventional view of remote viewing that most people are familiar with startedat least, when I first heard about it - it was on the “Art Bell Show” in the late 1990s. That he had guys coming on there like Major Ed Dames, who was saying that he was training people in remote viewing. And you had Joe McMoneagle, who supposedly did documentaries in Japan where he reunited people with their kids and remote viewed the location of the kid, brought them together. 


Corey : Well, everything in time and space is connected. And we can use our consciousness as a vehicle to travel and view whatever we like, whenever we like.  *snip*  We've had the ability to go into a deeper state of consciousness and remotely view and remotely influence other people and places.  *snip*

David : So it doesn't require any special gifts or special abilities?

Corey : No. *snip*

David : So we have remote viewing as this category where people are obtaining information. And then we have other categories of channeling, where these elaborate UFO religions get started, and they don't have any reference point to anything else except their own internal cohesion. Then you see people that buy into that channeling, and they say, these beings are doing this in such and such place. This is absolutely the truth, but they have no validation outside of that. *snip*

Corey : Once a person gets a little bit of validation from a source, a lot of times, they quit validating.  *snip* … instead of validating every data point, which is what is done in remote viewing.  *snip*  There's going to be a certain amount of the data that's coming from your subconscious. So that has to be filtered out. And they're not going to have one person. At a minimum, they have three, so they can triangulate. And they'll have, usually, a group of people do a remote viewing.  *snip*  You have to totally clear your mind. You have to make sure that you don't have any information on the target. If you're front-loaded, every bit of information that you give on the target's going to be corrupt in some way. I mean, that's . . . Preserving the integrity of the target is extremely important in the process. And also, the viewers need to have a clear state of mind while viewing.  *snip* And there's also remote influencing.  *snip*  You can influence people to behave a certain way. And there's also technological enhanced remote viewing and remote influencing that is used as a weapon system, that can be used to kill people.  *snip*  Well, the systems I saw, there were basically two plates. It was like an anode and cathode that hooked up to a black box system, that then was hooked up to, basically, an antenna array. When the person was remote viewing or going into this deep theta state, it would enhance and boost their abilities and focus them through this technology. Some of these people, they can make a persons' heart stop beating, make them have an aneurysm. They can do all kinds of things remotely.

David: If you get somebody who becomes really good at this, are they limited to seeing something in the present?  *snip*

Corey: Probable futures, looking in the past. *snip* Looking into the future is very difficult. *snip* I forgot to mention that they also used these to guard facilities, aircraft, spacecraft. They will shield them from being remote-viewed. *snip*

David: The whistleblower who we're calling Daniel, that gave me the information about Montauk, among other things, because he claims to have worked there, said that at one point, he was recruited for this psychic program. *snip* He gets brought into this room with this guy they call the Professor. *snip* Daniel is getting this absolutely terrible psychic attack from this Professor. This pain in his mind, it's like a screaming, like fingernails on chalkboard, grinding metal. *snip*

Corey: I've experienced something like that.  *snip* There will be multiple people in the room, *snip* And you will receive that same kind of splinter in your brain kind of pain, and you'll know that you're being etherically attacked. And you have to identify who it is. And that's not easy when you've got a room of three, four, six people, all of whom are heavily trained in how to do this.  *snip*

David: In this case, he said that if you don't have that reaction, that you fail, and you're not brought into the psychic training program at all.

Corey: Yeah. Well, at this point, you're already in it, but, you know.

David: Right, right, right. Now, another thing that we've heard from other whistleblowers is that, unfortunately, since a lot of this stuff becomes black magic and occult, that people will make deals with certain demons or certain entities that attach into their system that will defend them against attacks from other remote viewers. *snip*

Corey: Definitely,  *snip* some of these darker practitioners will use what they call black magic to invite or use entity attachments to protect themselves just as these entity attachments can be used for all kinds of things. *snip*

David: They're talking about these Tibetans, and that some of these Tibetan guys were doing black magic. And in the “Masters of the Far East” book,  *snip*  they would charge a dagger with the energy so that somebody . . . They placed the dagger near where somebody normally is, and that person would become irresistibly compelled to pick up the dagger and actually kill themselves with it. But, apparently, if you do this, it's extremely dangerous, because you could end up taking the dagger and killing yourself with it.  *snip*  Well, let's talk about the voodoo stuff for a moment because that would appear to be a type of remote influencing. *snip* Somebody creates a doll that's like an effigy of you, and then they maybe stick pins in it, and then apparently some of that is the fear of seeing the doll.

Corey : Yeah. And one of the keys is your target seeing the doll.  *snip*  If this person   *snip*  has a strong belief that there's power in this doll, that now has needles in it, and they receive this effigy of themselves with needles in a certain part, their mind will create these problems in their body.

David: Right.

Corey: They manifest the magic that the person's trying to create.

David: What do you think about the use of scopolamine in this voodoo tradition? *snip*

Corey: Scopolamine is very nasty. It's a . . . I believe it's a seed that grows on a plant. *snip* And I believe they crush it up and use the flesh on the inside and dry it out and use it as a powder.  *snip*  But it basically takes away free will. A lot of the times, it's used to rob people. They'll give the person a drug at a bar - a lot in South America – and the people will . . . Once the drug kicks in, the person that administered the drug will say, “Take me to your house and give me all of your possessions.” And they'll happily put them in their car, drive them to their house, help them load all the possessions into a truck. And the person will leave, and the drug will wear off, and the people will be bewildered at what happened.

David: *snip*  Can you give someone scopolamine and then give them a voodoo curse that they don't remember consciously but is somehow loaded into their mind?

Corey: *snip*  The information could be loaded into the subconscious, and consciously, they have no idea what's going on.

David: So that could be used to enhance the effects. Like they could be given post-hypnotic suggestions under scopolamine, so then when they see the doll, they have this suggestion that's already leaning them in a certain direction.

Corey: Yes. Right. In the programs, they used a synthetic form of scopolamine and a cocktail of other drugs when they were doing chemical blank slating.

David: And could they use that to plant hypnotic suggestions as well?

Corey: Yes. During the blank slating, you're losing memory of incidents. They're also implanting hypnotic suggestions in case you start to remember. So it's like a back door protection. *snip*

David: .. remote viewing that you yourself have done  *snip*  You also went into something about this idea of a solar flash that came to you in a remote viewing.

Corey: It was a remote viewing of . . . and there were beings in the sky, and they would point down. And each time they would point down, something was occurring that I was remote viewing on the Earth. And towards the end of the viewing, there were . . . from the sun came a flash, flash-flash, flash, flash, flash. And after that, it was . . . in the remote viewing, all the people of the Earth came together and started holding hands and singing and were very happy. And I saw all these negative people looking like they were just falling backwards, but disappearing – like they were just falling off the Earth and disappearing.  *snip*

David: But you heard about this flash from others in different contexts, not maybe . . .

Corey: Right. I had heard about certain people remote viewing . . . Some people would view, and they would see the Earth being destroyed by fire. Some people would view . . . Different people were seeing different things. I do know that, but I don't know all the details. But I think they were trying to figure out when and what was going to happen with the sun.

David: But yours sounds almost like a Christian rapture connotation.

Corey: Right.

David : Ascension.  *snip* But do you think that different people could be on different timelines, where they're going to experience that event differently once it happens?

Corey: Yes, but that's speculation until the moment occurs.

(The rest is omitted.)

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