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Jul 9, 2016

Celebrating the Graduation of Law of One Channel Caria Rueckart (Abstract) – Great White Brotherhood which has tried to remove deities and disguise themselves as deities in order to completely control humanity –

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Celebrating the Graduation of Law of One Channel Caria Rueckart (Abstract) – Great White Brotherhood which has tried to remove deities and disguise themselves as deities in order to completely control humanity –
The article below seems to be an article which the “Law of One” Mr. Corey Goode wrote about on the occasion of the death of “Law of One” channel Caria.
The source which named itself as Ra must be Raw-Tier-Eir, one of the Blue Avians who Mr. Corey Goode introduces.
The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator described in the article was called the Sphere-Being Alliance by Corey Goode. And this group is identical to the Cosmic White Lodge appearing in a book, *“Intendment of Esotericism” by Dr. M. Doreal. Ra-Tier-Eir is a Master whose spiritual evolution level is 6.0. Therefore, we can understand that they are a group which served Maitreya.
As I have conveyed to you, the Great White Brotherhood is a group of people who worship Sanat Kumara (Lucifer) as the Absolute God and they were cast down to the physical dimension because of their rebellion against God. They have never repented of resistance against God so far. On this blog I have called them “relative light” in that they are not true light and they are at least better than Dracos.  I have conveyed to you that although they used to get involved with Satanism, which caused their appearance to change, they have repented of their deed and got out of Satanism.
Regrettably, however, they intentionally tell a lot of lie in this message presumably because they are natural-born liars. In our universe, humanity appears on the planet in the course of natural evolution. Wherever they appear, they look almost the same as us Earthlings. This is exactly the same as what Mr. George Adamski was taught by Venucians. In the article there is a description of Beings with two arms and two legs but a head that looks similar to an insect, fish, mammal, bird or reptile. This is caused by Satanism and genetic engineering.
They talk about such false information to avoid the risk of being suspicious about their figure. They say that the description must be bated under the Law of Confusion. Their approach makes me feel that they are unfaithful. Eventually, since they resisted the full disclosure of information which deities demand in fear that their unfaithfulness will be revealed, all of them were destroyed.
Many people on Earth mistake “relative light” for true light. They use the name of Ra, though they are not Egyptian gods. Although they removed Egyptian gods, they use the name of Egyptian god in order to have Egyptians believe him. Egyptian deities are true deities and not people like them. The Great White Brotherhood always removed deities like this and pretended to be deities in order to completely control humanity. As their wrongdoings were brought to the light, they have gone to fate.

Masatoshi Takeshita
June 20, 2016

Translator’s note:
*Title of book translated into Japanese

Shanti-pjhula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold face or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Creation Design Society

Celebrating the Graduation of Law of One Channel Caria Rueckart (Abstract)


The Law of One series is the spiritual foundation of everything we do here. On April 1, 2015, the woman who offered herself as the "instrument" for the Law of One material graduated into larger life. *snip*

Caria Lisbeth Rueckart McCarty, 1943-2015

The Law of One series (1981-84) is arguably the platinum standard by which all other modern channeling must be judged. Carla Rueckert was the "instrument" for this work -- a series of 106 question-and-answer sessions with a Ph.D. physicist, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty as the transcriber.
Carla was completely unconscious as her body spoke the words on behalf of a positive, spiritual presence. She did not remember anything she had said upon awakening. In her everyday life, she was a devout Christian, attending services and singing in the choir at the local Episcopal church in Anchorage, Kentucky.
The source itself claimed to be an entire planet worth of people like us that had fused into a "social memory complex" and was now in "sixth density", as opposed to our own 3D reality.

The source named itself as Ra. They explained that they gave positively-oriented esoteric material to the Egyptians that was quickly distorted to the negative. *snip* -- and inadvertently created what we now call the Illuminati. Many of the Illuminati symbols we now see, including the All-Seeing Eye, were originally given to us by Ra, and were intended for positive purposes. The All-Seeing Eye represents the pineal gland or "third eye" that I discuss in The Source Field Investigations and my classic video 2012 Enigma.


Ra began explaining what happened in the very first session of the Law of One, from January 15, 1981. It was in response to the fifth question Don asked.
1.5 Questioner: Could you give me a little more detail about your role with the Egyptians?http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=1
Ra: I am Ra. The identity of the vibration Ra is our identity. We as a group, or what you would call a social memory complex, made contact with a race of your planetary kind which you call Egyptians.Others from our density made contact at the same time in South America.  *snip*   However, the priests and peoples of that era quickly distorted our message, robbing it of the, shall we say, compassion *snip*.  *snip*  When we were no longer able to have appropriate channels through which to enunciate the Law of One, we removed ourselves from the now hypocritical position which we had allowed ourselves to be placed in.*snip*

The ultimate point we take away from the Law of One model is that the universe is alive.  *snip*  We are ultimately holograms of a far greater intelligence that created the universe.  *snip*
Consciousness interconnects all things. If we do not perceive ourselves as truly being one with everything and everyone, we are still living in "the illusion."  *snip*
The Law of One teaches us that we live in a reality where we must choose a path -- service to others (positive) or service to self (negative). The level we currently live in, "Third Density," is then followed by fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh -- the so-called "true color" densities of green, blue, indigo and violet -- before returning to "intelligent infinity" once more. These colors are not physical colors, but represent vibrational frequencies that actually create habitable planes of existence that overlap with our own.

Each density has its own three-dimensional space. Multiple densities can co-exist in the same 3D space. We are only now able to perceive three of them. Our own universe of physical matter, including the Earth and all that we see on it, is only at the "yellow" level. We can also see red and orange as mineral/ elemental (1D) and plant-animal life (2D).  *snip*
Here is a passage from the Law of One that illustrates this phenomenon in regards to the Earth:
62.29  You must see the Earth, as you call it, as being seven Earths.There is red, orange, yellow, and there will soon be a completed green color vibratory locus for fourth-density entities which they will call Earth.

Our earth is now very, very close to its own "graduation" into fourth density -- an event the Law of One series referred to as Harvest.  *snip* … many different ancient cultures predicted that an event like this would happen. *snip* I first learned of this worldwide prophecy while reading Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock   *snip* .

Ra: I am one of the members of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator.There are approximately fifty-three civilizations, comprising approximately five hundred planetary consciousness complexes in this Confederation. This Confederation contains those from your own planet who have attained dimensions beyond your third. It contains planetary entities within your solar system, and it contains planetary entities from other galaxies.  *snip*

The Law of One clearly spells out that channeling is very easily tainted. Without proper training and discipline, negative entities can manipulate the words. For this same reason, it is very important that we exercise discernment at all times, and throw away anything that doesn't agree with what we feel is right.
The Law of One series refers to the negative group as the Orion Confederacy. Space program people call them the Draco, though other groups are part of it as well. 
The Draco do have several outposts on planets around some of the stars in Orion, which are right nearby us -- hence the Law of One's classification. *snip*
12.15 Questioner: Is it possible for an entity here on Earth to be so confused as to call both the Confederation and the Orion group in [an] alternating way, one, then the other, [inaudible] back to [inaudible]?
Ra: I am Ra. It is entirely possible for the untuned channel, as you call that service, to receive both positive and negative communications.  *snip*  Many of your so-called contacts among your people have been confused and self-destructive because the channels were oriented towards service to others but, in the desire for proof, were open to the lying information of the crusaders who then were able to neutralize the effectiveness of the channel.

Wait a minute. You're saying that wanting proof opens up the possibility of negative influence?
Yes. Absolutely. Don Elkins was frequently criticized by Ra for asking too many "transient" questions.
For a source of this caliber, the only thing they really care about is reaching us at the deepest spiritual level, where we are One.  *snip*  These teachings are ageless and timeless. Therefore, the same answers will be just as valuable in 10,000 years as they are today.
Once you start wanting to get into all the details of cosmic battles and warring ET factions, you quickly open yourself up to negative influence.
In fact, if you focus too much on this type of information rather than just spiritual growth philosophy, the positive beings are required to let a negaitve entity take over.  *snip*


New students of the Law of One invariably want to know why these positive ETs don't just show up, kick ass, take names and kick-start the Golden Age. *snip*
16.6 Questioner: Then this... balancing prevents the Guardians from reducing their positive polarization by totally eliminating the Orion contact through shielding. Is this correct?http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=16 
Ra: I am Ra. This is partially correct. In effect, the balancing allows an equal amount of positive and negative influx, this balanced by the mind/body/spirit distortions of the social complex. *snip* 
16.7 Questioner: In this way, total free will is balanced so that the individual may have an equal opportunity to choose service to others or service to self. Is this correct? 
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.


*snip* Remarkably detailed information was given about the extraterrestrial life surrounding us -- both positive and negative -- and the war being fought between them. We are the main target within this war. Both sides are trying to steer us into a direction they see as being more favorable. Once that aspect is introduced, and we get into the notion of why the negative is allowed to do what it does, we are back on track with useful wisdom teachings. Most importantly, the negative will not be allowed to win this war -- but they certainly can do damage.


The main thing that hardly any Illuminati scholars realize is that this same group has extensively colonized our solar system. That's where all of our money has gone. *snip*
I have been astonished, many hundreds of times, to find out that deeply-placed insiders in UFO and space-related "black projects" have firsthand knowledge of a remarkable number of specifics from the Law of One series. In fact, I recently found out that the group behind the secret space program, i.e. the "Cabal", military-industrial complex or "Illuminati," is very well aware of how accurate the Law of One really is. 


Luke identified another very high-level insider we have named Harry.  *snip* Harry revealed that there has been an ongoing effort, ever since the 1990s, to disinform the public about the Law of One material. They want to make it appear to be negative and threatening.  *snip*   In order to help counteract that influence, I will tell you that you can order the books at the Law of One group's website, www.llresearch.org.
You can read the entire series for free and search for keywords at www.lawofone.info.  *snip*


One of many astonishing connections between the Law of One data and what I was hearing from insiders who worked in UFO-related "black projects" concerns extraterrestrial life.
The Law of One series explains that if a fifth-density entity appears before us, it will take on a "thoughtform" that is geared to look like what we are familiar with -- a conventional human form. However, fourth-density entities will be human-like (hominid) in appearance, but can appear as a blend between a human form and any of the various forms of life we see in the animal kingdom here on earth.
That means you could see beings that evolved into humanlike form out of various types of insects, fish, mammals, birds or reptiles.
Most often, this means you will have beings with two arms and two legs but a head that looks similar to an insect, fish, mammal, bird or reptile. This phenomenon is well known and widely experienced within the space program. *snip*

*snip*   Our galaxy's goal is to produce intelligent life in a hominid form. This is how consciousness experiences apparent separation and individuality for its own growth. Depending upon the planet, these intelligent hominids can evolve out of any of the types of "second density" life we already see here on earth. *snip*
90.5 Questioner: You stated previously that fifth-density entities bear a resemblance to those of us in third density on planet Earth but fourth density does not.http://www.lawofoe.info/results.php?s=90Could you describe the fourth-density entities and tell me why they do not resemble us?
Ra: I am Ra. The description must be bated under the Law of Confusion.The cause for a variety of so-called physical vehicles is the remaining variety of heritages from second-density physical vehicular forms.  The process of what you call physical evolution continues to hold sway into fourth density. Only when the ways of wisdom have begun to refine the power of what you may loosely call thought is the form of the physical complex manifestation more nearly under the direction of the consciousness.

As this excerpt goes on, Dr. Elkins tries to find out why these fifth-density entities look more similar to us than those from the fourth. The answer is that they can project themselves into whatever form they choose, and therefore appear in a way that gives us the greatest comfort:
90.6 Questioner: Well, If the population of this planet presently looks similar to the fifth-density entities I was wondering why this is?http://www.lawofone.info/reuslts.php?s=90If I understand you correctly the process of evolution would normally be the third density resembling that from which it evolved in second density [the ape] and then refining in fourth and then again in fifth, becoming what the population of this planet looks like on third....
Ra: I am Ra. Your query is based upon a misconception. Do you wish us to comment or do you wish to re-question?90.7
Questioner: Please comment on my misconception if that is possible.http://www.lawofoe.info/results.php?s=90
Ra: I am Ra. In fifth density the manifestation of the physical complex is more and more under the control of the conscious mind complex. Therefore, the fifth-density entity may dissolve one manifestation and create another. Consequently, the choice of a fifth-density entity or complex of entities wishing to communicate with your peoples would choose to resemble your peoples’ physical-complex, chemical, yellow-ray vehicles.

90.8 Questioner: I see. Very roughly, if you were to move a third-density entity from some other planet to this planet, roughly what percentage of all of those within the knowledge of Ra would look enough like those entities of Earth so that they would go unnoticed in a crowd?http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=90Ra: I am Ra. Perhaps five percent.
90.9 Questioner: Then there is an extreme variation in the form of the physical vehicle in third density in the universe. I assume this is also true of fourth density. Is this correct?http://www.lawofone.info/results.phs?s=90 
Ra: I am Ra. This is so. *snip*90.10 
Questioner: Well, within Ra’s knowledge of third-density physical forms, what percentage would be similar enough to this planet’s physical form that we would assume the entity to be human even though they were a bit different? This would have to be very rough because of my definition being very rough.http://www.lawofone.info/resutls.php?s=90 
Ra: I am Ra. This percentage is still small; perhaps thirteen to fifteen percent due to the capabilities of various second-density life forms to carry out each necessary function for third-density work. *snip*

*snip*  we are told that our own local planetary system [Logos] and several others nearby chose the ape body as the template for conscious soul evolution, *snip* .
It is up to each star, or Logos, as to which second-density creature it will "invest" with sentience, and upgrade into the hominid, third and fourth-density form. *snip*
90.12 Questioner: Was there a reason for choosing the forms that have evolved upon this planet and, if so, what was it?http://www.lawofone.info/results.phs?s=90 
Ra: I am Ra. We are not entirely sure why our Logos and several neighboring Logoi of approximately the same space/time of flowering chose the bipedal, erect form of the second-density apes to invest.It has been our supposition,  *snip*  that our Logos was interested in, shall we say, further intensifying the veiling process by offering to the third-density form the near complete probability for the development of speech taking complete precedence over concept communication or telepathy.We also have the supposition that the so-called opposable thumb was looked upon as an excellent means of intensifying the veiling process so that rather than rediscovering the powers of the mind the third-density entity would, by the form of its physical manifestation, be drawn to the making, holding, and using of physical tools.

(The rest is omitted.)

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