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Jun 13, 2016

Swiss Referendum – Basic Income Plan Rejected

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Swiss Referendum – Basic Income Plan Rejected
In Swiss referendum, voters have rejected to introduce a basic income plan with 77 percent saying ‘no.’ It was premature to hold a referendum because the contents of the plan had not been discussed fully.  So I think that rejection of the plan is unavoidable.
Although it is quite interesting as nation-wide social experiment, presumably the people of Switzerland are not in a positon to accept such a high-risk experiment. Among anti-opinions are “Immigrants from all over the world will rush in” and “Hard workers will decrease in number.” They are understandable opinions. The immigrant issue, in particular, is difficult to be solved. To solve this issue, it will be necessary to simultaneously introduce basic income plan in several countries across the world.
However, the root of the problem is that nobody will work. If a basic income plan is introduced, I am afraid that it will decrease productivity to one-tenth.
Just imagine! You are a police officer. There are citizens holding a demonstration in front of you. You are forced to keep guard. You might think: “I hope they will stop demonstration as soon as possible without any trouble.” You can make a living, whether you keep guard or whether you quit a job. In that case, will you dare to keep guard with difficulty?
Supposing that you are a postman, will you faithfully get up early in the morning every day to deliver mail as soon as possible? It is quite natural that you think: “We also need New Year holidays as ordinary people.” Mail will not be delivered the next day after it is put in a mail box but delivered in ten days, like in the case of Russia. At present, society has not made such a progress that robots can replace humans. And on top of it, we have not reached a higher level of awareness about labor.
In that sense, I look forward to introduction of Clifford Hugh Douglass’s writings by “Bougainvillea Teatime.”

June 7, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

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Translation of Twitter – June 5, 2016 –
Mr. K@Kazu

I saw a twitter which says that Swiss plan for basic income has been rejected for the reason that 270,000 yen per month is small payment compared to hourly wage of 2,000 yen paid by Macdonald. I’m surprised to learn that the average monthly income in Switzerland is 654,000 yen.
June 6, 2016 16:48

English translation of a Japanese article: BougainvilleaTeatime – June 6, 2016 –

Swiss Referendum – Basic Income Plan Rejected

On June 5, 2016, a referendum on whether to introduce a basic income plan was held in Switzerland.

Introduction of basic income plan:
Payment of 2,500 Swiss franc (275,174 yen at today’s exchange rate) a month to each adult and 625 Swiss franc (68,793 yen at today’s exchange rate) for each child
It saw the result of 23 percent in favor and 77 percent opposed.

<Against the plan>
*If money is paid to all people in Switzerland due to its high cost of living, immigrants from all over the world will rush in.
*Hard workers will decrease in number.

<For the plan>
*Unpaid work such as housekeeping, child rearing and caring for family should be properly paid for.
*With the progress of automation, job itself will be lost.

The concept of basic income has various aspects.
I wonder what work is all about.
It is nothing special and nobody has seriously thought of it.
Before asking whether to accept the concept, it seems that we need to rethink about work in depth.
There is a great man who flatly answered the question in a positive way nearly 100 years ago.
It is Clifford Hugh Douglass.
I’m studying hard what he thought, what he discussed, and what he proposed.
I’d like to introduce his writings on this blog.

Please wait for a while.

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