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Jun 22, 2016

Special Update from Benjamin Fulford/Agreements between WDS and the Rothschilds – “Edmond Rothschild Group” currently assuming control of the Rothschilds to get attention

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Special Update from Benjamin Fulford/Agreements between WDS and the Rothschilds – “Edmond Rothschild Group” currently assuming control of the Rothschilds to get attention
A big mountain has moved. According to the report shown in the first article, a Nathaniel’s personal secretary got in contact with a WDS member in Asia. The phrase enclosed in single quotation marks seems to be a message from Nathaniel. This shows that he has agreed with a proposal from the WDS.
The problem is that this does not mean everything will go smoothly. According to the information from Mr. Eiken Itagaki dated June 10, “Jacob Rothschild has collapsed from a cerebral infarction. The real power has been transferred to the ‘Edmond Rothschild Group” based in Switzerland (CEO: Baroness of David de Rothschild, head of the Rothschild family in Paris). I think that this information is true.
It seems that Jacob suffers mild form of the disease and his health condition is not so serious. It is lucky for real power to have been transferred to David de Rothschild. This has helped Jacob and Nathaniel released from duty to protect the family. Nathaniel, who delivered a message of such agreement to the WDS, is considered as a traitor by David de Rothschild. However, safety of Jacob and Nathaniel will be guaranteed by deities and aliens. “Edmond Rothschild Group” currently assuming control of the Rothschild family will get attention. If they agreed to a proposal from WDS, financial system switch will be carried out smoothly. However, if they hold out to the end, they should undoubtedly be destroyed.
According to the second article, the false flag attack in Orlando, Florida leads to Israel and world Khazarian mafia headquarters in Switzerland. This seems to indicate the Rothschild group mentioned above. Around the end of the article, there is a phrase: “they discussed a global tax that would be sold” in the meeting at the Bilderberg gathering. I think that they probably discussed helicopter money in order to sustain the current central bank system as long as possible. Half tax refund proposed by Mr. Tomabechi is the very thing of it.

June 15, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold face or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: GFL Service – June 15, 2016 –

“Agreement” – Special Update from Benjamin Fulford 6-14-16


Special update: The Rothschilds finally got in touch.

This is
what the Rothschilds had to say about the situation to a WDS member in Asia:
“It is 0440 hrs here.
I finally got in touch with them. Strange time for sure. I spoke with Nat’s personal secretary. I am sure the call was rerouted. This is what she told me,we are aware of what you and your contact in Tokyo desire. We do agree and are working with other members of the family to make this happen. We are also aware of what is currently taking place. The Golden Lily’s are ready to be harvested. The first of 3 is being prepared now. The group that thinks they will get it, will not. It will be integrated in the change-over to the new plan. Each new district will have their own reserves, for their new currency. Each district will be part of a basket of Asian currencies that are backed with various commodities. We will send our representative over to meet with you, as we know how to reach you. After that, you and your contact in Tokyo will be able to meet with Nat directly, should you desire. Please be on standby.’

I have her name as well. At least the one she gave me… She sounds like she is British, as I can hear from the way she talks.

I do not know what you should do with this information. Maybe release part of it, and hold the part about actually naming xxx back for now.

It seems that
your numbers were checked out and they are obviously aware of what you have been saying in your weekly updates…as well as our conversations?”

So in other words,
the Rothschilds have finally agreed to support a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and trigger an exponential expansion of humanity into the universe. This is good new indeed for the planet. We will keep readers posted on any further developments.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: GFL Service – June 14, 2016 –

Benjamjin Fulfor Update – June 14, 2016


US and UN power hand-over or hostile take-over up for grabs

Negotiations for a new financial system are on hold as the controllers of the old system seem to have gone into or are preparing to go into hiding. This means that
at the time of this writing it is unclear if there will be peaceful transition to a new financial system or a hostile take-over of the old system.

The backdrop to these now on hold negotiations is an increasingly chaotic situation in the United States, the Middle East and Europe as the bankruptcy of the Western financial system begins to affect social and economic stability.

The situation in the United States is especially critical with an intense power struggle that has become visible even in the corporate media. This can be seen as some Khazarian controlled media like the New York Times and the Washington Post reporting a very different reality than media like the Wall Street Journal and ABC TV or the nation-wide McClatchy newspaper chain. The former, for example, report that Hillary Clinton is now the official Democratic Party presidential candidate while the latter are concentrating more on the criminal investigations into the Clinton foundation etc. The clearest sign of a split in the power structure, though, comes from the White House itself. There “acting-President” Barack Obama publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton for President only to have the White House Press spokesman come out an hour later to say that Clinton was under criminal investigation.


The bankruptcy on May 2nd of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation is being felt in increasingly obvious ways. For example, many of the close to 50 million Americans who rely on food aid to feed their families were experiencing glitches with their cards this month, in what is either a cyber-attack or an attempt to steal their money. Another example is that police have gone from stopping cars and stealing the passenger’s cash to using high-tech devices to empty their credit cards. There are also reports of glitches in mobile phone networks and GPS systems around the US in what is a clear sign of intense cyber-warfare.

The false flag attack in Orlando, Florida, where 50 people were allegedly killed, “will not stop leaks or distract” from the ongoing campaign to end Khazarian mafia control of the United States, Pentagon officials say. The Orlando incident also illustrated the split in the US with many corporate media outlets describing it as an attack by a single ISIS “radical Muslim” killer while internet news sites, agency officials and other aware people instantly recognized it as yet another Khazarian mafia psychological warfare operation false flag incident.

The Pentagon and the agencies already know the Khazarian mafia the real culprits behind this attack and know the trail leads to Israel and world Khazarian mafia headquarters in Switzerland.

This false flag took place immediately after top bosses of the Khazarian mafia ended their meeting at the Bilderberg gathering in Dresden, Germany. Although not on the official list of attendees, Rothschild family sources confirm Nathaniel Rothschild presided over that meeting on behalf of top his uncle and top Khazarian mafia boss Baron Jacob Nathaniel Rothschild. The official press release about the meeting can be seen here:


The only thing we can add to this from our own sources is that
at the meeting they discussed a global tax that would be sold as necessary to finance an end to environmental destruction and poverty. They also discussed the Chinese offer of 20,000 tons of gold at a 13% discount on the condition that of that discount the 10% would be used to set up a future planning agency and the other 3% would go to commissions as mentioned previously in this newsletter, Rothschild family sources confirm.

The Rothschild family is in any case now clearly circling their wagons. CIA officials say that nobody is answering the phone at all the official, public Rothschild family companies. The only number to contact them at is the one at their family complex in Zug, Switzerland and at the time of this writing, nobody was answering the phone there either.

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