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Jun 28, 2016

December 21, 2012: Romance and Reality (Latter Half) – Mr. David Wilcock has a hypothesis that the solar system takes 25,920 years to go around a comes and the evidence supporting his hypothesis

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December 21, 2012: Romance and Reality (Latter Half) – Mr. David Wilcock has a hypothesis that the solar system takes 25,920 years to go around a comes and the evidence supporting his hypothesis
Processional movement means the earth’s axis wobbles like a spinning top. It is said that it takes 25,920 years for the earth’s axis to go around and return again to the original position. Mr. David Wilcock has a hypothesis that the earth’s axis wobbles because our solar system actually goes around a certain companion on a 25,920-year cycle.

In the article, the concept of a galaxy in the “Law of One” is shown as the evidence supporting such hypothesis. Galaxy here means s star system we call. According to the 
Confederation’s source, it seems that they call “galaxy that vibrational complex that is local.” However, it also says that “they would not refer to our solar system alone as a galaxy.” In other words, they call a group of several star systems a galaxy.
Based on this, Mr. Wilcock builds up a hypothesis that our solar system goes around an invisible start on a 25,920-year circle and I suppose that a secret society like Freemasonry calls the invisible star “Black Sun.”

In “The Holy Science” Swami Sri Yukteswar states that “According to Oriental astrology, the sun takes some star for its dual and revolved round it in about 24,000 years of our earth – a celestial phenomenon which causes the backward movement of the equinoctial points around the zodiac.” He says that procession is the phenomenon which occurs because the solar system revolves around some star for its dual.

Yusteswar further states that the sun revolves round a grand center called Vishun-Naabhi.” This Vishun-Naabhi is considered to be the center to the Milky Way Galaxy.

I find this quite an interesting opinion. Regrettably, however, astronomy today does not confirm the phenomenon that our solar system goes around a star on such a cycle. I myself have some doubt about such theory. Incidentally, it is said that our solar system takes 225 million years to go around the galaxy.

Mr. Wilcock thinks that the geometric shape of “vibrational complex that is local” called galaxy by this Confederation’s source is a dodecahedron and applies the whole circumference of equilateral pentagon composing the dodecahedron to 25,920 years, which means that the year equivalent to one side of dodecahedron is the Mayan calendar cycle of 5,125 years. It seems that he thinks that every time our solar system hits one of these “node points” on the dodecahedron, “our Sun has a major energetic shift.” Moreover, he presumes that the current location of the solar system is not simply on a node point of a cycle of 5,125 years but it is the end of the whole cycle of 25,920 years and also the start of another cycle, which will cause a massive change.

The section of “SPECIFIC QUOTES ON THE QUANTM LEAP gives an explanation for change in frequency caused by such quantum leap.

The June 16, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold face or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Creation Design Society – January 13, 2013 –

December 21, 2012: Romance and Reality (Latter Half)

By David Wilcok
13 January 2013


Here is a simple way we can understand this 25,920-year cycle. If you build a temple and align it to a particular star on a particular day -- such as the Winter Solstice of December 21st -- then after 72 years, it will be one degree out of alignment. 

There are 360 degrees in a circle. If it takes 72 years for the stars to drift by one degree, and you multiply this number of years by 360 degrees, you get 25,920 years. The Ancients called this the "Great Year". They divided it up into 12 sub-cycles of 2,160 years each. Each 2,160-year cycle is called an "Age of the Zodiac."
In Western astrology, we are moving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius right now -- centering around the end of the year 2012. The Mayan Calendar end-date also landed on December 21, 2012.  *snip*  Most scientists believe this 25,920-year cycle is caused by "a wobble in the Earth's axis."  *snip* Are we moving through some kind of a geometric pattern that is tugging on the Earth's axis?

Walter Cruttenden had already sent me his book "Lost Star of Myth and Time", which argued in favor of "the binary solar system model."  *snip*  I was delighted to see several compelling pieces of scientific proof that the "Great Year" of 25,920 Earth years must be the direct result of our Sun orbiting a companion star.  *snip* Cruttenden also presents NASA evidence that fully 80 percent of the stars in our galaxy are binary stars.

.33  Ra: I am Ra. There are many Confederations. This Confederation works with the planetary spheres of seven of your galaxies, if you will, and is responsible for the callings of the densities of these galaxies.
16.34  Questioner: Would you define the word galaxy as you just used it?
Ra: We use that term in this sense as you would use star systems.
16.35 Questioner: I’m a little bit confused as to how many total planets the Confederation that you are in serves?
Ra: I am Ra. I see the confusion. We have difficulty with your language.The galaxy term must be split. We call galaxy that vibrational complex that is local. Thus, your sun is what we would call the center of a galaxy. We see you have another meaning for this term. 10.17 Questioner: Then would the nine planets and our sun we have here in our system, would you refer to that as a solar galaxy?
Ra: We would not.
The source clearly says that our Solar System is a "galaxy." A galaxy is a "star system," not an individual star. This explains why, back in Session 10, they refused to define "the nine planets and our sun" alone as a galaxy. Our Sun is the center of a galaxy. It is the center of a star system. In order for us to be living in a star system, there has to be more than one star.
 Now I had a model that made sense.  *snip*  Once again, we have to take John Martineau's lead -- and round out our Sun's natural orbit around the companion star into a perfect circle. Once we do this, the Mayan Calendar cycle length, in years, cuts the circle into exactly five sections. When we play connect-the-dots, we get a pentagon.

 In this case, what we are seeing appears to be caused by a dodecahedron that is being formed by our Sun's companion.  *snip*  There is strong scientific evidence that every time we hit one of these "node points" on the dodecahedron, our Sun has a major energetic shift. The Earth then gets a massive boost of energy. The energetic surge directly affects our climate.
This cycle was discovered by Dr. Lonnie Thompson, a glaciologist.
Dr. Thompson never mentioned how close the 5,200-year cycle he discovered was to the Mayan Calendar cycle of 5,125 years:
The top of the dodecahedron, and the lines that extend down from it, is a pentagonal structure.
 Thompson has spent his career trekking to the far corners of the world to find remote ice fields and then bring back cores drilled from their centers. Within those cores are the records of ancient climate from across the globe....  A professor of geological sciences at Ohio State and a researcher with the Byrd Polar Research Center, Thompson points to markers in numerous records suggesting that the climate was altered suddenly some 5,200 years ago with severe impacts....  *snip* Thompson believes that the 5,200-year old event may have been caused by a dramatic fluctuation in solar energy reaching the earth.... Evidence shows that around 5,200 years ago, solar output first dropped precipitously and then surged over a short period. It is this huge solar energy oscillation that Thompson believes may have triggered the climate change he sees in all those records.  *snip*  Each time we hit one of these points, all life on Earth is dramatically affected. Furthermore, the changes Dr. Lonnie Thompson observed 5,200 years ago are not going to be as strong as what we would see at the end of the entire 25,920-year cycle.

Here is a breakdown of how this geometry divides the orbital circle into 12 equal sections. Each of these sections are 2,160 years long -- and form an "Age of the Zodiac":

Again -- part of what makes the end of the 25,920-year cycle so powerful is that we are coming into alignment with at least two different geometries at the same time: As you can see, this is the only time in the entire 25,920-year cycle where the geometries directly overlap.

63.29 Questioner: Is there a clock-like face, shall I say, associated with the entire major galaxy -- so that as it revolves, it carries all of these stars and planetary systems through transitions from density to density? Is this how it works?
Ra: I am Ra. You are perceptive. You may see a three-dimensional clock face or spiral of endlessness which is planned by the Logos [i.e. the mind of the galaxy] for this purpose.
70.8  The higher self is the entity of mid-sixth density which, turning back, offers this service [of guidance and protection] to its self.
 70.9  Questioner: ...The way I see it right now is that I am existing in two different locations, here and in mid-sixth-density, simultaneously. Is this correct?
 Ra: ...You are existing at all levels simultaneously. It is specifically correct that your higher self is you in mid-sixth density, and, in your way of measuring what you know of as time, your higher self is your self in your future.
 16.51 Questioner: Could you define the word density as we have been using it to give us a little greater idea of the concept of this term when used by you?
Ra: I am Ra. The term density is a, what you would call, mathematical one.
 The closest analogy is that of music, whereby after seven notes on your western type of scale, if you will, the eighth note begins a new octave. Within your great octave of existence which we share with you, there are seven octaves or densities. Within each density there are seven sub-densities. Within each sub-density, seven sub-sub-densities, and so on infinitely.
 40.10 Questioner: I am assuming that this vibratory increase [into fourth density] began about twenty to thirty years ago [as of January 1981]. Is this correct?
 Ra: I am Ra. The first harbingers of this were approximately forty-five of your years ago [1936], the energies vibrating more intensely through the forty-year period preceding the final movement of vibratory matter, shall we say, through the quantum leap, as you would call it.
40.11 Questioner: Starting then, forty-five years ago, and taking the entire increase of vibration that we will experience in this density change, approximately what percentage through this increase in vibrational change are we right now?
 Ra: I am Ra. The vibratory nature of your environment is true color, green. This is at this time heavily over-woven with the orange ray of planetary consciousness. However, the nature of quanta is such that the movement over the boundary is that of discrete placement of vibratory level.
In case you didn't catch it, the Law of One clearly predicts a "final movement of vibratory matter... through [a] quantum leap", in our own present time. They also say that "the movement over the boundary is that of discrete placement of vibratory level." Therefore, we are clearly and bluntly told that we will move into a new vibratory level that is "apart or detached from [the] others" -- and is "separate and distinct."
40.3 Questioner: ...I was also wondering if the first-density corresponded somehow to the color red, the second to the color orange, the third to the color yellow and so on through the densities corresponding to the colors. [Does]... the basic vibration which forms the photon, that forms the core of all atomic particles [in Larson's model, which you endorsed as accurate]... have a relationship to the color in the density? [Does]... that vibration... step up for second, third, and fourth-density, corresponding to the increase in the vibration of the colors? Is any of this correct?
 Ra: I am Ra. This is more correct than you have stated. Firstly, you are correct in positing a quantum, if you will, as the nature of each density. [You are] further correct in assuming that these quanta may be seen to be of vibratory natures corresponding to color as you grasp this word....
40.5 Questioner: Thank you. Taking as an example the transition between second and third-density, when this transition takes place, does the frequency of vibration which forms the photon (the core of all the particles of the density) increase?

[Does the vibration change] from a frequency corresponding to second density, or the color orange, to the frequency that we measure as the color yellow?

What I am getting at is, do all the vibrations that form the density, the basic vibrations of the photon, increase in a quantum fashion over a relatively short period of time?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.
It is very interesting to speculate on what might happen as we move through the end of the entire 25,920-year "master cycle."
17.22 Questioner: In our culture there is a great saying that he [Jesus] will return. Can you tell me if this is planned?
 Ra: I am Ra. I will attempt to sort out this question. It is difficult. This entity became aware that it was not an entity of itself but operated as a messenger of the One Creator -- whom this entity saw as love.
This entity was aware that this cycle was in its last portion -- and spoke to the effect that those of its consciousness would return at the harvest. The particular mind/body/spirit complex you call Jesus is, as what you would call an entity, not to return -- except as a member of the Confederation occasionally speaking through a channel.

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