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Jun 4, 2016

Cobra-Corey Goode interview with Rob Potter (Part 1) – Violent nature of humanity and supreme philosophy to defend yourself

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Cobra-Corey Goode interview with Rob Potter (Part 1) – Violent nature of humanity and supreme philosophy to defend yourself
The following is an interview with Cobra by Mr. Corey Goode. I think it is an interview of great importance and depth. As expected, the information provided by these two people is of great value on the earth now.
As a matter of course, I have different views on details although I highly evaluate their information. Therefore, I sometimes clarify such difference in my comments, where I cite specific evidence.
However, in terms of “Full Disclosure” seen in the first topic of the article, we are “fighting along the same lines” and can cooperate with each other. This way of thinking liberates humanity, drastically changes the world and puts an end to war or environmental destruction. Everybody has a different opinion and stance. I quite agree with Mr. Corey Goode’s opinion: “If we put blinders on to all the things we disagree about and focus on what we agree on, we can get a lot accomplished”. I think this is the right direction we should take.
There is a phrase around the end of the article that the Anshar Alliance was persuaded to go into a more positive relationship with humanity by the Sphere Alliance. It is true that they are not a negative group as Mr. Corey Goode says. They have continued to lie to humanity and had close relations with the Cabal in some cases. That’s because they tried to “protect themselves from people from the surface. Mr. Corey Goode points out that “not only are these dark entities very dangerous, but us people in the state we’re in, we’re very dangerous as well.” What he says is very important.
They are afraid of the aggressiveness of us humanity. I can say violent nature in another way. We might have to understand aikido philosophy. I may say the philosophy of “Prayers with GayatriMantra for Exorcism and for Purification” in another way. To put it simply, all you have to do is to fend off an attack on you. And all energy of the attack will return to the origin and the attacker will self-destruct- and vice versa. If you attack somebody, the attack energy will return to you and you will hurt yourself. What should we do?
In a word, if you don’t intend to hurt or attack anybody, that’s good enough. It will become a supreme philosophy to protect you. It might be called “philosophy of love” in aikido term.
Intention to attack somebody can stem from uneasiness or fear, or misunderstanding. Nobody can be a winner when fighting against the universe. Anybody who always has a sense of unity with the universe and harmonizes well with it is virtually invincible. This is aikido philosophy. It is not necessary to learn martial art. You can start with simple things in daily life. Ask yourself. Which is important to you, nature or money?
If you say money, you must have many enemies.

May 27, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold face or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Now Creation −May 27, 2016 –

Cobra-Corey Goode interview with Robert Potter (Part 1)


Rob Corey and Cobra. Despite the fact that certain aspects of your information does not match up with each other, do you both generally agree on the bigger issues such as: Full Disclosure, freedom for the people, release of hidden technology, an end to war and environmental destruction. Corey?

Corey Yeah, I think that’s something pretty much anyone can get behind. We’ve all seen the signs of all of these topics not being conspiracies. They’re real. *snip*

COBRA – Yes, of course, I agree with this, and I have been fighting with this my whole life, and, of course, I would agree and I would support anybody who would be fighting along the same lines.


Corey – That’s one of the main things that we’re trying to do The Full Disclosure Project. It is to obtain unity in the community. There are so many different ideologies that we can argue about, but the one thing that we can all agree on is that we want Full Disclosure. We want to know the truth. If we put blinders on to all the things we disagree about and focus on what we agree on, we can get a lot accomplished.

Rob – Wonderful. That’s what the world’s been wanting to hear.


Robe - Corey, do you know what the Event is as Cobra has described it. (No.) Cobra, would you like to give him a brief synopsis?

COBRA – Yes, of course. The Event is the moment of the compression breakthrough. The compression breakthrough is when the light forces from above the surface of the planet and from below the surface of the planet meet in the middle that is on the surface of the planet. I hope that we all agree that there are certain factions that support the light and support the liberation that exists inside of the solar system. There are some factions that support the light and the liberation of the planet that are existing below the surface. They’re progressing towards the surface of the planet because the surface of the planet is the main battleground and is the main focus of all this situation that is not just limited to the planet Earth. When this breakthrough happens, this is what we term the Event. The Event is actually many things at the same moment. It is when the light forces take over the mass media and release intel about extraterrestrial involvement, about the crimes of the Cabal, about the advanced technologies, so FULL Disclosure. This is part of it. The other part of it is the mass arrest of the Cabal. The other part of it is financial reset that the Eastern Alliance has been preparing for quite a long time. And, of course, we have been gradually going towards the first contact, which is an actual official contact between the Earth civilization and other positive ET races that exist throughout the galaxy. And the Event is a trigger point which begins that process. *snip*

Corey – Much of what he’s said are part of the current negotiations between all of these different alliances, Cabal groups, all of these are things that I’ve heard among things that has been negotiated. Yes, that’s very much a part of the reality of what is going on and is being negotiated. A lot of those things are in flux about what percentage some groups want to put out and all that.

<Difference among groups>

Rob –I know there are lots of different people having lots of different types of contacts. Is the reason that some of these genuine people with face to face contact working for the same reason, from your understanding, might not be on the same thread? There’s obviously lots of groups. What is your opinion on that one?

Corey There are many different groups working in slightly different ultimate agendas that have the same overall, I guess, agenda, that are working their own segmented little operations and so, you know, they’re not always completely wise to the operations of other groups. They may have been working off a lot of the same intel, but they’re not working off of the same mission statement, if that makes sense. If you mean different, these different beings, you could meet two or three different beings that have different operational modes that they’re in and have different reasons for delivering information to people, even though it’s from the same overall operational goal.


COBRA – Yes, I would agree, and I would say that each group has it’s own cultural roots and it’s own strategy. It’s not easy for any of the groups to navigate the situation because there has been so much complexity in the situation … *snip*  Each group comes from their own perspective and when those perspectives come together there is always a period of getting to know each other – an alignment of intel. It’s a process that takes time, especially inside of this solar system, when there has been so much division and so much suppression of intel. So this is the process I expect to take some time.



Rob – And the question is, what are the mournful sound of trumpets registered in countries around the world? Cobra first. Do you have intel on what these sounds are.

COBRA – Okay. According to my sources, what is happening is there is, I would term it, infrasound, which is just on the threshold of human hearing about 16 Hz and that frequency is harmful for human consciousness, and the Cabal is using scalar devices that transmit infrasound. The infrasound travels not only through physical space, it travels through the etheric space and it travels especially through plasma. By infrasound scalar waves they keep human consciousness locked into a certain vibrational state and people who have good hearing can hear that sound. *snip*

<Japan/subterranean battles>

Rob – Do either of you have intel on the explosions off the coast of Japan? According to Benjamin Fulford, these were subterranean battles underneath a military base that Ben Fulford said was to prevent WW III.  *snip*

Corey – Part of the intel updates that we’re releasing . . . David Wilcock is releasing it for me on his website www.divinecosmos.com. It has to do with some terrible battles that have been going on in underground bases and caverns, especially down in South America and under the ocean around Antarctica. There’s been a lot of activity going on underground and a lot of different exotic weapons including fifth-gen nukes being used – all these different exotic scalar weapons – and it’s pretty hectic right now. Yeah, there’s a lot going on.

Rob –Is this between different ET groups or is this between certain aspects of the positive military or negative military from your understanding, or all three?

Corey – All of the above, and here is one of the latest bits of intel from Gonzales recently. I’ve been hearing for weeks about massive reports of different types of orb kind of UFO’s over Australia. Some would say they’re metallic. Some reported they had portals going around them. Some recording that they were of Russian origin and then there were reports of these very large pumpkin seed shape cruisers which are Draco. It’s in Australia, Antarctica and then some of them had actually left the Earth’s atmosphere before all of these unknown dark chevron ships showed up and started attacking them.  *snip*

Rob – Okay, so you’re saying that Draco’s were trying to leave from Antarctica in pumpkin (seed) shaped ships and chevron ships, which are rumored to be Earth Alliance ships, are the ones putting them back down. It’s not a major confederation. Is that correct?

Corey Correct, and for months we had been observing Cabal/Nazi groups headed down to Brazil and Argentina.  *snip*  They have been shuffling a lot of their assets and people down to Antarctica. So these people, we believe, were on these cruisers trying to get off the planet before something happens. *snip*

COBRA – Yes, there are battles in, I would say, shallow underground bases in Japan. Mostly conventional weapons were used that triggered some of the earthquakes, but not all earthquakes were triggered by that. There is also an increased activity of the tectonic plates which react on increased activity from the galactic central sun. The other thing that I can confirm is that there is a lot of movement of the Cabal groups. They want to escape through two routes towards Antarctica. One route goes from Texas through Mexico then to South America, mostly Brazil and Argentina, and towards Antarctica. The other one goes through New Zealand and Tasmania towards Antarctica. They want to escape because they think they will not be found there. Actually, some of them tried and attempted to escape from the planet, and according to one source, the group that Corey terms the Dark Fleet, the Nazi breakaway faction from of a long time ago, attempted to contact the Nazi faction in Antarctica and create a bridge that would transport some of the personal from Antarctica to the outer edge of the solar system towards the Kupier Belt. And that intel is not confirmed, so I can not 100% guarantee that, but this is what I’ve heard from one of the sources.

<Ancient technology>

Rob – Have either of you heard there was an ancient Pleiadian civilization? A long time ago there was a very deep underground, and still exists to this day, a technology that is stabilizing the planet. Have either of you heard of that deep underground Antarctica technology base from the Pleiadians?

Corey – Not from the Pleiadian’s you mentioned, but . . . a lot of this ancient type technology that’s been put in various parts of the Earth underground, including Antarctica, and some of it had been removed and it has caused problems with our tectonic plates and weather and other things, and they had traded and given away that technology, and it caused imbalance.

Rob – Do you know who put the technology there originally?

Corey – It’s unknown. It’s extremely ancient. If I looked at the footnotes of the report, there was about three different postulations or theories about who could have put it there.

Rob –Cobra, do you have any information?

COBRA – Actually, we need to go a little bit back into the history of Atlantis. Atlantis on planet Earth was pretty much a global civilization which was seeded or encouraged by different waves of different cosmic races. There was a Pleiadian wave which has brought Atlantis to its heights about 200,000 years ago and there was colonization from the Sirius star system that created the peak of Atlantean civilization about 75,000 years ago. And each of those races have brought a lot of technology and a lot of spiritual understanding to Atlantis and each of those races that I have mentioned have created their own network of surface cities, of subsurface cities, of tunnel networks, of underground pyramids, of crystals, of stabilization technology for the tectonic plates. But unfortunately there was another faction that came from Orion which infiltrated those networks of Atlantis and misused the technology and the misuse of that technology actually was responsible for the deluge of Atlantis for the last sinking of Atlantis which happened around 11,500 years ago. A lot of that old technology is still spread (out). Some of it is submerged on the bottom of the ocean. Some of it is a little bit underground. Some of it has been purposely destroyed or suppressed. But a lot of those machines and technologies and crystals are still remaining, and some of the underground factions have discovered these old remnants, and a lot of this will be coming to the mainstream media at the time of the Event.

Corey – That’s much newer technology, that’s not the oldest technology in stones, subterranean.

Rob – So there’s much more ancient technology. I’ve heard that as well.

Corey – Yes, many hundreds of millions of years old.

<Smoke cloud at Area 51>

Rob –It was Area 51 that had a large amount of smoke and it didn’t look like a brush fire because it kind of came from one source. Do either of you have intel on that giant smoke cloud that was reported at Area 51?

Corey – They had a large problem of getting rid of nuclear material from all their testing, and they’ve been openly burning nuclear material and it’s gotten away from them several several times out there. This is something that’s happened before.

COBRA – According to my sources it was just a brush fire.

Corey – Yea. They have been burning and releasing some things that get out of control and the whole area catches on fire. It’s happened several times. They end of shutting off radiation detectors in areas where the wind carries it. This is something that’s gone on several times.

Rob – Both can be correct here. Cobra says it’s a brush fire. Corey . .

Corey – It was a brush fire. It was a brush fire. It turned into a major brush fire.

<Event/Phase transition>

Rob – The question is: as the global situation is improving on the planet, even if it seems to be slow, do we really need an Event or a watershed moment in order to continue to improve the situation like what is already happening in the last years?  *snip*

Corey – Yeah. It’s going to absolutely require a catalyzing event for everyone to be jerked awake.  *snip*  So as each of us contributes and puts our differences aside and starts to work with Full Disclosure to get the information out there to the general public, then the 100th monkey effect can occur. As more and more of them learn this information, you know, it’s going to become more acceptable. *snip*

COBRA –It’s a process called phase transition. Phase transition is a process in physics that happens also in societies. *snip* When a certain amount of energy is brought into that system, the water begins to boil. It begins to change into vapor, and this is what is happening with human society. It is going through a phase transition. The moment of the phase transition is the Event. It is a sudden change. *snip* It’s a quantum leap. And this is the way transitions happen in nature. They don’t happen gradually. Phase transitions happen suddenly and this is what is going to occur. *snip* We are actually responding to cosmic forces that are triggering this transition. They are guiding us through this transition so it can happen as fast as possible, as harmoniously as possible. The human race is known for taking one part of this transition, but it is a global cosmic Event and each of us, of course, plays a role in this Event.

<Sphere Being Alliance>

Rob – Corey, are there specific plans that you know of for the Sphere-Being Alliance specifically to become allies openly with the Earth’s surface population at some future date?

Corey – No, not that I know of. What has been communicated to me is that they will remain in the background. As the outer barrier and these different spheres slowly are faded out or transitioned out as this cosmic energy comes in then, they will be no longer be needed here and we don’t need them. We’ll be in a different state ourselves.

<Resistance movement>

Rob Cobra, you speak of the Resistance Movement (RM). They do have plans to communicate with the surface population?

COBRA Yes, it is not safe now for that contact to happen, but after the Event the contact will happen. The RM will make physical contact with people who are, I would say, the most awake and aware individuals. This will be the first interaction that will happen and based upon how this goes they will gradually begin to reveal themselves to the surface population. They are not the main group to interact with the surface population. The main group will be the Pleiadians, and later the Sirians and the Arcturians, and I would say the other positive galactic races from our galactic neighborhood.
The RM’s role is to tactically support the Event to make sure that the infrastructure is running, that we have electricity, Internet, food distribution chain. They will support the positive military in their operations. They will support the media that releases intel. There will not be so much face-to-face interaction with the surface population, at least not in the initial stage. At a certain point after the Event, they will have guided tours for certain surface people – a guided tour of their underground dwellings. They will show one part of this to the surface population. And for those who would like to join and be integrated, it will be possible if certain conditions are met.

<Agreement of Inner Earth>

Corey – All of the groups that are here, just not long after the time of Mohammad, had signed this accord or agreement about open contact or appearing openly to humanity. It was to allow us to develop on our own, and they agreed do things from the background, you know, and contact people kind of secretly. I don’t know all the details of this accord, but it’s pretty binding and it came after some pretty major skirmished they had. This is something that they want to revisit and make some amendments to because some of these Inner Earth groups want to start making more appearances on the surface, and this is a meeting that has been granted, and they’re going to be coming up very soon.

COBRA – Yes, there have been agreements made, but the purpose of those agreements was . . . The real reason why the surface population was not contacted is because the dark ones have controlled and isolated the surface population. There were many positive groups that wanted and would like to contact the surface population, but they couldn’t because it was simply too dangerous because the Cabal would retaliate.

Rob – So this is a question for Corey. You mentioned the Anshar Alliance and you have indicated in one of your later posts that they were taken to the Kupier Belt and scolded by the Triangle Head Being and they have agreed to go into a more positive relationship with humanity.

Corey These groups aren’t negative. They are in a hostile land trying to survive, but at the same time they’re delivering positive information to people albeit in a deceptive way. From their point of view, you have to understand they are trying to protect themselves from people from the surface that have the ability to attack them and kill them.  *snip* They have a very strange political environment that they are trying to survive in as well – especially the ones who have their embassies here or spend all of their time in the solar system.  *snip*  Not only are these dark entities very dangerous, but us as a people in the state we’re in, we’re very dangerous as well.

<Omegan symbol group>

Rob – The chemtrail planes actually have the Omegan symbol on them, so I consider them hostile.

Corey – That might not be related to them directly. Just because there were groups down there that had a Swastika, they’re not directly related to the Nazi’s or the Nazi ideology. So symbols can be taken and repurposed. You know, you can’t just see a symbol and immediately jump to conclusions without intelligence to back it up.


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