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May 13, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure: “Voice of God” Technology – Prayers to protect you from attacks

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Cosmic Disclosure: “Voice of God” Technology – Prayers to protect you from attacks
I have talked with my wife about a hideous method to create people with multiple personalities by using drugs or trauma due to torture and completely enslave them, which was presumably originated in ancient Egypt. According to this Cosmic Disclosure episode, “it is a very ancient way of creating such people.”
I suppose that the current method was sophisticated by Dr. Josef Mengele, who, I would imagine, used electric catfish. Dr. Mengele fled Germany to South America and was recruited by the Illuminati. It is said that the programmer of Ms. Cisco Wheeler was Dr. Green aka. Josef Mengele. They say that he believed himself God.
According to the article, aside from this method, they could directly send voice to the brain of a specific person they target by using science technology. It seems that channeling messages were delivered by this technology. According to Mr. Corey Goode, “people who have a more spiritual connection can be tricked a lot easier.”
At the end of the interview, Mr. Corey Goode says that targeted individuals never know how to escape from such attacks. I’ll tell you a good way to do so. Do chant the Prayers with Gayatri Mantra for Exorcism and for Purification. And then try to pray as follows:
“Mother Divine, please have an attack continuously return to its origin, the person who is attacking me. And may you do justice to another person who directed this attack and also the other person who put pressure on the person to give the order.” 

After praying it, chant Gayatri Mantra three times and end the prayer with “Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti-hi.”

With this prayer, the attack automatically returns to the attacker himself and he will suffer a lot. He will get frightened and never do such stupid act again. If he continued to attack without learning a bitter lesson from this, he will go made or die.

May 6, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in bold face type or in red letters.

Excerpt from Sphere-Being Allaince – May 4, 2016 –

Comic Disclosure: “Voice of God” Technology Season 4, Episode 5


David: Now, when we go back to the history of the Cabal, it appears that we are dealing with the Egyptian mystery schools, Babylonian mystery schools, that were absorbed into the Roman Empire when Rome eventually conquered Egypt when they were quite weak. They absorbed the Library of Alexandria, they brought it to the Vatican, they relocated to England. And that is documented that Romans were coming to England around the beginning of the first millennium AD. They created Bath, which is a town in England, that still has the Roman baths in it. And it seems like that became their new base of operations for Europe. Now, the religious wars that we know as the Crusades began around 1,000 A.D., and the Cabal begins to deal with a group known as the Assassins.
Did you encounter any information suggesting that drugs and trauma were used all the way back, perhaps, to the Order of the Assassins so that someone could be brought into a state where they would be given verbal suggestions that they would not remember hearing later on but would then carry out what those commands were?

Corey: Yes. Using drugs, sexual abuse and other trauma on people when they were young to cause them to have segmented personalities is a very ancient way of creating people that they can create trigger words, *snip* that can send them back into one personality or back to a docile personality and them having no memory of what they did.  *snip* These Illuminati groups have been doing on their own family members for many, many hundreds of years. They were very familiar with them, knew they worked and decided to implement them in programs.
Where I come in, the knowledge I have, is the technologies they used to affect people remotely with technology.  *snip*  They could focus on one person in a crowded room and send a signal that would vibrate their skull and the wet tissue of their brain. And the people would hear sounds or voices, not necessarily through their ear, but in their mind. And they called it the Voice of God technology.
And this panel right here would be aimed at the person and it would shoot and focus on the single person. And it wasn't that much different in size than this.  *snip*  and they could create scenarios to give people visual, audio, and olfactory . . . They could smell, taste what they were programmed through what they were experiencing being stimulated in their brain through the technology. so they could give the people full auditory, visual and olfactory hallucinations.
The newer technology they can use from aircraft, low Earth orbit satellites and drones.
*snip* … a person can be sleeping in their bed, a drone can be flying around, and they can focus in on this person, seeing their heat signature, flip a switch on the data download, give the person a dream, give the person a complete false experience with . . .

David: *snip*  You're saying people could get a dream that's beamed into them by Voice of God technology?

Corey: Not only that.  *snip* , And this is not only used to target people, it was used to contact operatives in the field.  *snip* As this technology became very prevalent, a lot of black ops federal types, they started using them on their ex-wives' new boyfriends.  *snip* .. this is used often to contact people to convince them that they are in contact with a religious icon from their belief system, ascended masters, different ETs that they're channeling.

David: Well, you've dropped kind of a bombshell here because this implies that some people out there who are representing themselves as channeling positive divine beings, could, in fact, be essentially remote controlled, and the messages that they are giving are straight out of the propaganda Rolodex of various alphabet soup agencies.

Corey: I know that is an absolute truth. That is happening.

David: Well, getting back to this Order of the Assassins thing for just a moment, it seems like the power of the drug to alter people's consciousness is key in getting people to do things that would be outside their normal ethical boundaries. Does this Voice of God technology also simplify that process? Is it possible to create various mental conditions in people that might in some cases resemble a drug-like state or intoxication?

Corey: Yes. They can trigger different parts of the brain to release different chemicals, cause depression.

David: So you saw this technology being used in the field?

Corey: Yes.  *snip* … people who have a more spiritual connection, they can be resistant to it, but at the same time, they can also be tricked a lot easier because a lot of them are overconfident, feeling that they're spiritually protected or that this couldn't happen to them.

David: What year do you think this was starting to be developed and actually implemented?

Corey: I know it was being used in the early '80s. I know.  *snip*  There is a group of people that call themselves 'targeted individuals' that I receive emails… *snip*  “I'm a targeted individual. I'm being attacked by this type of technology all the time.  *snip*  How do I make them stop targeting me? How, how, how . . .”
I don't know how to make them stop. I don't know how to make it stop.

David: Well, and the odd thing is that people that suffer from paranoid schizophrenia, it's these same symptoms that they're reporting.

Corey: Right. And this technology also, after prolonged exposure, absolutely causes paranoid schizophrenia.

David: But just to be clear again, I want to reiterate this:  *snip* It's not going to make somebody into an automated killer like MKUltra.

Corey: No. That takes years of conditioning and going through those types of programs. *snip* If you're a good person, if you wouldn't normally do that kind of thing, then they're not going to be able to turn you against your values and make you do something like that.

David: So ultimately, this is only a suggestion. It's an influence that we can choose to listen to or to ignore.

Corey: Right.

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