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Apr 1, 2016

Fulford Report (March 22): Something is happening around Antarctica. – The true “Galactic Federation” has finally been able to guide religious bodies and secret organizations on the earth.

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Fulford Report (March 22): Something is happening around Antarctica. – The true “Galactic Federation” has finally been able to guide religious bodies and secret organizations on the earth.
According to the report, something is happening around Antarctica. Although it is not clear yet, it seems to have some link to a Nazi secret base there. I remember that according to Cobra information, the Nazi base has already been destroyed by a resistance group. I’d like to wait for more detailed information.
The report writes about the creation of a future planning agency and the release of 8000 metric tons of gold. If gold is properly distributed among governments, confusion of currency values accompanied by the change in economy system could be reduced to a degree. However, the problem is who will take the initiative in creating a future planning agency and leading it. If a struggle occurs, the plan will be postponed again.
Although Cobra mentioned even the possibility of bloodless revolution, the current situation undoubtedly shows the postponement of the plan.
A few days ago, the remnants of the former Hierarchy who had spiritually guided the religious groups and secret societies on the earth were executed. It is the true “Galactic Federation” that spiritually guides the earth. I think that this will appear as a big change in the future global situation.
I gave a comment in the past that fake channeling information would disappear at some time. I think this has finally be realized. At present, names of channeling sources which had fed a lot of nonsense information have completely disappeared. As a result, the true “Galactic Federation” has finally been able to guide religious bodies and secret organizations on the earth. Why did it take so much time? It’s because it took time to carefully screen those who have to be absorbed into the true “Galactic Federation” from those who have to start again from scratch.
It has become clear that basically, the remnants of the Hierarchy called “(fake) Galactic Federation” and “Galactic Federation of Light” are liars and have no intention to observe the Law of the Universe, Yama (universal morality) and Niyama (personal observances ).

March 24, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from the Japanese article: How Sad! – March 23, 2016 –

Fulford Report (March 22)


Something is happening around Antarctica these days that is shrouded in secrecy but is also attracting a lot of heavy hitters. The visit to Antarctica by Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, in February was the first sign of something unusual happening. Now this week US Presidential spokesperson Barack Obama will be visiting the Nazi South American headquarters in Bariloche, in Southern Argentina.

Just before the Obama visit, it was revealed that China has built a giant space exploration base in Southern Argentina. Following this revelation, the Argentine government reported they sank a “Chinese fishing boat,” near a restricted area off the coast of Southern Argentina. Pentagon sources say the boat was probably a Chinese spy vessel since a normal fishing vessel would have responded to Argentine warnings.

Furthermore, the heavy handed attempt Khazarian mafia attempt to overthrow the government of Brazil has now failed, depriving the Khazarian mafia of Brazil as a place to flee now that the American people are waking up to the crimes that have been committed against them, CIA sources in South America say.

This increase in highly secret activity in the Southern Hemisphere near Antarctica is somehow connected to ongoing negotiations over a gold mine in Papua, New Guinea, that Laine also indicated was the location of a Nazi secret base.

Meanwhile the Asian side has revealed more details about a gold transaction being negotiated in order to provide funding for the creation of a future planning agency. At present, 8000 metric tons of gold (worth about $320 billion at current market prices) are on offer by the Asians at a 13% discount from the market price. Of this, 4000 tons would come from Thailand and 4000 tons from China, Chinese government sources say. Of the 13% discount, 10% would go towards setting up the planning agency and remaining 3% would be for commissions, the government officials say. The gold on offer is what is known as “black gold” or off-ledger gold. This gold, mostly held by Asian royal families, has been kept out of the Western financial system because allowing the Asians to cash their gold would give them overwhelming financial and thus global, power.

In this deal, the Asians would get dollars and other hard currency that can be used around the world while the gold starved Westerners would be able to replenish their bullion coffers. As of this writing, no formal Western response has been received for the 8000 ton offer but one is expected soon.

Inside the US as well, the takedown of the Khazarian mafia is proceeding at an accelerating pace. For one thing, the various death threats against Republican candidate Donald Trump are being firmly dealt with by the Secret Service and other enforcement authorities. The rent a mobs being hired by George Soros are also being dealt with.

The other Khazarian mafia stronghold under attack is the widely reviled Monsanto Corporation. Their attempt to ban the labelling of GMO crops on foodstuffs has backfired, and now several major food makers, including General Mills and Campbell Soup, have promised to label GMO foods.

In the Middle East, meanwhile, the UN and the US have begun to openly call Turkish and Saudi Arabian attacks war crimes and genocide. This is paving the way for a major military campaign to clean up that troubled region once and for all.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan seems to losing control of his senses under the pressure as evidenced by recent statements calling journalists and politicians “terrorists.”


The Turkish military know they will have to dump him if they are to save their country from dismemberment.

It may be already too late for Saudi Arabia to do the same. A Saudi Prince, who was involved in an attempt to offer the White Dragon Society $25 trillion to go away, once admitted “we have been obeying them for so long,” that his countries’ rulers could not contemplate any other course. The “them” was a reference to the Khazarian mob but, in the context, he was clearly referring to something even more ancient and evil. This is the human slaver guild known to history as the Hyksos, who worshipped a goat faced being with a forked tail we refer to as Satan. Certainly the recent actions of the Saudis, such as bombing markets and killing innocent people, can only be described as Satanic.

On a final note, Russian sources say Pope Francis is planning to make a major announcement, possibly in May, and then retire. While experience has taught us to be wary of specific dates or deadlines, it is undeniable that major world changes are taking place. The WDS, for its part, will make some sort of announcement if and when it sees the actual physical gold mentioned

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