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Apr 26, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure: Viewer Questions Part 1 / An Open Letter to Humanity: Reptilians – Andromeda 2012 – Explanation - A big change of Earth is assured to occur in the course of a generation –

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Cosmic Disclosure: Viewer Questions Part 1 / An Open Letter to Humanity: Reptilians – Andromeda 2012 – Explanation - A big change of Earth is assured to occur in the course of a generation –
I have already introduced the following article and video once. I’d decided to post them once again in order to give you a better understanding of the gist of what is happening or what will happen in the near future.
Mr. Corey Goode says that we are “entering in a different part of our galaxy”, which will cause villains to “have a psychotic breakdown.” Furthermore, “people are showing what they’re made of, more than any other time.”
It seems that this is actually happening. I hear that some entertainers are forced to close their blogs because they receive a flood of harsh comments on their messages concerning the Kumamoto earthquake disaster. Seeing such radical words or deeds, some foreigners say: “We hear that the Japanese people have the reputation of having a high level of public consciousness. I wonder if it is true.”
I explained that those who failed to receive the light showered on April 10 would experience the vibrations of Darkness not only mentally but physically. If you view a TV screen, you will understand well that things are happening as I explained. It might be interesting to compare difference between current and past photos of celebrities. Try to check their vibrations, focusing on their physical health by using your outside-the-body chakras. You will see that politicians, entertainers or announcers who had fair skin have turned dark after the light was showered and you will experience your consciousness fall to the Muladhara chakra when seeing their photos. It means that these people are in extremely poor health. If they continue to do evil, they would have a psychotic breakdown as Mr. Corey Goode says. I am afraid that we will increasingly see such people.
The below video was introduced on May 28, 2014. We have posted it again with transcription of Japanese translation. Please see 00:37 and 01:16 marks of the video. You can understand that the video and Mr. Corey Goode say the same thing. At 4:28 mark, it says that reptilians “will not be able to survive for very long after January 2014.” This has come true. As I informed, with the rise of vibrations of the earth, they have been destroyed and they are beings with only physical body. They are in a state of panic because they lost their leader. Their souls were destroyed long time ago and along with physical death, Darkness will disappear from the earth. In this sense, a big change of Earth will assured to occur in the course of a generation.

April 23, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from Sphere-Being Alliance – December 28, 2015 –


CG: We're entering in a different part of our galaxy, and we have been since at least the 1930s, that have clouds of high density, high energetic particles.

DW:: Now, you also said in the interview that the people in the Space Program had gone out and sampled that cloud.

CG: They for a long time had been flying interstellar vessels out. And in doing so they learned a lot about the spectrums of them, the information about them.

DW:: So they flew into the cloud?

CG: I think the field of the cloud, them just being close enough to the cloud.

DW:: NASA has openly acknowledged that we're moving into something they call "local fluff," which is cloudy.

CG: And we've been moving into small ribbons of it since at least the '30s.

DW:: So people get into the energy fields, and then they have behavioral problems?

CG: Behavioral and psychotic problems. And they were even testing these frequencies and energy fields that they were encountering, and these cloud ribbons that we're heading into on unsuspecting people on research vessels, and also certain stations that they had that they were doing testing. They would tell people they were doing one thing while secretly, unbeknownst to them, exposing them to the energy.

DW:: Very unethical stuff. And what happened to those people?

CG: It would mostly depend on the-- it varied on the polarity of the person, what kind of a person they were. If they were one of those soldier psychotic types, they would have a psychotic breakdown. If they had underlying mental illness problems, they would become pronounced. They (high-energy waves)'ve been hitting the solar system since at least the '30s. So they're hitting. They've been hitting. And they come in sort of waves or patches.

DW:: Would there be an observable solar effect?

CG: I'm told that there are things that are observable from the sun that are energetic. I would suggest being a people watcher. People around you, you can tell by the way they're acting. People are showing their polarity, showing what they're made of, more than any other time.

YouTube – May 28, 2014

An Open Letter to Humanity: Reptilians – Andromeda 2012 – Explanation

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