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Apr 12, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure: Super Earth – Don’t trust the hypothesis introduced this time because it is something like delusion –

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Cosmic Disclosure: Super Earth – Don’t trust the hypothesis introduced this time because it is something like delusion –
The episode of this Cosmic Disclosure is about Super Earth. It is a hypothesis which says that there was presumably a gigantic astronomical body on orbit around the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Saturn and the body is called Super Earth. The planet Maldek which David talks about at the beginning of the conversation is presumably Tiamat appearing in Sumerian myth.
This hypothesis presented by Mr. Corey Goode this time is something like delusion. So please don’t trust it. This hypothesis seems to be introduced as one of other hypotheses because “one scientist couldn’t just do an experiment and come to a conclusion and then put it in the database as fact, as shown around the latter half of the interview.
Like this, the true past history is not posted in the source of SSP (Secret Space Program) but hypotheses claimed by scientists are input to a database as information. This information on Super Earth goes against my intuition. Furthermore, Cobra also repeatedly says that we should reject all illusory hypotheses claimed by Zecharia Sitchin.
I’d like to pick up this topic again tomorrow.

April 3, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from Sphere-Being Alliance – March 28, 2016 –

Cosmic Disclosure: Season 4, Episode 1 Super Earth

David: I had heard about this Super Earth well before you ever had anything to say about it. It is mentioned in “The Law of One” as the planet Maldek. So when we see these asteroids, your direct knowledge is that we're seeing a debris field of a ruined planet?

Corey: Yes .

David: And Hoagland's top insider told me about something called Brilliant Pebbles. What did you hear about Brilliant Pebbles.

Corey: A computer and mathematical program that was rebuilding, from what they've studied of orbits in the Asteroid Belt, to calculate back the size and density of what it used to be.

David: And what was the conclusion of this program?

Corey: That it was a planet at one time.  The Asteroid Belt has been studied for a long time. So they took all of that telemetry and found a way to trace back what it would have looked like at a certain time period.

David: So like the mantle, the core, the crust - these different things. They were able to see those different parts?

Corey: Right. And find different parts of the crust that had different mineral deposits .

David: And there was a lot of ancient stuff on them?

Corey: They were many tens of millions of years old – further back than any other type or signs of civilization or the newer ET groups that moved in - way past. But when it came down to brass tacks, very little was known about them - a lot of mystery.
David: Does that technology work if you go back many millions of years or does it start to become a lot less accurate?

Corey: It works. It starts to become less accurate, and you get wider time frames.  It was postulated that Mars was most likely a moon of that Super Earth,

David: So these people that settled on the Super Earth . . . What we heard from Bruce was that he was told they don't know for sure, there's a lot of mystery, but that it was between 3 and 10 different extraterrestrial groups that came passing through and settled in our solar system.  But in light of what you shared from this Inner Earth Alliance, these people that were on the Super Earth do not appear to be the Ancient Builder race.

Corey: No. They're not the Ancient Builder race .

David: That's completely consistent with what “The Law of One” actually says. They described the Super Earth - they call it Maldek – and they say that it blew up, I believe the figure they give was 800,000 years ago.

it's not exactly the same as the data that Brilliant Pebbles calculated, because when I spoke to this guy, Bruce, they were having it as about 500,000 years ago.

A big part of what Bruce shared with me, was that the people on the Super Earth were starting to build a ring around Saturn that was made of some sort of transparent aluminum alloy, and that if the ring had completed, they would have a pulse weapon that they could use to destroy other worlds.

He said that this weapon was attacked and destroyed at the same time the Super Earth was destroyed, and that the shattered remnants of it formed the rings of Saturn.

Corey: I encountered information about the rings being full of artifacts .But I had not heard the information about it being a giant weapon.

David: Bruce told me that people would be like 70 feet tall. Now, did you hear about there being ruins that were built for people of that type of size and stature?

Corey: Right. Yeah. We've talked about the different ruins being found with huge stone chairs and ceilings and doorways and table-type platforms. A lot of this ancient stuff that's found is also from the age of when there was a Super Earth and that kind of thing.

David: Okay. So there's a lot of cross-over.

David: So to continue with Bruce's story then, he said that whoever was on this Super Earth had been a very warlike species , and that they had gone out and they had really pissed off some people in other star systems. Did you hear that the people on the Super Earth had a technology that would allow them to have left the solar system and made war on other planets in other solar systems?

Corey: I was with scientific people that were looking at brass tacks, mostly scientific data. A lot of the information that is pouring out in this manner comes from different groups postulating from their root beliefs. There are different groups – secret Earth government syndicate groups that have different occulted beliefs that are trying all these different narratives.

David: Where did the moon come from?

Corey: According to the smart glass pads and what was reported, is that – and this is very controversial – that the moon arrived right around that also 500,000 year time period.

David: Arrived?   As the Super Earth blasted, that the moon drifted and somehow got gravitationally captured by the Earth?

Corey: Some of the information was that it was under intelligent control, that it was artificial, and that it was bringing refugees here.

David: So not all the information said the same thing?

Corey: Right. There was always opposing . . . I don't know what standard it was. One scientist couldn't just do an experiment and come to a conclusion and then put it in the database as fact. It had to go through a process as well.

David: And I think it's interesting for people to understand that they don't have all the answers. They're doing research, and they're trying to connect the dots with an archaeological expedition .

Corey: Right. And they try to stay away from a lot of the mythology from the different groups. There's different narratives from different groups.

David: Right. So there is no absolute standard of what actually happened that anybody can agree on at this point?

Corey: Right .

David: They are religious beliefs, in a sense.

David: So in the next episode, we're going to get into what exactly happened with the moon and really delve into that story.

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