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Mar 12, 2016

Rob Potter Interview with Cobra: About fairies and angels, manipulation on computers, Ethiopia, etc. – Ancient Earth Break-Away Civilization people and ETs who never accept the reality of God

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Rob Potter Interview with Cobra: About fairies and angels, manipulation on computers, Ethiopia, etc. – Ancient Earth Break-Away Civilization people and ETs who never accept the reality of God
I have picked up a number of interesting answers from Cobra to questions in Rob Potter interview with Cobra.
They mentioned the existence of fairies and angels at the beginning of the interview. Strangely enough, even Cobra and a priestess who Mr. Corey Good became close to do not accept the existence of God even though they accept the existence of fairies and angels. They are presumably similar to most of earthlings who do not accept the existence of aliens. Humans will probably accept the existence of aliens when they make a public appearance in the near future. But I feel that the Ancient Earth Break-Away Civilization people and ETs will accept the existence of God, which will happen earlier.
Deities from extremely higher realms on board spaceship have already descended to the earth and are in the vicinity of us. However, deities will never appear before those who don’t accept it in the same way that the Blue Avians did not communicate with the Ancient Earth Break-Away Civilization people.
Buddhism is a religious thought in which they put enlightened humans above deities. It is not too much to say that Buddhism is a thought which ignores deities. The arrogance of humans can be seen from this, too.
March 5, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from Now Creation – March 2, 2016 –

Cobra Q & A A Rob Potter Interview February 18 2016 (First Half)



Rob –You mentioned some fairy-type energies are returning to the surface of the planet. They pretty much retreated into the Inner Earth, a little physical and lower astral plane fairies. Can you elaborate a little bit on fairies, sylphs and angels and things like that for people who are unaware. Are some of these physical?
COBRA – They are not physical beings. They are beings that can be visible on the plasma, etheric and astral planes, but everybody who has at least a little bit of energy sensitivity can feel them. You can not see them. You can feel their presence. And if you go to the most beautiful spots in nature away from human populations, you would most likely be able to feel their presence.

*Computer manipulation
Rob – One of the things that the Resistance responded to in your article here today is that they’ve actually put some criminal evidence against the Cabal into the computer system of major news agencies around the world and into the computers of private individuals. Now this is all done on the back end and no one really knows about it?

 COBRA – Yes, it’s in the computer system. It is very hard to find it. You will need a really good computer expert that would need to check the computer to find it, but it’s there.

Rob – So it will actually just be automatically triggered and flash cross the screens like a news feed.

 COBRA – It will be like a pop-up window, which will have a very attractive title, and people will click on this and they will see all kinds of evidence there. If the Cabal goes too far, this will be activated. This is in many computers around the world right now.

 Rob – Eventually this will be activated anyway, but certain actions by the Cabal could activate it before.

 COBRA – Yes. At the time of the Event of course all this will be active, but I’m speaking about time before the event. It can actually happen today or tomorrow if they go too far.

 Rob – A little bit about evidences. Are these in general or are these some name, dates, facts and figures on individuals?

COBRA – It is very specific, very much to the point. It’s evidence about the Cabal’s crimes. It is disclosure related evidence with totals, with dates, with names, with everything. Secret space programs, ET contacts, all that.

 Rob – Wow, that’s excellent. I know Chip Tatum has evidence of, for years, on the Bushs. Videos, films in his possession of George Bush Sr. and his boys snorting cocaine and running drugs, so this will be real hard evidence to fill in the evidence gaps. This is really cool.

*Armed Resistance agents

Rob - “certain armed Resistance agents are now on the surface and will interfere in many cases when innocent civilians are being attacked, preventing violence and abuse.” I presume this would be Syria-type of places or in other places as well?

COBRA – It can be anywhere on the planet. It will not be expected. Those Resistance agents will be in plain clothes. They will be anonymous and nobody will be able to identify them. So if people, if the dark people intend to do any of their dark actions of violence against people, they can expect somebody to stop them. But first they will not be able to stop everything, but they will start stopping things. This has never happened before.

 Rob – Will this be the type of stopping things with the power of the super luminal beings and the Ascended Masters where the negative forces are literally frozen, unable to move and a non-violent process takes place or will this be a high technology of weaponry of the Resistance that will actually stop negative forces but not kill them?

 COBRA – OK. I will not go into details here because otherwise the dark ones will start defending themselves. But it will be unexpected.


Rob – Here’s a question: “I’m an Ethiopian. The so-called Ethiopian government, which has been in power for the past 25 years is controlled by psychopaths, sociopaths of the Nigerian people. TPLF is destroying me and other people from day one. Their main targets are the Christians and the Amhara ethic group. Government is committing genocide, ethnic cleansing of monasteries churches and the livelihood of Amhara’s. This guy thinks that millions have been murdered with no end in site. Can you ask Cobra why it is happening, who really those people in power are and when is it going to end?”

 COBRA – OK, the situation is not only limited to a Ethiopia. The whole sub-Saharan Africa has a big problem of a lot of reptilian presence and a lot of Archon presence that have infiltrated those governments, and this has gotten worse since the Archon invasion in 1996, and only very recently there are some changes and some improvement in this area, and there is still a long way to go.

*Black Sun

Rob –“Ben Fulford was talking about the Illuminati group and that they worship the black sun. Can you ask Cobra what is the black sun?”

 COBRA – Certain circles within the Cabal structure have the black sun as the symbol of the galactic center. They worship it, they are afraid of it and they respect it. And this is their final destination very soon.

 *Zecharia Sitchin

Rob –You are familiar with Corey Goode’s latest interview in which he reveals that Zecharia Sitchin’s information was for the most part contrived. (Season 3, Episode 6)

COBRA – I’m aware of this and this is exactly what I have stated in interviews with you 1 or 2 years ago.

 Rob – Yes, and that is exactly what Dr. Frank Stranges said, and it kind of puts the story of the Anunnaki in question. Is there any truth to the story of Enlil and Enki?

 COBRA – I would suggest everybody just discard the whole Zecharia Sitchin story completely.

Excerpt from NowCreation – March 4, 2016 –

Cobra Q & A  A Rob Potter Interview February 18 2016 (Latter Half)


Rob – So here’s another question some people have from an older couple. “If our money is in mutual funds and we will possibly loose all of it, what can we do with our money now to protect what we have? Silver and gold coins were mentioned. Is that what we should be buying and where should we buy them?”

 COBRA – Yes, having gold or silver or real estate or anything tangible is a good idea. And you can find trusted dealers. I can send Rob some links and he can post them somewhere.
 Rob – OK. Thank you. I want . . . money situation is very sensitive and we’re not financial experts, but people have to use their own discernment and what they’re going to do with their finances.


Rob – OK. “Ben Fulford and Corey Goode are saying that partial disclosure is what may be happening vs full disclosure that we really need. Could you ask Cobra to expand on the situation and how we can get the full disclosure on track?”

 COBRA – OK. I am not aware that Benjamin Fulford was stating that partial disclosure is in the game. I know that Corey Goode was saying those things, but this is not an option. The plan of the light forces has not changed. The only option is full and complete disclosure and the light forces will continue pressing with their plans until that happens. There might be factions of the Cabal or some other interest groups that would like to push for partial disclosure or spin it or twist it, but this is simply not acceptable, and it will not happen.

*Hall of Records

Rob – Another question about the Inner Earth interview with Corey Goode. Corey got to go into this record room of this one Agarthan group. They said that beneath them was called the Hall of Records. I’m kind of curious what you think your comments on the Hall of Records. Because we know that there is a very advanced Akashic Hall of Records that is accessed. Could you talk a little bit . . . it kind of made it seem like this group that Corey was working with had admitted to not being good stewards of the Earth surface population were guarding the Hall of Records. Can you comment on that? (Cosmic Disclosure, Season 3, Episode 7)

 COBRA – First, I would need to say that my sources still have not have confirmed that Corey Goode is actually having those visits underground. Also, his intel does not match with what I have with the situation underground. His description of the library underground matches with a description that was published in a book by Diane Robbins a few years ago. And there are many libraries in underground cities in various locations. The Hall of Records is a generic name, which can mean many things. One of them is to have mentioned the Akashic records and there are also many crystal libraries that were called the Hall of Records from Atlantis. One of them was located under the Sphinx in Egypt and there were many more located under the Himalayas in certain locations in South America and other locations. And they are not physical books. They are actually crystals with encoded information, which can be read with certain advanced technology, and some of the Agarthan network people have access to those locations.

 Rob – Yes. I’ve spoken about that many times, Dr. Frank Strange’s as well has reinforced Cobra’s information. At a certain point in time these crystals will be made available to the public and the technology will be released. That will share our true history of the Earth and people will actually be able to see it.

COBRA – This will be available after the Event, but not immediately after the Event, but when humanity has reached a certain level of understanding and development, when they will be able to handle that type of technology, which requires quite a pure state of consciousness.


Rob – OK. Here’s another one I get from a lot of people who simply don’t have faith, and not all of them kind of have a distrust of you. “Since the date of the Event has been delayed for such a long time, I’ve noticed that some of the lightworkers and light warriors are beginning to doubt that anything is going to happen now. A few of them distrust Cobra’s expertise in delivering authentic content from the RM as they feel the information on Cobra’s website is too ungrounding.   Probably because nothing really major has really happened so far (at least what they can see.) This was a concern to me as there’s almost no solid evidence. More people will start to loose faith despite the promises of the outcome.”

 COBRA – I have stated many times that nothing-significant will happen until very shortly before the Event. It will appear as nothing is happening because the control of the mass media is still in the hand of the Cabal right until the very moment of the Event. So this illusion that everything is business as usual will continue until the moment of the Event. So if anybody is searching for 100% poof of evidence, they will not find it before things actually happen, and it’s quite logical things will not happen until they happen.

Rob – Yes, and we’ve stated that many times.   A lot of times we have new people coming in who cannot go through all the information. I just wanted to just kind of get that down and clarify to people.

*Good and Bad

Rob – OK. And here’s a real basic question they asked, and, of course, this is a loaded one, I imagine: “What is good and what is bad?”

COBRA – OK. This is so obvious. Every child can answer this question. I would suggest that if somebody doesn’t know what is good and what is bad, you can ask the nearest child, and he will answer this question very clear. It’s very simple.

*Death of Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia

Rob – We’re asking you the question: “About the Supreme Court Justice Antonio Scalia’s death. It was in Texas near the Bushes. Can you talk about his death? Was it natural? Was it contrived?”
 COBRA – He was murdered. (OK) This is one of the actions of the Cabal which has. . . They have crossed the line here.

 Rob – OK.

COBRA – And this is one of the reasons the Resistance has decided to infiltrate some of their agents to protect certain people. I would say the Resistance will start protecting physically some key people who can influence the Event in a positive way or prevent certain things from happening. And on the other side, they will also . . . The Resistance agents have infiltrated security around the Cabal personnel – Cabal people – and they are not as safe as they were before.


Rob – Here’s another question about Lithuania. They say they have the highest suicide rate in the world. The people are being poisoned. I’m going to read this preamble here so people have an idea. “Recently things got more excessive, for example in 2009 they had a conscript collection nullified, but last year it was reinstated, renewed because of new challenges in the geopolitical situation. They call it Russian aggression. Last year we got one Russian TV channel banned. Yes, banned in the 21st century free speech country because like they say, warmongering. Some people who actively express political views other than the governments get trolled on the Internet, are being threatened and some people got fired from. . .   One person got fired from their job at a university for a different opinion on what happened in Ukraine. This person’s cousin was fired from his job because he expressed other views about vicious stories. In other words it seems like the old kind of Russian style if you talk against us, we’ll tap you in Lithuania.” They’re really depressed and they would like to know if you can talk about the situation in Lithuania. They said that the people there retired working for 40 years are getting less money than the Syrian refugees who are coming in are getting like twice per month what they are getting and it’s causing a lot of freak out tension in Lithuania which is very poor and oppressed. Could you talk about these people there?

 COBRA – OK. This situation is actually a very good description of what is happening across Europe and most of the European countries, so it’s not just limited to Lithuania. It is a coordinated, I would say, not just European, but the global attempt of the Cabal to tighten the control to increase the suppression and censorship, because they are afraid they will lose, and that’s why they are tightening their grip. So it is happening everywhere.

 Rob – Right. We always say that . . .

COBRA – The strategy with refugees receiving twice the money than workers who have spent their life for their country, it is happening in most countries in Europe right now.

 Rob – This is to actually create the tension and frustration and to have the people take it out on the refugees and destabilize. Correct?

 COBRA – Yes, this was part of the plan, yes.

*Rudolf Steiner

Rob –Here’s another question here. “Can Rudolf Steiner be trusted as a teacher and are his teachings and the path as outlined in Anthroposophy valid today?”   A follow-up question: “Is that society in good standing with the spiritual world and can they be tested on the whole? What is our take here?”

COBRA – OK. He was a good person who brought some good teaching, but they’re not 100% aligned with the truth. And you, of course, need to listen to your own inner guidance and discernment about all of his information. But he works for the light forces and he’s dedicated to the light and he’s still part of the light forces. So this is a perspective about Rudolf Steiner.

*Underground city in Germany

Rob – Is it true beneath Germany there was a city called New Berlin that was built beneath Germany (probably closed now), but was that ever true?

 COBRA – There was a network of quite extensive network of underground locations under Germany. This is one thing, and the other thing is there were cities of German travelers to travel to South America who went underground and founded their colonies there and there were also cities, of course, in Antarctica – Nazi bases underground. And there was a certain Nazi underground base called New Berlin, called New Schwabbenland in Antarctica.


Rob – Do you have any message for the world at this point of time – anything hopeful or something for the future for our audience to go home with today?

 COBRA – Yes, people are quite tired, but we just need to insist, and we are getting closer and closer every day and in spite of that you don’t see any tangible changes outside you can see many signs if you just know where to look. You can see the progress of the Eastern alliance on the financial front, on the political front. Little by little every day there is more and more self-disclosure things coming out. And if you see a larger perspective, it’s all part of a greater picture, and if you know how to look, you would see that it all leads to the Event. It is part of a greater plan, so you can see a small aspect of that plan being carried out every day and this is also for the first time in human history coming into the mainstream media. This was not happening before, so we just need to continue just a little bit longer. For some people it’s quite much longer, because some people would like the Event to happen today or tomorrow or next week. Most likely this will not happen, but we have gone a long way and we are getting closer and closer and we have been born in this lifetime with the purpose of making it happen. This is why we are here. And we will not give up.

Thank you for listening and Victory of the Light.

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