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Mar 11, 2016

Leaders of the Pleiadian High Command and the Pleiadian High Council who were deeply programmed – There is almost no human on Earth who is free from positive or negative mind control.

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Leaders of the Pleiadian High Command and the Pleiadian High Council who were deeply programmed – There is almost no human on Earth who is free from positive or negative mind control.
Please read the red, boldfaced part. On this blog I have often warned you to completely ignore any messages from a person by the name of Mira of the Pleiadian High Council because they are messages from Darkness. This article reads that they “were deeply programmed by the Dracos.” This will show you that what I have explained about channeling information was true. Recently, exposure report by Mr. Corey Goode has shown that the subterranean people of the Ancient Earth Break-Away Civilization send disinformation to channelers under the fake name of Ascended Masters or ET. As I explained, this has proved that most messages are sent from those who use such fake names.
Those who were programmed are the Dark, while the Ancient Earth Break-Away Civilization is the Light. However, it is based on a comparative perspective. There is not a bit difference between the two groups: both of them equally tried to induce humanity to initiate World War III to annihilate the people on Earth. And there is another group belonging to the relative Light, the “Galactic Federation of Light.”  They were under negative mind control by a group of so-called Ascended Masters (for example, Master Jesus, Master Kuthumi, etc.) who were at the top of the Hierarchy. This group spiritually guided the Draco royalty in reality.
On the other hand, those who belong to the “(fake) Galactic Federation” were under positive mind control by a group of Ascended Masters who were at the top of the Hierarchy. Among them are many people including Cobra, Alex Collier, David Wilcock.
In other words, there is almost no human on Earth who is free from positive or negative mind control. Religion should originally aim at it and humans who have succeeded in being free from mind control are called “people who have achieved liberation.”
However, Ascended Masters who should have achieved perfect liberation forced their disciples to be under mind control in a negative fashion and the disciples tyrannically continued to spiritually guide the Dracos.
Such explanation is provided only by this website Shanti Phula. On this blog I positively introduce Cobra information or Cosmic Disclosure by David Wilcock as useful information. However, it does not mean that they have achieved spiritual freedom. Mr. Corey Goode is a faithful and reliable person but used to belong to the Illuminati and was a victim of negative mind control by the Dracos. He has been liberated from their negative control now.

March 4, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from GFL Service – March 4, 2016 –

White Hat/Dark Hat – intel Drop Number 1-2 &3

Intel Drop #1

Scalar waves are used by the Dracos in order to stimulate traumas in order to get people to black out. This is the fundamental method that is used to create mind control slaves
Many starseeds born in the 90s and early 2000s were kidnapped in early 1996 and taken to deep underground military bases. An example would be Fort Deatrick in Frederick Maryland. There is basically a large subway type station that would ship these kids underneath the ocean into various tunnels all around the world. The kids were used as beta sex slaves, drug runners, deltas and assassins. A large majority of the kids that were used were discarded. The ones that weren’t used were placed back into society to activate as sleepers as a part of the Rothschild’s Muslim vs. Christian Holy war which would precede the New World Order..

More about Project Mannequin

Information on Trauma-based Mind Control

What many people don’t realize is that the leaders of the Pleiadian High Command and the Pleiadian High Council were deeply programmed. Most of them were born into a bloodline during the Atlantean period that they used for starseed missions in order to shape the events on Earth in a positive direction. Most of the key Pleiadians involved on this planet were involved with these missions. What they didn’t realize is that during the late Atlantean period many of them were taken into deep underground military bases and programmed by the Dracos who had taken over the main continent of Atlantis by that time. Most of these Pleiadians are currently still incarnated in that body. Most Pleiadians and Pleiadian starseeds involved with this planet are technically earthlings since they are stuck in the current cycle of evolution.

Intel Drop #2
Outline for the Illuminati Muslim Vs. Christian Holy War

What many people have begun to realize over the last few months due to controlled leaks is that many of the refugees in flooding into Europe were actually ISIS. Another thing that people have begun to realize is that most ISIS are actually highly trained and highly programmed special forces who once served in various militaries all over the world.

It’s time for people in the United States and all over the world to think about what profession that the majority of former special forces often go into when they leave the field. The answer is that they often become police officers. This brings us to the next phase of the Muslim vs. Christian Holy War.
The Holy War was going to be triggered by police officers who are programmed to carry out atrocities against the general population in the United States and other Western countries. Most of these police officers appear to be State Police. If you are in the United States and other Western countries pay attention to rumors of mass shootings by police officers in your local area. These events are going unreported by the state and local medias.

The Mainstream Media has been laying out the foundation for the Holy War for months by creating racial tensions between Muslims and Christians.

Programmed sleepers in the United States were meant to head to the Project Mannequin base facilities in order to stock up and then begin the war.

Over the last few weeks many starseeds have been targeted and baited into Chechnya and Syria to be programmed and forced into serving “ISIS” as Deltas. A delta is basically a psychic who uses their psychic abilities to aid in the conflict. Some of these people were meant to be used as generals and other commanding officers in the Holy War.

There are houses all over the country that are meant to serve as bases of operations in the Holy War. Pay attention to attention to houses in your local area that were built by the Rothschilds.

Intel Drop #3
Illuminati Famous

Most of the starseed children taken underground in 1996 belonged to ancient bloodlines that were seeded by the Pleiadians and the Andromedans. An example of one of these bloodlines would be the Romanov bloodline which continued to exist even after the collapse of the Russian Monarchy during the first World War. A lot of these children were kidnapped from their families, taken into the United States and placed into families which contained second and first generation Project Mannequin sleepers as handlers.

These people have been targeted by the top Illuminati families their entire lives and are what is considered “Illuminati famous”. Illuminati famous basically means that a person is targeted to be initiated by the top families in order to control them. Often times these people are baited into becoming famous. If not, it is not uncommon for the Illuminati to initiate their entire town in order to control them if they are not controlled through normal means.

Over the following weeks there has been a very large purge of these people in the United States and other western countries. They have been targeted by the members of the police force that are ISIS programmed which means they were programmed to carry out atrocities in Syria. Over the last few months many starseeds were baited into going to Chechnya and Syria in order to fight for ISIS. Most of these starseeds were programmed and used in the war.

Source: http://whitehatdarkhat.blogspot.com/

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