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Mar 1, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure: Revelations from the Inner Earth – Delusion secret ruling elite who run all countries have in common: We are pure-blooded and superior races –

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Cosmic Disclosure: Revelations from the Inner Earth – Delusion secret ruling elite who run all countries have in common: We are pure-blooded and superior races –
The following is a story about the meeting where Mr. Corey Goode held with seven groups of Ancient Earth Break-Away Civilization. I introduced an article related to it before. This is presented in conversational style.
Reading the article, we see that they provided civilizations to humans on the surface in Sumer and Egypt because humans had to start again from scratch after the fall of Atlantis. As they say that they were “original humans that developed on the planet,” they lied to humans that they were gods, though they were really humans.
I think that probably in the next episode, their underground cities will be talked about. The cities remind us of underground utopia in a legendary city Agartha. However, Mr. Corey Goode’s story makes us realize that such underground cities are not utopia and that the people living in underground cities are not a group of highly developed saints.
You really think that Nazi SS and racists from secret society Thule Society that created the Nazi party were highly developed people of integrity, don’t you? Although they were just ill-natured people who developed scientific capability, they were able to create Earth Break-Away Civilization, using such capability.
Just like with them, the seven groups have slightly advanced scientific capability than we, the surface population. That’s all. One in 1,000 surface people has a chance of never losing soul, while one in 1,500 people of these seven groups does. That’s because they have “an Aryan ideology kind of that.”
The delusion that they are the pure bloodline and superior is the delusion that secret ruling elite who run all countries have in common. Unless they wake from this delusion and give away elitism, it is hardly possible that they can survive in the universe. We can say that the idea of being part of a chosen people is the root of all evil. In other words, those who are steeped in vice tend to say that they are Apostles of God or they are beings chosen by God. They say that they “serve God,” but their way to do is by controlling their people. They seem to pay no heed to the fact that they are so deceitful.

February 23, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from Sphere Being Alliance – January 28, 2016-

Cosmic Disclosure: Revelations from the Inner Earth Season 3, Episode 4


CG: that was-- we were obviously getting ready to go down to the big meeting. It was kind of a medium sized room. There weren't a whole lot of people in. There was approximately three people for every group, plus Gonzales and I, so-There were seven groups.


CG: And they were all coming together to meet, to discuss all of the events that were going on that had pretty much caused them to form this council. There what had been a lot of battles and attacks and a lot of things going on underground that were very troubling to them that had caused casualties among their people.
They're very much purists of their culture and genetics
. The omega group mentioned that they were worshippers of Venus, and they mentioned a couple times the Prince of Venus, the Morning Star.

DW: Gonzales ends up speaking at some point.

CG: Right. They were asked to speak in English for their guests. That really didn't happen much. They started speaking this what Gonzales whispered to me was a pre-Akkadian, pre-Ancient Sumerian language that they were speaking. And then there was another language that was-- that they were kind of all speaking around each other. And we were able-- it was pretty confusing, but we were able to pick up the gist of what was going on.

They were talking about the surface population becoming more of a threat to them with their advanced weapons, the skirmishes that they'd been having with other subterranean groups, non-human groups. They were also discussing the return of what they called the Guardians,
And when they were done, the guy from the group with the omega symbol and the star motioned to Gonzales and asked him to deliver his message.

DW: You said in the writeup that him throwing it to Gonzales was a breach in the normal protocol. So he would ask the host to ask Gonzales, but not go directly?

CG: Right.

DW: So he's just being arrogant?

CG: Right. So Gonzales looked to the proper person. They nodded. And he delivered his typical short but to the point message that he appreciated some of them visiting one of our bases out in the Kuiper Belt at great personal risk to themselves in previous weeks.

DW: This is an Alliance space program base?

CG: Right. And that we had to start working together more and really had to stop any type of deception, to be open and honest with each other. And that in the future they wanted them to quit deceiving people on the surface, telling them that they were ETs and other types of beings--
And Gonzales finished and sat down, and they-- immediately the energy went up in the room. They were not real comfortable with what he had said, and they started speaking amongst themselves, past ourselves, motioning at us like this as they were talking.

DW: So what was their counterattack?

CG: They stood up and basically told us that they had been on the earth for nearly 20 million years, that they were the original humans that developed on the planet, and that over oceans of time there had been major and minor cataclysms that had changed the Earth's tilt, its place in the solar system, its orbit. The earth has been through quite a lot. And through it all, they have lasted.

And this happened through many cycles--
they had moved underground their elites and priestess castes, left the less sophisticated part of their civilization on the surface to fend for itself, and then come back after some time and appeared to those people as gods or elders, and helped kickstart civilization again-- give them agriculture, medicine, help them with language, arts, and all that kind of thing, to get them kickstarted again. And this is something that has happened in cycles over eons and eons of time.
And they decided to allow the people to believe they were gods for what they said was operational security, so the people wouldn't be a threat to them. And this continued on for eons. And they stated that there were other planets in our solar system that were inhabited by similar types of life forms.

DW: Humans?

CG: Human-like life forms. But they were also going through cataclysms, but they were much more aggressive and warlike. And they were destroying their worlds and their societies, and eventually they caused some major problems, and other races that came into our solar system started to move them to the earth as refugees. And once they were moved to the earth as refugees, they started their aggressiveness here and started to take over the surface of the planet and mixed their genetics with each other and the surface humans-- original humans-- to create a mixed breed human group that is what they consider us on the surface.

DW: I can see why you think this is going to be controversial.

CG: hey scolded us and said they knew that the Secret Space Program had been involved in some atrocities, and they were withholding judgment on us, and they expect us to do the same because we have very little understanding of our own existence, let alone theirs.

DW: So it's almost like an Aryan ideology kind of thing. Like, they're the pure bloodline and we're the dirty, mixed bloodline that they don't want to get dirtied by.

CG: Right, right.

DW: So that's certainly not going to go well with Gonzales, I'm sure.

CG: Oh, it didn't go with me either. And I was still just-- had all this going through my head, so I didn't even really here as it was all coming to a close-- the meeting was coming to a close. Everyone started standing up and put their hoods on, and so I did the same. And we're standing there and everyone's forming a line and shuffling to go back out the way we came.

And I'm still walking, and I feel a tap on my left arm. I looked back, and Gonzales is standing back like this with two of the females from the host clan that was there. I found out that they had a personal request for me.

The woman with the white hair, had found out about a experience I had in the MILAB program when I was a youth, and that had something to do with this favor.
Gonzales and the other lady walked about five or so paces behind us. We walked completely through the giant room where the portalling happened, walked across into the next tunnel, corridor. And we went a ways, and she touched her amulet, and the light went down, and I could see in the room. And it looked like a real simple lounge.She walked in and said come with me.
She told me that she knew of a place that I had been brought in my adolescence, you know, a crystal cave.

DW: Right.

CG: And it was a cave that we were brought into. Beautiful crystals that we were told to try to connect to mentally. I was able to successfully interface. And I sent her a quick mental picture of it. And she just beamed with happiness and tears welled up in--

DW: Why would you be able to access something that she and her people couldn't have accessed on their own?

CG: She explained to me that there was a group that had hundreds of years ago taken over that area. it means feathered serpent. But it was-- she sent me mental pictures-- it was an image of this raptor group.

DW: These very creepy reptilian bird-like species you described that'll eat human beings.

CG: Right.They had control of the area. They require a flesh sacrifice from their allies on the surface for access to certain areas below.

DW: Which I'm sure the Cabal have no trouble providing them with.

CG: Right. So she said, would you be willing to share that full experience with me?  And I let her know that I was not comfortable with that for a number of reasons. She started giving the hard sell. It was important. She was saying that basically we don't really have that much more to offer them, that this was really important to her people. I was kind of pacing around, thinking about how this--

CG: Yeah. And I told her I would do it. And she went over to a wall and then she turns around and she has a goblet, a crystal goblet, in her hand. She has a crystal goblet in her hand with this amber liquid.

DW: Uh-oh.

CG: Yeah. And she walks over to me and offers it to me I ask her what it is, and she said it's the Elixir of Essos. And she explains that it's basically a wine that's made out of a rare flower that grows beneath the ground. And I told her, I wasn't--

DW: Yeah, I wouldn't have drank it.

CG: She took it, and she took several drinks of it. And she immediately was just different, changed, relaxed. And she sat the drink down. She had me sit down, and it was barely off the floor, hovering.

DW: It hovered?

CG: Yeah. It was not on the floor. And she, like, with two fingers guided another one of the chairs right in front of me. Then she sat down just right across from me and asked for my hands

CG: And her hands were bony, and her skin was very warm. There was-- body temperature was different. And she looked at me in the eyes, and she said I needed to relax, and I needed to open my mind up. And there's no way to describe what happened next.

I felt like my light body or astral body was being pulled in her-- towards hers-- and they were just kind of coming together. And I started having-- she was obviously very more advanced than I was mentally. She was honing in on time periods of my life. And when I was getting all these random flashes of what I perceived to be 130 years of time of her life.

I got flashes of her as a child, as her in priestess training, as her meeting with different people from the surface-- meeting with secret society groups, meeting with different military and groups from different political systems, from Europe and the United States--

DW: Presenting herself as an extraterrestrial?

CG: Presenting herself as an extraterrestrial, with other people with her from her group.

DW: Wow.

CG: They were-- it was through all these different time periods that she had been meeting with them. When she locked on to the memory of mine, of in the cave, I got a memory of her at the same age. Then after it was over, we both sat back and were-- I was just shaking, quivering, Nothing in any type of sexual or weird way at all, but it was just-- it was very overwhelming.

DW: She had a similar reaction to you?

CG: Oh. Yeah. She was doing the same thing. We had tears just-- that were just coming down out of our eyes.
DW: Both of you.

CG: It's unlike any type of connection I've ever had with another person. When we were done she said that there's going to be some people that are not going to approve of her doing this with a mixed surface person, but there's going to be a lot of other people that are going to be extremely happy with the information she was able to pull from the crystals.

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