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Mar 18, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure: Inner Earth – Debriefing with the Alliance – Those who cannot accept the message from Sphere Alliance have no other choice but to be removed –

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Cosmic Disclosure: Inner Earth – Debriefing with the Alliance – Those who cannot accept the message from Sphere Alliance have no other choice but to be removed –
This is an article dated February 25. The information in the article has already become old though the article was posted just a half a month ago. It indicates that things are going at amazing speed.
As seen in the article before this one, measures to prevent the Cabal from destroying massive amounts of data on information disclosure incorporated in the Internet have been taken. According to other information, the Cabal has already been destroyed. Therefore, what Mr. Corey Goodes worries about, seen in the article, is a thing of the past now.
According to the article, there has been some fragmentation with the Earth Alliance and the SSP Alliance. We may say that appearance of such article shows that the Cabal problem has already been solved and we have come into next stage.
I have informed you that even if the Cabal has been completely removed and there is no need to worry about World War III, struggles concerning who to grip on power in the next economy system would arise. Such thing is exactly occurring now. As expected, those who won’t give up power in such struggles are to be destroyed. Eventually, most of the ruling elite who have led humanity will be removed.
The article says that fragmentation in the SSP Alliance has to do with “energetic changed that are occurring in our solar system.” To sum it up, villains are gradually under a lot of mental pressure and are destined to become mentally ill; their souls will disappear or they will have to start from scratch.
Those who cannot accept the message from Sphere Alliance have no other choice but to be removed.

March 10, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from Sphere Being Alliance – February 25, 2016 -

Cosmic Disclosure: Inner Earth – Debriefing with the Alliance Season 3, Episode 8


DW: You said that you got spliced back in to the time that you left when you ended up back in the room.
CG: Within probably less than 24 hours, I was contacted by Gonzales. And we met locally.
CG: In person. And had one of our discussions over a beer and talked tentatively over a lot of the stuff that went on. He was giving me some new intel finally about a lot of the things that were happening in the Earth Alliance, a lot of things that were not going so well, things that were falling apart.
DW: What is the problem with the Earth-based alliance?
CG: The Earth Alliance is made up of many dozens of small groups. But the vast majority of them are some Eastern secret societies and groups that have a lot of clout and access to a lot of physical treasure and information.

DW: Now, one of the things that a lot of people don't seem to realize is the Chinese alone are holding $4 trillion in US bonds. And if they decided that they got a wild hare and wanted to trash the US economy, they totally could. They basically now control the wealth. It's just that they're not getting representation in the World Bank and the IMF for voting rights.

CG: So what has happened with the Earth Alliance and the Space Program Alliance don't have the exact same agenda. All of the data from the data dumps, the high level Earth Alliance have the same data to be able to dump it. The thing that's occurred is that the Earth Alliance has been heavily infiltrated. Now the East, they want their 100 years of a new financial system that they say is going to be more fair and more representative of the entire global economy.

DW: But if we release what you were calling replicators, we're not going to need money. So why do they want to have a financial system?

CGThey do not want what the Secret Space Program wants to occur yet. They have shared it with some of the Cabal people who have freaked out.
DW: They shared it with them? That's high treason, man.
CG: It's infiltration. And some of these heavy duty Cabal groups want World War III more than ever now.
DW: As a deterrent to this coming out.
CG: Right. A lot of these other groups have been convinced that the data in these data dumps is irresponsible to drop on humanity all at once, that it should be spread out a 100 year time period, and that we should move to a new, more ard-- fairer financial system. During this, they'll release some of these technologies and some information, some disclosure about Ets.
DW: Well, I don't mean to insult the Earth Alliance, but this sounds a lot like when my brother and I would fight over a piece of pie. That's not really the mentality that's going to get us through this planetary crisis. We can't go on using fossil fuel burning technology if we are going to survive.
CG: Well, that's the problem. They're not a full united entity. They're a bunch of rogue groups that are loosely working together for world liberation.
DW: So they agree on that the Cabal has to be stopped.
CG: So there's a huge fragmentation problem with the Earth Alliance.
DW: All right, so Gonzales is telling you that there's fragmentation in the Earth Alliance. And then what?
CG: And that there has been some fragmentation in the SSP Alliance. A lot of it has to do with these energetic changes that are occurring in our solar system. People are having problems acclimating. A lot of it depends on your spirituality, your polarity, what type of person you are, how you're going to handle these energetic changes.
DW: Well, "the good are getting better and the bad are getting worse."
CG: So long story short, predetermined time comes, I'm brought to a different base. Mm-hm, one of the Kuiper Belt bases. And the room is full of the SSP Alliance Council. Gonzales was already there and waiting for me. And I sit down and a few people talk. They're talking about the different fragmentation and the Alliance, different things going on. Some of the things I shouldn't really talk about. And then they wanted to have the debrief of me and what happened at the library and the hall records and all that.The Secret Space Program Alliance, a lot of them are not buying into the becoming more loving, forgiveness, and all that message. And a lot of them are having difficulty with the natural law, Law of One type of concepts.

DW: When the people from Inner Earth Alliance went to the Kuiper Belt SSP Alliance base, did the Inner Earth Alliance Council end up meeting with the same people that were in this room with you now?
CG: Yes.That was pretty much the end of the meeting. I received a few more details about the concerns they had, the worry about a premature release of the data dump information or it being released in chunks, and the Cabal finding a way to corrupt the data that's trying to be released. They were very concerned about what was going on with the infiltration of the Earth Alliance, who had this information.
DW: Isn't it true that somebody could just do it?
CG: It has to be done at the right time. There has to be a catalyzing event to where all of the rest of the people on the planet are willing to look at the information. If it's dumped, they're able to shut off access to a lot of these different-- it can be managed.
DW: But that didn't work with Snowden, because you got documents that have TS//SI//ORCON, all these code numbers on them. And you got insiders coming forward and saying, yeah, we know what this is.
CG: You don't think all those people learned a lesson from that?
CG: So you're saying that the Cabal has tried to make it impossible for another Snowden type thing to happen again?

CG: Right.

DW: It doesn't seem like this is going to work out for them, though.

CG: Yeah. So this is going to have to be-- a lot of this also has to do with humanity, a lot of us waking up. And it has to do with what we've been talking about.

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