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Mar 7, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure: Inner Earth Library – You cannot get such information that is beyond the level of consciousness people of the Ancient Earth Break-Away Civilization achieve, on websites other than this Shanti Phula’s blog –

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Cosmic Disclosure: Inner Earth Library – You cannot get such information that is beyond the level of consciousness people of the Ancient Earth Break-Away Civilization achieve, on websites other than this Shanti Phula’s blog –

This Cosmic Disclosure report contains quite important information. First, the report points out that the information from Zecharia Sitchin is false. I made mention of it in *the lecture distributed online on February 29 and gave a comment on it in the article I introduced before. Many people have been deceived by such false channeling information.
If you read the messages from Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko, you will see how the creation of humanity on Earth is related to aliens. One of the messages says that humans on Earth appeared through natural process of evolution approximately 40 million years ago. What the goddess says is the same as the opinion of a priestess in this report.
The red, boldfaced part is especially important. I have meant to tell you about it on Shanti Phula’s blog. Mrs. Seiko Naknishi introduces deities of planets including the sun, the earth and the moon in the form of an illustration.
There is a phrase in the report: “we believe that the Earth is a sentient life form.” We Shanti Phula do not believe but rather post a portrait of the goddess who has incarnated on Earth and inform you readers of her name “Hanatachibanano-himemiko.”
There is a word “logos.” They say that “the logos is the mind of the cosmos and the mind of the galaxy, and they’re one, but they’re also distinct from each other.”
We Shanti Phula introduce the appearance of logos of cosmos, “Hikarikiwamuru-himemiko” and post a message we received from the goddess.
The report also says that “a galactic logos designs an evolutionary curriculum.” On this blog, we informed you that Great Central Sun goddess of our galaxy recently committed a mistake and disappeared, and a substitute goddess was elected. We also informed you of the name of a substitute goddess, “Misakitakakunoboru-himemiko.
You cannot get such information on websites other than Shanthi Phula’s blog, because presumably even Hotsuma deities cannot gain the information that is beyond the level of consciousness which people of the Ancient Earth Break-Away Civilization achieve. Although the people recognize that the earth, the sun, the galaxy and the universe are sentient life forms, they don’t know that all of them are deities far beyond them and the Linga Sarira of them is in human form.
As I have informed, the world is full of false channeling information and only a few people tell the truth.

(Note) *Only the Japanese version is available.

February 29, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from Sphere Being Alliance – February 12, 2016 –


*DW: This information is eventually going to bridge the gap and lead to a family reunion, if they can get past the idea that we're mixed-blood and inferior to them.
But the other thing that I just wanted to point out is they're acting as if we're not going to have such a sudden leap. But if you read the Law of One, it very clearly says that the 25,000-year cycles of third density-- there's three of them-- that we're at the end of all three, that there was a very massive sudden quantum upgrade of the human condition at the end of that cycle. So the idea that it's going to take generations and generations for us to grow up isn't necessarily true.
Get into that library. What happens next?

CG: We leave, and then we go through another one of the kind of small, little corridor areas. We come out into another domed room that's kind of, I guess, a portal-type room. Sorry, tapping happens on the little amulets. Flash of light. And now it's just the priestess and myself. And we're now in a completely different environment. And I looked straight up to see a gold bar come out of the ceiling with a hand and a crystal ball inside the hand

DW: What are you feeling at this point?
CG: I'm excited. Their belief systems that I was curious about.
DW: Now you say library. Are you seeing book stacks, like a library?
CG: We do, at one point. And there were three levels of the library. There were scrolls sitting on kind of an angled shelf. There were-- as we went along, there were tablets.

CG: And then some that looked like they were molded tablets, that were molded out of some type of composite material that were not stone. And then as we moved, they started to look more like books. Some were bound in leather, and some were bound in hemp, or something like that. Almost like a time capsule. It was changing. And then we started getting to an area that looked like books from 1500s, 1600s.
DW: Who drives down there?
CG: And I asked her, I said, are all of your books in physical form? And she said, no. She said, we keep certain books in physical form that are on subjects that we find intriguing. She said most of them are in a format that we can pull up and read and look at.
Where she'd stopped me was at a place that had a whole bunch of books on the subject of ancient aliens.
DW: Did you see any books that you recognized from the surface?
CG: Yes.
DW: Could you give some examples?
CG: Yes. Zecharia Sitchin's books. Some other ones. And there were a lot of books in German and Fren-- other languages on the subjects that were there.
DW: Well now, if they can get books, that would also imply they can read anything that's on the internet.
CG: Yes. They-- they have complete access and follow the internet very closely.
DW: They're-- but if they could portal you out of the room, then they could potentially be portaling these books out of a warehouse or something as well, right?
CG: Right. And she began to tell me a story about the story of the Anunnaki, the ancient Sumeria and the current narrative that many in Ufology and believers in ancient aliens subscribe to. And she pointed up to Zecharia Sitchin's books. She said all of the information in those books is pretty much contrived.
And she asked me-- she said, do you know what Anunnaki means? And she said, the root of the word means "royal seed." And she went on to describe that there was a secret society that had put out this narrative, very cleverly, to make an elitist religion, to take an elitist religion from the surface and put it into the esoteric community.
DW: Wow. This is really mind-blowing. When I went to college, I had a buddy who ended up living in a boarding house with me after I graduated. And we'll call him Antonio. It's not his real name. He was from Spain. He was personal friends with Zecharia Sitchin. Zecharia told him that he was told what to write in the books by these Illuminati. None of it was really based on research. It was all contrived. This is blowing my mind, that she's telling you the same things. Very interesting.
CG: Well, she said that the writer had three people that were giving him the narrative to write. And that these three people gave him the narrative that he wrote.
Skipping later on, over weeks, I started studying online, looking at ancient Sumerian websites for mainstream science, looking, trying to verify what she said. And I-- I was shocked.
DW: So you're looking at words in Sitchin's books and what he says they mean, and then looking at the actual online translations of Sumerian.
CG: And actually, story lines that just don't exist.
DW: So if that's true, then that means that we've been sold a bill of goods. Sitchin is just the front man for a team of writers.
CG: This was just a little way to open up a huge conversation that just has blown my mind, with her.
DW: So this is still just the beginning?
CG: Just the beginning. We got into which came first, the chicken or the egg, kind of thing. Because I asked her, I was like, we've talked. You've talked about how many, many hundreds of thousands of years ago, a group came into our solar system and started messing with our genetics. So doesn't that match what these texts are saying?

How-- you know, how can you be the first humans on the planet? Who created you? Were you brought here from another planet?

DW: OK, but a couple basics. Sitchin's saying Anunnaki were extraterrestrials. Came to Earth mining gold and created a primitive worker called the Adamu, which becomes Adam in the Bible. True or not true, according to her?
CG: Not true according to her. I'd started to ask, what did your people first think, before you all became an advanced civilization-- how did you all come about? And she said that we believe that the Earth is sentient, is a sentient life form. The sun is a sentient life form, and that everything in the cosmos is a sentient life form. And that the Earth was a sentient life form, and that each of us are an expression or a sentient life form that comes from the Earth, and that we would live and die and return to the consciousness of the Earth. And that's what our root belief system was when we were developing civilization.
DW: Yeah, that's cool.
CG: And then she started talking about how the solar system and the galaxy are sentient. And they are a creative, sentient life force.
DW: Just like the Law of One says.

CG: Well, if I haven't read all of that. But I told her that I've heard the term "logos" used. Is that an accurate term? And I'm not exactly sure the full ramifications of what the word "logos" mean, but I've heard that used similarly to what she was saying. And she smiled and said, that's as good a word as any.
DW: And that word is all over in the Law of One, describing that intelligence of the cosmos, intelligence of the sun. In fact, they say the One Infinite Creator, the intelligence of the universe, is the logos, that there's a galactic logos, which is the mind of the galaxy, that designs an evolutionary curriculum for all intelligent civilizations in the galaxy.
CG: OK, so this goes onto what she says. She said that each solar system-- I mean each sentient galaxy and each sentient solar system have a resonant or vibratory template that drive the life form that they will create. And that depending on where the planet is in the solar system, it will determine what type of sentient life form it will try to create. And that throughout the many cycles on Earth, the Earth and the sun have kept on and kept on and kept on creating sentient bipedal life forms, and that there have been many, many, many, and that some of them have died off in cataclysms. And many of them had been killed off by us, the mixed race, on the surface, they're so aggressive. And the ones that exist now exist in solitude in regions of the Earth hiding from us.
DW: Well, I guess if you're actually not going to read the Law of One, that the Sphere Beings will introduce you to people who will explain it to you. Because that's all in there. And you haven't read these books yet, but that is exactly what it's saying.
So you look in the book of Genesis. In the beginning, there was logos. And the logos was God, and the logos was with God. And in the Law of One, that seems to be implying the logos is the mind of the cosmos and the mind of the galaxy, and they're one, but they're also distinct from each other. It's very interesting stuff.
First of all, they say that the sun is indistinguishable from the consciousness of the galaxy, that the sun is the logos. Then they say that the planet Earth is a sub-logos. And then they say that we, as human beings, are sub-sub-logoi, meaning that we are also-- it's like the principle of a fractal, where you can zoom in on it, and you keep seeing the same image repeated as you go in more and more.
And so in the Law of One, they explain the universe is like that,
that it's the same embodiment of the same cosmic mind that ultimately made everything, and that we are that mind, that any one of us has enough power within ourselves to reconstruct the entire universe. And I think we've been greatly disempowered. The degree to which we are wired into the cosmos has been very carefully occulted from us.
Now, did these people say that there was any truth to the Sumerian tablets at all?
CG: She said that the Sumerian tablets were an extremely accurate scribe history of the time and should be taken fairly literally. She said that some of the Sanskrit writings had some of the more interesting information about some of the things that happened above the Earth and in the stars.
DW: So that would be, like, the Hindu "Vedas," the "Vendidad," the "Mahbharata?"
CG: Right. We had a conversation about ancient myths, and then how the surface people, how we are with our myths, that we create our current myths.
DW: Well, and you see images of Krishna and he's got blue-tinted skin, and you're saying one of the groups that you saw down there had blue-tinted skin.
CG: Mm-hm.
DW: So those wars that we read about in the "Mahabharata," This could have been the same people at that time warring it out on the surface.
CG: And she-- the council, their group, had talked about, they had open conflict with these ET races in the skies that all of the Earth humanity saw through different cycles, including our current accepted Earth history cycle.
DW: That's coming up next time here on "Cosmic Disclosure." I am your host, David Wilcock, and I thank you for watching.

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