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Mar 9, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure: Inner Earth: Into The Hall Of Records – Reason why the Guardians (Sphere Alliance) refused to communicate with the Ancient Break-Away Civilization (Inner Earth) people –

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Cosmic Disclosure: Inner Earth: Into The Hall Of Records – Reason why the Guardians (Sphere Alliance) refused to communicate with the Ancient Break-Away Civilization (Inner Earth) people –
This is another interesting report. The Ancient Earth Break-Away Civilization (Inner Earth) people did not know the reason why the Guardians (Sphere Alliance) refused to communicate with them. The Guardians interacted with them only through Mr. Corey Goode, who is representative of people on the surface and they look down on as mudblood mixed guy.
The Guardians sought only scientific capability and spiritual evolution and took no account of the most important thing, inner beauty. What God wants of every being is not scientific capability or spiritual evolution but inner beauty: God wants every being to observe the absolute law in the universe, Yama (Universal morality) and Niyama (Personalobservances). There is a phrase in the report: “her people have not fully accepted karma.” As I often mention in video lectures, most of the ruling elite are under the impression that they are above the law. Arrogance that they control not only the law in the world but the spiritual world leads to such illusion that they are beings above the law.
Mahayana Buddhism aimed nothing more than to philosophically confirm the “thought of nothingness.” It is literally unfounded and meaningless thought. They believed that whatever evil things they may do, sages like them who achieved nothingness would never receive karma on the ground of this meaningless thought.
It is completely different from the fact. Karm is accumulated and every act is recorded outside their conscious awareness.
As a matter of fact, people of Ancient Earth Break-Away Civilization including this priestess saw the results of karma and most of them were destroyed. Luckily, the priestess, who was a rather decent person, has been resurrected as spirit body after experiencing physical death.
There is a phrase, which says that they exist in fourth dimension.  This is right; accurately 3.1 dimension. Although it is not clear through Mr. Corey Goode’s description, he probably returned to this world after seeing the subterranean civilization in etheric double.
This morning, this priestess sent her vision to me. As a matter of course she knows me and she probably would read what I am writing on the Internet. I felt uncomfortable for the Break-Away Civilization people who never regret what they did and have not yet realize the need to purify heart. So at around 6 in the evening I talked with my wife as follows:
“These people blatantly tell a lie and think that they are above the law. They never feel guilty about sneaking a look at others’ mails, reading the mind of others without permission, or intercepting our conversations. They have blatantly done what extremely goes against Yama (Universal morality) and Niyama (Personal observances) and have plunged Earth in confusion. And yet they don’t reflect on their actions at all. It is highly likely that this woman’s soul will disappear some day in the future.”
I made such a strict remark because she was intercepting our conversation at that precise moment. Subsequently, her spirit body vibration decreased to Darkness. You will see whether what I’m saying is true or not by examining her vibration before and after this incident. I want you to know that the reason why I am relentless in criticizing the Ancient Earth Break-Away Civilization people is identical to the reason why the Sphere Alliance never intends to get directly involved in them. In a word, they are not faithful.
If they want to escape from crisis, they have to wholeheartedly repent and repeatedly chant the Prayer to Reduce Karma and the Prayers with Gayatri Mantra composed of Prayer for Exorcism and Prayerfor Purification all together until their vibrations return to original ones.

March 2, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from Sphere Being Alliance – February 17, 2016 –

Cosmic Disclosure: Inner Earth: Into The Hall Of Records
Season 3, Episode 7


CG: She talked about-- she went into deeper context about billions of years ago--
There was an ancient race called the Guardians that had long since left our frequency. And according to her, them, this was the same race that the Secret Space Program calls the Ancient Builder race. She said that this Guardian race were extremely advanced and powerful and there wasn't any different ET or other groups that would think of violating their territory, their space, and that even after they had left this frequency, they had types of energetic barriers that protected their zone that was theirs.
Inadvertently, these groups on these other planets in our solar system that were native to our solar system were very aggressive, very technologically advanced. They destroyed, did massive destruction to a planet, and also energetically brought down this massive protective field. And in doing so, it sent out a beacon across the cosmos that, at that time, all of these ET races then started rushing in to their space.

DW: Now, you had given an estimate from the smart glass pads before about when the Draco arrived, and I think you said it was 375,000 years ago, roughly, that they told you.
So that fits in with the timeline in the Law of One about when this super Earth was destroyed.

CG: Right. And also around 500,000 years ago, there were other groups that came here before the Draco. The Draco weren't the first.


CG: Then these groups came started coming in that her people referred to as genetic farmer-type groups, and they came in and started taking survivors from these other planets and moving them to Earth as refugees, and that's what started to cause all the massive problems here on our planet and in our solar system. That was the beginning of all of these huge genetic and other experiments that are not just genetic. The spiritual. All kinds of experiments that they're doing.

DW: So mass immigration was able to occur once this protective quarantine went down.

CG: Right.

DW: And everybody starts playing around, farming, moving folks around, experimenting on them.

CG: Right. According to these people.
But you know, this was coming from people that had admitted to deceiving people on the surface, to believing they were ETs and gods. But so much was matching, so many dots were coming together, it was just blowing my mind.
And she then said that everything changed after the return of the Guardians.

DW: What are we talking about?

CG: They call the Sphere Being Alliance the Guardians. They refer to the Sphere Being Alliance as the Guardians.

DW: Well, that's huge, too.

CG: She wanted to know why they have been reaching out with their minds to the Guardians, and the Guardians have not reciprocated the communication.

DW: OK? They wanted to know why they were being rejected.

CG: The same thing that was happening to the different ETs, and the Secret Space Program, and the secret Earth governments.

DW: And then along comes, in Harry Potter terms, this mudblood mixed guy, and he's the only one they're going to talk through.

CG: Right. And then I told her that they had said that there are many ET groups here that are positive, but they are still a certain percent service to self because they have agendas. And that didn't set well with her, and she said, well, wouldn't that make the Guardians service to self? I said, what do you mean?
And she said, those of the higher frequency are being-- they have residual connections with those of us back in the lower frequencies, and they cannot progress back to source. And that they have to come back and help us progress before they can move forward.

So I didn't know how to respond to her to that. We talked about a few other things. We talked about the wheel of karma and about how her people have not fully accepted karma.

DW: They don't acknowledge that it works?

CG: Right. You know, how could you not understand karma?

DW: Well, now these people sound more like fourth density than third density.

CG: They claim to be fourth density.

DW: OK. So then that would mean that, like, in Law of One terms, third density's 100 times more intense karma and suffering than fourth. So you could go a lot longer in fourth without actually seeing the results of your karma, whereas in our reality.

CG: Yeah. So pretty much, we had gotten to the end of our conversation, and we got up and we were leaving, and she said she wanted to show me the next two floors of this library area. And we walked downstairs for this. The next floor was this huge area of those egg-shaped chairs, and there were a lot of people sitting in them.

DW: Was it noisy?

CG: No. It was completely silent. And she was telling me-- we were communicating telepathically. She was telling me that all of these people are sitting and they are having an active communication with people on the surface.

DW: So you're talking about channeling. When Gonzales gave his little speech to the Inner Earth Alliance, and then they came up and all started taking shots at him. You said they said was that they were going to deliberately disinform the contacts they were in touch with on the surface telepathically.

CG: Other people were communicating with tricksters. They were not happy about us exposing them. They think that that program that they're doing is essential for helping humanity spiritually to overcome certain programming, and it is essential for also them strategically.

DW: So it's like operational security, same thing that Cabal does with seeding disinformation to try to protect their secrets.

CG: I'm not saying that all channeling is corrupt by any means, but the vast majority is interference and people feeling that they're special, overconfident in their spiritual strength and abilities that are connecting with the subterranean beings. And these subterranean beings, they have quite a bit to offer if they just communicate with people as who they are and give a lot of the spiritual information.

DW: So what are these groups telling people?

CG: Well, they're approaching them as ascended masters, ETs from different star systems.

DW: Do they have the ability to create, for some folks, like a holographic apport, or image of their form or the form they choose to project?

CG: They can create all that in your mind.

DW: People say they've seen ascended masters, and they're describing what appear to be in-person contacts or apparitions, so they do have that technology.

CG: Right. And a lot of times, it's a shared thing to where people are contributing to the experience. So the people on the surface that they're talking to are also contributing to this shared illusion.

DW: So these folks feel like they're seeding a more spiritual perspective into humanity.

CG: Remotely, yeah. And to protect operational security, to protect their cultures, and keep us from coming after them.


CG: When we went down to the bottom floor, we couldn't go in. It was a complete dome, but we couldn't go inside because it was extremely hot, and almost like a clean room, they had it totally regulated. And inside the room was a single crystal just like the crystal from the crystal cavern.

DW: That you talked to when you were 11 years old?

CG: Right. They had it in a state of trying to get it to grow.
DW: To grow?

CG: Yeah. And the information that was in that crystal, people were telepathically connecting to in the floor above as well. She showed it to me, told me that it was in the process of growing in the chamber, that they were drawing information from it, and now I see why my experience was so important to them to share, and that experience is going to be shared with all of the people.
She said that we needed to return for the cleansing ceremony again. This one was much more embarrassing. Each person-- there were people standing in the water this time and cleansing you.

DW: Sort of like flying through the TSA.
CG: Right. So I was--Yeah. I disrobed, stepped up, was cleansed, and stepped down, dried off, put on my original clothes. Put my clothes back on and walked back out, the room where the priestess was. We said our goodbyes, and I walked to the center, flash, I'm back in the living room. And there was a time dilation effect involved with there, too, in that situation as well.
DW: So you left and come back pretty much spliced in side by side.
CG: And I was gone a long time.

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