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Mar 25, 2016

Brazil Spring (Color Revolution) is now active - Typical CIA color revolution Wicked people to be destined to go spiritually bankrupt due to higher dimensional light emitting from the universe as it raises vibrations.

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Brazil Spring (Color Revolution) is now active - Typical CIA color revolution Wicked people to be destined to go spiritually bankrupt due to higher dimensional light emitting from the universe as it raises vibrations.
It appears that large-scale operations have been carried out to destabilize Brazil. They say that former president in Brazil has been grilled over the bribery. According to the report, this is “typical CIA color evolution.”
In Japan, when the Democratic Party of Japan took office, Mr. Ichiro Ozawa, who never committed a criminal act, faced a barrage of criticism, while Amari, who is suspected by accepting bribes for influence peddling and is absolutely guilty from any stretch of the imagination, has kept totally silent. In other words, the prosecution and the media change their attitude, which depends on whether it is convenient for the U.S. or not. In the worst case, an innocent person is to be made into a criminal.
Although such a rotten society has to be fundamentally purified, a small number of people who make all-out efforts to tackle it are generally labelled as conspiracy theorists.
However, unlike in the past, higher dimensional light has emitted from the universe. Therefore, the darken ones and humans complicit in Darkness are destined to go spiritually bankrupt some day in the future as the light raises vibrations. Evil is inevitably to disappear. Many people will be convinced of this in the near future.

March 18, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Trendof Japan, World and Universe – March 17, 2016 –

Lada Ray Futurist Trendcast: Brazil Color Revolution Attempt


We perhaps have learned that the phrases “Color Revolution”, “Maidan”, “People’s Revolt”, “People’s Uprising”, are most often simply other ways of saying, “Meddlings of THE USA CORP/NATO (and maybe a Rothschild or two) in another country’s affairs”.

There are ‘spontaneous’ protests against the 2016 Olympic Games and the construction of various Olympic projects. In between these, there are also frequent protests against various transportation fee hikes, utility fees hikes, etc.

If you want to know my opinion on the Brazil economy and social landscape, how all this is connected with Zika virus scare, Brazil Olympics 2016 and the attempts to destabilize and divide the BRICS, then this is your one-stop info central on all these connected topics! “People, who are ignorant about geopolitics and the real spread of who’s who on the planet think these protests are great and enthusiastically tweet about them:
…the economic downturn isn’t Dilma or PT’s [Dilma’s political party] fault. This is a global situation predetermined by the normal economic cycle… as American consumers shopped less, the global engine of growth, China, slowed down and went into a recession, thus requiring less and less natural resources to power its economy…

PT was unable to subsidize the poor as much as before. “Petrobras scandal: Lula da Silva facing corruption charges Petro Global News This is typical CIA color revolution at work.

In 2014 Obama attempted to put a wedge between China and Russia on one hand and India on another, by trying to convince India to leave the BRICS. That didn’t result in anything.
Brazil is the next target.
‘Brazil Spring’ is now active 
At the time it was mostly about Zika virus and my suspicions that a lot more was going on underneath the surface, that it was all connected to the 2016 Brazil Olympics and the destabilization of the BRICS; that the pretext of Zika was used to remove Dilma from power.

On March 13, 2016 Brazil has seen the largest ever anti-Dilma Rousseff protest

Rich white Brazilians protest Dilma/Lula/PT corruption and demand justice, while their black nanny pulls carriage with their kids:

Private boat says ‘Dilma Out!’ upper class problems.

Immediately after the spread of the Zika virus was reported, the US expressed possibility of not sending the U.S. team to Brazil.
The fear of Zika has geopolitical factor. This is pressure on South America, especially BRICS member Brazil.
The West and Rothschilds try to instill fear in people to achieve the following two aims.
1.     To put more pressure on South America, which is about to have a unique opinion on global issues different from the U.S.

2.     To lower the reputation of the incumbent Brazil’s president

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