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Feb 19, 2016

Mini Situation Update 1/24/2016 – Only beings who observe Absolute Law called Yama (Universal morality) and Niyama (Personal observances), which transcends time, will be able to survive in the universe. –

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Mini Situation Update 1/24/2016 – Only beings who observe Absolute Law called Yama (Universal morality) and Niyama (Personal observances), which transcends time, will be able to survive in the universe. –
It seems that representatives of the Sphere Alliance and the Inner Earth Breakaway Civilizations met. Reading the article, you see that the side of the Sphere Alliance demands the breakaway groups to disclosure the full truth. On the other side, the breakaway groups seem to have been divided into two groups; one is the group which had decided to take a slow approach to revealing their true identity to us on the surface and the other is the group which had decided to maintain deception with us.” Either group does not obey the will of deities.
They should not “take a slow approach” but “immediately disclose the full truth.” Unless they take responsibility for keeping on deceiving humanity, violating the law of the universe and throwing the earth into confusion, they will have no chance to survive.
Only beings who observe Absolute Law called Yama (Universal morality) and Niyama (Personal observances), which transcends time, will be able to survive in the universe. Unless observing it, eternal destruction is the only way for them.
I’m going to say it again. Those who blatantly tell a lie will have soul disappear when their karma is ripe enough to go back to themselves. There are some people who send correspondence under a false name as channeling information. I advise them to check your own vibration properly. They need to understand that they will experience tragedy when they reach the worst level of karma. There is no way that it is allowed to tell a lie for justice in the future world. The moment when they tell a lie, their vibration will fall to Darkness. Since they don’t know in what situation they are, they should stop sending silly correspondences. This is my last warning.
Today, the Nazis who had spiritually guided Neo Nazis on the earth have been destroyed. They had also spiritually guided the Nippon Kaigi (Japan Conference) as spirit body in Japan. At 9 tonight those who allied with Nazi will be destroyed all at once: specifically speaking, they will go spiritually bankrupt. You will see it by comparing the chakras on the physical level of the person you want to know about between before and after 9 p.m. today.  After 9 p.m., their chakras on the physical level are due to be completely destroyed.

February 10, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from Sphere-Being Alliance – January 14, 2016 –

Mini Situation Update  1/14/2016


I have had 3 meetings where the “Inner Earth Breakaway Civilizations” were present. In one such meeting we met at a base in the Kuiper Belt where representatives of these breakaway groups finally had their chance to meet with the “Guardians”. My previous subterranean hostess “Kaaree” (Car-ee) was present for this meeting.
The representatives were mostly from her immediate group. The meeting was surreal as once the representatives were escorted along with Lt. Col. Gonzales and myself the “Triangle Head” being from the Sphere Being Alliance made an appearance. Everyone present was expecting Raw-Tear-Eir to attend the meeting.
Lt. Col. Gonzales was on one side of the delegation facing me on the other side. The delegation was to my right and the “Triangle Head” being was to my left. Gonzales and I stood there for the entire meeting exchanging perplexed glances as the “Guardians” and the breakaway civilization representatives quietly interfaced. They stood there silent and motionless accept for the slight waving of arms and legs of the “Guardian”.
Once the exchange was over the members of the breakaway civilization were visibly shaken and overcome with excitement at the same time. I felt much of the same emotions coming from them as I did after the “mind meld” I had with Kaaree where I shared experiences and information from my adolescence. I was able to speak briefly with Kaaree as they were leaving. She was a little flustered and only made a few comments on her way down the hall.
I asked her how it went, she replied her group and some of the more negatively oriented groups that formed this ancient breakaway council had “not been proper stewards” of this planetary sphere. She was in an extreme hurry to get back to the meeting where the rest of the ancient breakaway groups were gathered. It wasn’t until later that Lt. Col. Gonzales informed me this was the last meeting these 7 groups would have together. Soon after this historic meeting a few of the ancient breakaway groups ended their partication in this council.
I met with Kaaree again not long after I was briefed on the above information. She made it clear that some of the ancient breakaway groups had decided to take a slow approach to revealing their true identity to those they are in contact with on the surface. They will visit the ones they visit in craft and reach out ethereally to those they are in remote contact with. They are starting with a test group to see how they respond to the news.
Kaaree then made it clear that some of the groups returned to their previous activities and are doubling down on the deceptions that they maintain with some of us on the surface. They have had a large number of people who have began to question them and their origins. This has occurred exponentially as they reach out to them remotely. Some of these groups saw this as a positive sign while others as a security threat.
The SSP Alliance meetings I attended were mostly briefings on the negotiations between the Earth Alliance Groups and the Secret Earth Governments and their Syndicates. I saw nearly half a dozen plans put forth that ranged from a NWO 2.0 with a little bit of disclosure to plans for an overt military conflict between these groups.
With the most negative forces threatening to detonate 1 to 3 super volcanoes located under the oceans. If memory serves correctly there is one large 1 in the Atlantic Ocean and 2 in the Pacific Oceans located in both hemispheres. The majority of these Secret Earth Government Syndicates however are coming to the table with the Earth Alliance to negotiate a bloodless financial coup and a limited yet slowly unfolding disclosure narrative.
The controlled collapse of Western Economics is only one front in what will be called a "different kind of Stealth World War" by History. This "world War" (that is occurring between the Secret Earth Syndicates and the various Earth Alliance Groups is being fought through proxy armies, massive hacks/electronic attacks and attacks against financial/government/corporate entities that make up the opposition.
The SSP Alliance and the Sphere Being Alliance has made it clear that we as a collective consciousness are choosing a path or future timeline. We are at a critical juncture to where our future could be one of a NWO 2.0 with some debt forgiveness, a bit of free currency and a new Babylonian Money Magic Slave System OR we have a full disclosure event during this time of social catalyst.
We are putting out the call for everyone to come together and get involved in whatever way they can. We need to stop focusing on our differences and focus on our common goal... The Full Truth! If we do not, we are giving “silent consent” to the negotiations between the Alliance and these Syndicates and their outcomes.
The signs are all around us. We can see the energetic changes affecting people’s behavior.
The briefings and updates that led to this posting are currently being documented. I will most likely start with info regarding the negotiations and battles going on between the various factions of the Earth Alliance and Secret Earth Government Syndicates and then finish up with the huge article on the conclusion of recent Inner Earth meetings.
Thank you for all of the support when we have gone through such troubling times.
Corey Goode

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