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Feb 9, 2016

Disappearance of a Man, presumably Centaurian and Organized crime - Light of Yama (Universal morality) and Niyama (Personal observances) coming from the Central Sun –

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Disappearance of a Man, presumably Centaurian and Organized crime - Light of Yama (Universal morality) and Niyama (Personal observances) coming from the Central Sun –
I introduce an article yesterday, in which there was reference to the “Centaurians.” According to the article, the Centaurians can track you right back to your bed. I made a comment about the article and gave a warning: “it is wise to stop interrupting me anymore” My advices have never worked well. It’s the same with this time. While sleeping at night, I suddenly saw a vision of a strange man in a silk hat, presumably Centaurian. Surprisingly, his widely open eyes had no black part of the eyeball. Probably his karma returned to him immediately after he had committed an illegal act, namely, peeped into my private life, ignoring the warning. As a result, he lost sight in his both eyes. And furthermore, this act caused him to lose his soul.
Subsequently, sweet looking like shiratame-dango, made from red beans with rice- flour balls, appeared in front of me. Immediately after I sent back to him the sweet containing poison, his etheric double disappeared. I had predicted that presumably he would come to kill me in anger before long. As expected, he seemed to try to kill me with plasma weapons and he himself disappeared immediately after his karma returned to him.
Subsequently, I considered whether he did it by himself or somebody directed him to act silly behind the scenes. The idea of one-man crime came across in my mind. It suggests that this is organized crime. So I took action so that those who got involved in this incident and gave the order to do so would immediately receive their karma.
Something surprising occurred. I felt Vasais and Morenae in the article, who you could say are mentors of Alex Collier, decrease their vibrations to the level of Darkness and their Linga-Sarira go to the Animal System.
According to the article, both of them are sages. Why did they give such a silly order? Their order had at least one alien lose his soul and completely destroyed. They don’t affirm or deny the existence of God. I think they tried to confirm whether what I said was true or not. Their confirmation method is apparently illegal. They should play an initiative role in the Andromeda Council. I could not believe why they did not know that they committed such a risky and stupid crime that would endanger the soul of their fellow beings.
In the worst case they might lose their soul, which serves them right. However, why don’t they recognize the possibility that a lovable soul like this Alex Collier will be destroyed?
Luckily, these 13 foolish beings seem to have already been arrested and put in prison. Light coming from the Galactic Central Sun is the light of Yama (Universal morality) and Niyama (Personal observances). They should realize that those who continue to commit an injustice, never obeyinjg the will of the universe deserve to be destroyed.

February 1, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Chotto FREEDOM – June 16, 2012 –

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#4 Alex Correa  Morenae & Vasais 12:26

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