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Feb 10, 2016

Disappearance of leadership of Andromeda Council and disclosure of truth about aliens – Information disclosure makes aliens fall into disarray –

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Disappearance of leadership of Andromeda Council and disclosure of truth about aliens – Information disclosure makes aliens fall into disarray –
Today at 1:56 a.m. the leadership of the Andromeda Council including Vasais and Morenae disappeared. Disclosure of the truth has an impact on aliens who has followed them. The truth includes the reformation of heavenly world, disappearance of Sanat Kumara and Maitreya, identification of Ascended Masters who were close aides to Maitreya as reptilians, and wrongdoings of the leadership such as Vasais and Morenae who kept deceiving ordinary aliens by intentionally keeping them ignorant of the ambition of the leadership. Such wrongdoings have been revealed one after another. Aliens have fallen into complete disarray.
Read the article below. The aliens are examining what God is” and they “interpret God simply as force existing there.” In a word, they have sent messages to earthlings as if they knew everything, though they did not recognize God’s existence or had no understanding of God.
A viewer asked a question about their goal but Alex Collier could not find any definitive answer to it. As a matter of fact, their ambition was so simple: their organization led by Maitreya with Sanat Kumara at the top of hierarchy wanted to take humanity on the physical plane hostage and take control of the Galaxy. They believed that they could control the whole universe if they managed to achieve the goal.
When Sanat Kumara, Maitreya and Ascended Master who served them were destroyed in the reformation of heavenly world, survivors reorganized the system. Plotinus referred to himself as successor to Sanat Kumara and a person who used to be King Alexander, successor to Maitreya, referred to himself as Maitreya Buddha. They kept deceiving aliens and humanity in order to achieve their ambition while pretending to be righteous beings.
Please check their vibrations with the technique I taught you in Oriental Medicine Seminar and online lectures titled Education Program. You see that although Vasais and Morenae’s Linga-Salira look decent humans, their Linga-Sarira vibration on the subconscious level and on unconscious level shows that they fell to Darkness. This type of person is the wicked who skillfully pretend to be the good and display vibrational pattern specific to those who do wrong secretly.  You will immediately understand it by examining their names on the specific date, for example, January 1 this year. Unless the date is written down, it means the present time. You should find that they have disappeared now because they emit no vibrations.
Alex Collier is so good-natured and gullible person that he was deceived by their fine performance. However, the information provided by Alex Collier is mostly true. Other aliens will not trust the leadership if false information is provided through him to earthlings. Although they knew that Sanat Kumara and Maitreya had already disappeared, they didn’t let Cobra and Alex Collier know about it, deceived all without their knowledge, and acted to achieve their ambition.
Everything has been revealed now. Disclosure of information has started from aliens in advance to earthlings. The time will come when earthlings know the truth.

February 2, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Chotto FREEDOM – June 14, 2012 –

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#2 Alex Corrier  Society of Andromedans 10:00

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