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Feb 8, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure Viewer Question Part 2: Global Economic Meltdown and Data Dump

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Cosmic Disclosure Viewer Question Part 2: Global Economic Meltdown and Data Dump
I provided information about the Great Central Sun in yesterday’s article. While examining the vibration of acting goddess, Mrs. Nakanishi happened to connect to her. So Mrs. Nakanishi asked for her name.
The goddess answered that her name is “Misakitakakunoboru-himemiko (16 years of age).”
According to Mrs. Nakanishi, the goddess also said: “I was student in the celestial school and I remember very well what Mr. Takeshita looked like before descending to the Sirius System.”
What she said “she was a student in the celestial school” means that she left school because she was elected as acting goddess.
If you use the technique which I taught you in Oriental Medicine Seminar, you can confirm that the name of acting goddess of the Great Central Sun is the name shown above. If aliens have some scientific way to confirm that the light from the Central Sun has the same vibration as the name shown above does, they should understand that this correspondence is authentic.
Most of aliens who have involved in Earth take a narrow view of the universe described as seven planes and 49 sub-planes, information about which was provided by Cobra. What they call 7 planes is no more than the physical dimensions of 3.0 D to 3.9 D. Aliens basically know nothing about spiritual world. They don’t know the existence of God. What they call 12 D is correctly 3.9 D. They often use the word “Source” although all they know is about the world view on the physical dimension. I wonder that they consider God to be something like simple information or intellectual signal.
As shown in System of Heavenly World, these aliens are beings of Earthly Deity 5th Level in the 1st System and they are tied to the physical dimension. And yet they are so swell-headed that they think they are highly evolved spiritual beings. It appears that they are completely ignorant of the fact that they are a target for judgment. Ascended Masters and Maitreya who they followed and Sanat Kumara who they served have already been destroyed in the reformation of heavenly world. However, these aliens have no idea of it. I wonder if their intellect is too low to understand it.
It is wise to stop interrupting me anymore. They know that the organization called Super Federation which manipulated genes of earthlings have been eliminated. Unless they take seriously my warning, their karma will immediately return to you.

January 31, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from Sphere Being Alliance – January 5, 2016 –

Cosmic Disclosure: Viewer Questions Part 2


DW: And the question is, do we have a timeline for the data dumps?
CG: I'm told that the data dumps are going to occur after a catalyzing event that's going to occur down here on the surface. This doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be this. But an example was given to me of something like a global economic meltdown, to where it became obvious to everybody on the surface, all of the sleeping masses, that it's been a giant Ponzi scheme. Everybody that they voted for and supported were criminals in these people's pockets. And the people, the masses of people that were normally asleep and wouldn't listen to things that people consider conspiracy theory, will now be open to the information.
After that point, the information will be dumped on the population through many different media sources, including the internet.
DW: Go and watch my "Wisdom Teachings" episode where I'm talking about openly announced in "Pravda," the Russian media, that Putin has got video footage, audio footage, solid evidence of the Bush administration being behind 9/11 using mini nukes. They've tracked the nukes. And that they're going to drop that data at the right time. And that was openly announced by the Russian media.
So that could be another example.
Some kind of big thing about 9/11 could kick it over the edge. There's lots of things that could kick it over the edge, potentially.
CG: Right. But if the data dump dumps happen too soon, the Cabal will be able to mitigate it, call it conspiracy theory, tear it apart, and take it down.
DW: And you said that some of the people in the Earth-based Alliance have now treasonously told the Cabal what's in the data dump.
CG: Shown them.
DW: Which gives them the opportunity to prepare alibis and counterarguments for it.
CG: Right. And it's also made them want to create a World War III scenario. That kind of stuff.
DW: Sure. Is there a protocol of meditation that people could follow that would help them contact extraterrestrials?
CG: Anyone can reach out with their mind. There are any number of ways to meditate, like we've talked before. Even daydreaming, prayer, meditation, all the different types of meditation theirself are getting your mind into that state. And when you broadcast your consciousness out, anyone can do it. But should you be doing it is the question that they should be asking.
There are a lot of different beings that are sitting there waiting for people to reach out with their minds to make contact with them. And most of them are deceptive. They have the ability to make you feel totally blissed out, to make you feel love, make you feel love and light. They can manipulate your body to feel all kinds of things. And they can download all kinds of complicated, interesting information that is not necessarily accurate.
DW: Well, Jacob, the other Space Program insider, told me that there was a particular extraterrestrial group from Alpha Centauri that they were calling the Centaurians, and that some kind of treaty had taken place where these Centaurians-- who look, essentially, like people from Spain, but albino. And they're very ripped, with light-colored hair and very pale skin-- were being allowed to start to mingle into our society. But he told me that if a Centaurian knew that you recognized that they were an extraterrestrial, that it was very dangerous because they could then track you telepathically. And that could end up being very bad for you.

CG: All these groups can track you telepathically. A lot of these people that are taking these little courses online, and saying, I'm a remote viewer now, and try to remote view different bases and areas, they have people that are remote influencers, that have technology enhancing them, working as groups, that protect those places. And they can track you right back to your home. Right back to your bed. And they can cause a lot of problems for you.

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