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Feb 22, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure: Ubuntu and The Blue Avian Message – About Future Economy System -- Inner Spiritual Growth is Most Needed than Anything Else

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Cosmic Disclosure: Ubuntu and The Blue Avian Message – About Future Economy System -- Inner Spiritual Growth is Most Needed than Anything Else
I find this article interesting. After reading it, my first thought was that Onyankopon might have resurrected. This is not a story about something like *Morning Musume. Onyankopon is a creator god in Africa. What delightful news it is!
Michael Tellinger talks about the fundamental concept of future economy system, which is very important for evolution of awareness in humanity. Reading the article, you will see that what is talked about is completely the same as my explanation I have given many times in online lectures. Although I don’t know about Ubutun contributionism, I suppose that it is essentially the same as PROUT (Progressive Utilization Theory).
Michael Tellinger talks about something very important in the end of interview; each of us is able “to create communities of abundance and not barter or trade or replace the money system with any form of exchange.” In other words, economy system is the consequence. Modern people fall into the illusion that an effective good system will make people affluent. However, whatever excellent system they may build, people will try to abuse the system if they are narrow-minded and the more excellent the system is, the more significant amount of confusion will be created if the system is abused.
Affluence is not produced by a system, but rather inner affluence produces a system which is in tune with the times and technology.
Inner growth is most needed than anything else. Technology should come after it.  When technology comes first in the reverse direction, it leads to the widening gap between technology and inner growth and as a result humanity falls into crisis of survival. Our time is in that situation.

(Note) *a Japanese female idol group

February 12, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from SphereBeingAlliance – January 11, 2016 –

Cosmic Disclosure: Ubuntu And The blue Avian Message Part 1 Season 3, Episode 3


DW: Hello. Welcome to Cosmic Disclosure. I'm your host, David Wilcock. And we have a special guest for this episode, none other than Michael Tellinger. He is well-known with some very interesting research into ancient ruins that are quite extensive and very unique to the South African area. I wanted to bring Michael Tellinger onto the show in order to help explain this economic system that he has devised. So let's just, Corey, start briefly with. What is the Alliance exactly? And do they have a chance to ever bring down the Cabal?
CG: The Alliance is made up of two main factions. There's the Earth Alliance, which is made up of different societies, secret type of societies and groups that work loosely together. And they're working to overthrow the current financial system and the system that is run by what I've described as the secret Earth government and their syndicates. And many of these syndicates are very much into the occult. And they're the groups that people call the Illuminati.
And there are different agendas for the Earth Alliance and the Secret Space Program Alliance. The Secret Space Program Alliance has-- it's slowly built up started with certain members of the different Secret Space Program groups.
DW: In case somebody doesn't know what the Secret Space Program is, what kind of technology are we talking about? What do these folks have?
CG: They have some that are just 20 to 50 years ahead of what we see flying around that the Air Force and NASA is using. And then they have aspects like the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate that is basically all of the corporations that have come together, pooled their resources, and created a vast infrastructure in our solar system.
DW: So faster than light travel, Stargate-type technologies, particle beam, pulse laser weapon-type stuff.
CG: They've moved even past that, but yes.
DW: So this is highly advanced technology.
CG: Yes. And the Secret Space Program Alliance, it is-- their major goal is to bring, what they call, full disclosure to the population of the Earth.
The full disclosure event will be a data dump from Edward Snowden's information. All of this information has been decrypted and collated, handed over to the Earth Alliance and to the Secret Space Program Alliance ready for a massive data dump at a certain point. And what they want to do is reveal all the crimes against humanity that these syndicates have done in order to prevent, not just the fact that there are ETs, non-terrestrials out there, but to cover up technologies that would have changed our lives in a dramatic way and would have collapsed their corporate regimes and their Babylonian money magic system-- slave system-- over the Earth that they use to control everybody on the surface.
DW: What the hell are these people thinking? Why do they want to depopulate the planet by billions?
CG: Not all of these syndicates have this same agenda. I've described that there is a Super Federation of non-terrestrials that have been here for eons that have been involved in 22 different parallel but competing programs that have been manipulating Earth humanity. And it's been on a genetic, social, and spiritual level.
And there are some that have a very genetic purist type of agenda that people fall outside of a certain small realm. They want to cleanse off of the Earth and start anew with a small group. But it is not all of these syndicates that are pushing for this depopulation. It just happens to be some of the ones that are the most powerful and some of the ones that are-- like the committee of 200 that I've talked about-- that have a lot of power and run the financial system.
DW: What is their agenda? Why do they want so many people to die?
CG: It's not that much different than the Nazi-type of ideology. So many different of these non-terrestrial groups have a genetic purist kind of ideology or a genetic purist part of their experiment. They would have one tribe, if it came across another tribe, wipe out the entire bloodline of another tribe.
This is something that's gone back a long time. These are programs that compete with each other. And they, in more recent times, they've come together and found a way to work alongside each other a little bit better. But there are the syndicate groups, the occultic syndicate groups here on the planet that are humans that feel that they come from a bloodline that is non-terrestrial, and that we are all from a polluted worthless bloodline and that we should be wiped.

DW: So do they feel that they could control the planet better if there were fewer people here?
CG: Part of it. Yes. And they put a lot of platitudes in that it would put the Earth more in balance with nature.
DW: Humans are bad for the environment.
CG: Right.
DW: All right. You've often dropped the term that the Space Program Alliance uses the Babylonian money magic system. How do they use money against us?
CG: When you have money, you have debt. When you have debt, you have servitude and slavery. We've been so highly programmed for many thousands of years to believe that you have to have this paper folded up in your pocket. People have heard me talk, and they freak out. How can you have a society without money?
DW: But how is what you're saying not communism? Aren't you going to have a group of oligarchs that absorb all the wealth, and then everybody gets paid the same.
 CG: I mean if you really want to have money or gold, the replicators have the ability. But you're not going to need it because everything is going to be based off of bartering skills, people sharing their knowledge and abilities with each other as a community, and it's going-- and everyone's going to have what they need through these technologies.
To be clear, I had heard of Michael Tellinger and some of his work in ancient civilizations and some of the studies that he had done. And I had found a lot of that very interesting. I had no idea of the political movement thing that he was doing until it was brought up in a situation to where Lieutenant Colonel Gonzalez was there. They said that this is the wave of the future and that this after there was going to be a catalyst event. And after the monetary system is gone and capitalism, all the isms are gone, this is going to be the type of system that we're going to move into. And they said that they have been following this movement with great interest.

DW: Well, Michael, Could you give us a short summary of Ubuntu contributionism?
MT: First of all, Ubuntu is an African word. It's an ancient philosophy of sharing and caring. The Ubuntu movement was started with sharing knowledge and information about the origins of money and how money is being used to control and enslave humanity. And then at the same time present a solution for the system.
And it's interesting for me to hear that it's being spoken about in other areas that I wasn't even aware of. Because I've been getting some interesting e-mails from people around the world mentioning things to me about prophecy and all this.,
And I remind people all the time about the fact it's not about the money. It's about the use of money as a tool of control. Those that control the money can create as much money as they want because there's nothing backing it. It's just money out of thin air. So it's about keeping the control of the supply of money on the planet. And that's how you control the planet.
As Corey said upfront, you know, when you say to people we're going to remove money from the system, they go-- start going crazy because they imagine we're going to take their money away. That's not what we're saying. We're saying we're going to create a new system that doesn't work with money And this is where the whole introduction to move from the money driven system to a system that's driven by people and their passion for life. That's what the whole Ubuntu movement is about.
DW: Well, if we had Darth Cheney sitting right here, he's-- and he was going to talk off the cuff-- He's going to say, as soon as you take away people's need to earn money, they're going to drink beer, and they're going to sit and watch TV all day.
MT: Yeah. That's in a capitalist-driven system. We're changing the system, changing a system where people live out their lives and express their talents that they are born with where they don't have to worry about money.
Now for people that aren't aware of this, all the central banks of the world are private companies. They control our governments. It's like, our governments are indebted to these private companies, and they use all of us as their slaves.
I do the Ubuntu workshops, where after a day or two days of an Ubuntu workshop going through all these processes, it's turned out now that it's become like a group therapy session for people. And this is the last thing I expected because people are suddenly feeling the sense of release and relief. Oh, my God. We don't need money. I see what you mean. And they not only understand it. They understand the origins of it, the reason how and why it was introduced, and how it was twisted as a tool of enslavement, and what we can do to get ourselves out of it.
Once people realize that how simple it is to get ourselves out of this mess, that's when you see the deep realization.
DW: So Michael, don't you think that-- let's say the dreaded global economic collapse occurred. The sun still rises. The sun still sets. We have what we need here.
MT: Exactly. Well, this is one of the things that you need to remind people of many times and, sometimes, over and over again. That we live on a planet of abundance. We've been taught that we live in a planet of scarcity. This philosophy has been shoved into our heads, is that competition is what we need to have progress. You know that competition drives progress, competition drives innovation, competition drives people's desires to succeed in all that. That is the poison pill that we've been given, falsely believing that that's how things work. No, no, no. Competition create scarcity. Competition makes corporations hide things, so they can benefit from the knowledge and information, the technology while the rest of the humanity suffers. Competition prevents new technology from being released. So the whole thing with Ubuntu and contributionism is turning competition into cooperation and collaboration.
DW: It's the nature of life itself is to create individual cells that communicate and form organ systems. And the organs come together, and they form a body.
MT: Yes. You took the words right out of my mind. This is part of the Ubuntu teachings, if you can call it that, is to tell people that only out of unity will you ever attain infinite diversity. We can then diversify into an infinite number of resonant, fractal activities as long as we resonate together at the core center.
CG: I can fully see why those in the Secret Space Program Alliance council have been following this. And also
it goes back to the Blue Avian message that they've delivered.
We are the salvation that we've been waiting for. That we are responsible for clearing up our own mess to coming up with the solutions, to defeating the Illuminati-Cabal secret Earth government groups, coming up with a new system, implementing the new system, and starting over with a new transitional society. And that it is up to all of us to stop pointing out all of our differences, all the things that make us different, all of the things that keep us apart and start focusing on all the things that we have that are similar that will bring us into a symbiotic relationship. And the idea of forgiving other people, becoming forgiving of ourselves.
MT: Again, you took the words right out of my mouth. I always tell people in my workshops, in the Ubuntu workshops, that we are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the wave of the New Age. And we can't sit on our backsides and wait for somebody to come and save us. We have everything encoded in our DNA. We are co-creators of our own reality. So let's create this own reality.
Each one of us is capable of creating infinite abundance if we are left to create and do-- express our natural talents that we are born with. So it's creating communities of abundance and not bartering or trading or replacing the money system with any form of exchange. As long as you've got any kind of form or exchange, it is open to exploitation. And somebody will find a way to use that against the people for their own benefit.

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