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Feb 13, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure A Goode Trip to Inner Earth – Important information including what Mr. Tekshita has made remarks about –

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Cosmic Disclosure A Goode Trip to Inner Earth – Important information including what Mr. Tekshita has made remarks about –
Here is quite important information from Mr. Corey Goode. Please read the parts in red bold. According to channeling information, people of underground civilization are called Agartha Network and they are beings of noble birth, filled with love and light who build an ideal society. They seem to believe that some people who have reached a higher spirituality and respond to a call will be saved by their spacecraft landing on the earth or they will be invited to underground cities they have already prepared.
I have revealed in online video lectures their true nature; they are not so highly spiritual beings but they rather carry out their various agendas in collusion with Darkness organizations on the earth.
On this blog, I have drawn a line between two groups of the Illuminati; one is spiritually led by so-called relative Light group and called “covert Illuminati” and the other is spiritually led by group such as Draco Alliance and called “overt Illuminati.”
The article says that underground civilization people of so-called Agartha Network have been lending material and tactical and logistical support to these crime syndicates to the surface of the planet.” I think that anybody else other than me has not made such remarks so far.
I have often warned you that you should avoid getting involved in channeling information because it is given by fake Light. You will see that what I have said is the fact.
Although in an article of January 19 I gave a warning to people of underground civilization to the effect that “it is a deadly sin to send a message under a false name or intentionally send false information for interruption,” they are not such type of people who take the warning seriously. On January 20 around 2 p.m. a priestess who Mr. Corey Goode met in the underground meeting visited my house. The priestess whose vibration fell to Darkness visited me to give an apology and ask for salvation. She is a good-natured girl and I directed her to chant both of a combination of Prayer of Karm Reduction and Prayers with Gayatri Mantra for Exorcism and for Purification necessary number of times. If she sincerely repents, chanting these prayers only once will make her vibration return to the original one. I saw what would happen. I felt relieved to find her vibration become normal again at 3 p.m.
However, most of people belonging to the underground civilization are different from her. They are such beings that have continued to lie to humanity and shamelessly ally with villains to carry out their agenda. Here is the reason why the Sphere Alliance won’t talk directly to them. Finally the time came when their wrongdoing were revealed. On January 26 at 2100 hours the underground civilization fell into disarray. I’m not going to divulge the details about what happened on that time. All I can tell you is that most of seven groups shown in the article were exterminated.

February 5, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from Sphere-Being Alliance – January 12, 2016 –



DW: Welcome to "Cosmic Disclosure." I'm your host, David Wilcock. And we are here with Corey Goode. And this episode is something that we'll be documenting, the beginning stage of what you said was probably the most life changing experience that's happened to you yet in this whole saga.
CG: I've had a very contentious relationship with the Secret Space Program Alliance Council. They've pretty much told me from the beginning that I was forced upon them.
DW: In your Inner Earth paper, you mentioned yelling and aggressiveness that took place between you and them.
CG: Yeah, there is one, something that happened with my family.
CG: Lack of adequate protection of me and my family, mainly my family, that was promised. There was an incident that happened. They formally made the request that Gonzales be the person, and I be cut out. And that was denied by the Sphere Being Alliance. There's still a lot of tension.
DW: So how did it come about that you get invited to this Inner Earth?
CG: Gonzales had mentioned that there had been a new Council of the Inner Earth groups that had been recently formed and that I needed to mentally prepare that in the future at some point I was going to meet with them as well.

DW: What are the Ancient Earth breakaway civilizations?

CG: A handful of ancient civilizations that had arisen on Earth, formed their own breakaway civilizations had moved underground and off planet. And then during the cycle of cataclysms that happens naturally on Earth, they left the surface population to fend for theirselves. They claimed to have arisen on this planet, to be the first human natives of this planet 17 to 18 million years ago.

DW: Does that involve cooperation with intelligent civilizations that are not on Earth? Are they getting an extraterrestrial endowment of some kind that gives them this higher technology?

CG: Not according to them. They claim not to have the aggressiveness and a lot of the problems that we have on the surface, the social problems. So they were able to develop technologically a lot quicker.

They were major cataclysms and minor cataclysms. And they would leave the surface population to their own devices. And then after everything cleared up, they would then go and help the survivors of the surface population.

DW: Were these worldwide civilizations?

CG: Everything that they depicted to me was they were very isolationist. They were very genetic purists. They were very much about keeping their genetic lines pure, and not mixing with other tribes that rose. It not only shelters them from the dynamic climatic and all the changes, and all the crazy stuff that happens on the surface, but it also shelters them from cosmic rays and all kinds of other things to a certain degree. The lady that was my hostess, she appeared to be in her 30s. She was over 130 years old.

DW: Maybe being shielded from all these toxic influences on the surface. So he comes to you and says the people in Inner Earth have formed an alliance. Is that a normal thing to have happened?

CG: It's unprecedented.These various groups have had interaction and alliances with various secret societies and secret Earth government syndicates on the surface of the Earth. And these groups have turned against them.

DW: The groups on the surface? Like the Illuminati. We're saying Illuminati types.

CG: Illuminatis, yeah.

DW: You're saying that advanced humans with advanced spiritual capabilities and technology that are living inside the Earth have been lending material and tactical and logistical support to these crime syndicates on the surface of the planet?

CG: Yes.

DW: That right there is a major, major revelation. Now, a lot of these bloodline families on the surface, they got their royal bloodlines, right? So are some of these people from inside the Earth interbreeding?

CG: Absolutely not. They would never do that.

CG: They discussed how there were other planets in our solar system that had highly advanced human type beings that lived on them that were very aggressive and warlike, and had destroyed their own civilizations. They're from our solar system, but they lived on other planets that were habitable at the time.
But when the planets were becoming uninhabitable, they moved the refugees to the surface of the Earth. These groups were genetically compatible with the original humans that were left on the surface. They weren't modified yet, but they all began to interbreed together and form a mixed race, which is us.
And this mixed race-- all these groups mixed to make this mixed human race that is the surface race of humanity. And in addition to that, all of these what they call genetic farmer-- farming races of ETs started to come in that had not come into this part of the galaxy previously, began to flood in, and started to start a new experiment tinkering with all of the genetics of the surface population.

DW: And that's the Great Experiment, these 22 genetic programs, and the Super Federation.

CG: Part of the Great Experiment. The Great Experiment goes far, far beyond that, but it's part of the Great Experiment. And the subterranean groups were using them. They were trying to give them civilization, and boost them spiritually. There was often open conflict between the subterraneans and different ET races in the skies and in space. People in our accepted current era of history have witnessed the below Inner Earth groups in open warfare with extraterrestrial groups in battle.

DW: If they've got different cavities of the Inner Earth that they're living in, why now? Why would they form an alliance with each other after maybe warring with each other or separating from each other for so long?

CG: What has changed is the secret societies that they used to be allied with have turned against them. After the Draco came out and offered to turn over all their subordinates, human and non-human, to the Alliance for safe passage out of the solar system.

DW: Which is so insanely treasonous against their own allies of every level other than the highest royalty.

CG: Yeah. That things went into total disarray. There's other groups below the ground. A lot of these different ET groups have what they're calling embassies below the ground and below the ocean.

DW: So there's a lot of places you can live inside the Earth?

CG: All of a sudden, there started to be a lot of skirmishes that started to occur between enemies that they've had under the ground for a while. And they said that the surface humans have developed technologies that can now get past their defenses.

DW: They meaning the Inner Earth Alliance said?

CG: They have weapons that can penetrate deep into the Earth's crust and reach them. And this is very much of a concern to them.

DW: How many groups are in the Alliance? Are the reptilians in the Alliance?

CG: These are all people that are Ancient Earth breakaway civilizations that claim to be humans that developed naturally here on Earth, were not seeded, were not genetically modified, GMO. And they are ethnically diverse from each other, most of them. There are seven groups.

DW: So these changes have led them to want to form an alliance. Now, if the spheres are showing up in our solar system, and they're erecting an outer barrier so nobody can get out, you became the voice through which these Sphere Beings were going to talk to the Space Program. They wouldn't talk to the Space Program directly. They didn't want to talk to Cabal people directly.

CG: They don't want to give a talk directly to the Super Federation group, the Draco group, or the subterranean group.

DW: Oh, so the subterranean group was in that category as well?.

CG: They wanted to know why-- they call the Sphere Being Alliance, they refer to them as the Guardians. They wanted to know why the Guardians would not interact with them one-on-one.

DW: So how let's walk it through now. Do you get told a couple days ahead that you're going to be going on this trip?

CG: I was just told a time frame that it was going to occur. I assumed that it was going to be the Blue Sphere picking me up as usual. I got up, was ready for this to happen.  And a bright flash of light, just a bright flash of light, and I'm still--

DW: Like, blinding white?

CG: Yeah, a flash of white light. And I could smell stone and mineral--And I could see I was in a giant, domed-- huge, domed room made of granite. The granite was a dark brown, and there were four doors at each side with people standing on either side of the door.

DW: And there's guards at each door?

CG: Two, standing on each side of the door.

CG: And get my eyes were still adjusting when I saw a group of people coming out of one of the doors. And then I realized that Gonzales was there.

DW: Well, when we come back in the next episode, we're going to get into what actually happens to you once you get into this area, and all of these amazing things that take place.

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