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Jan 18, 2016

What do Chemtrails, HAAP and satellites really aim at? – Anybody that acts against the will of God is eradicated. –

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What do Chemtrails, HAAP and satellites really aim at? – Anybody that acts against the will of God is eradicated. –
What is written in the article is mostly correct. The Light Forces are in the middle of deadly attack on the Darkness group so that such terrible world will not come. According to Cobra information, it is only Earth that has not been liberated from Darkness in the entire universe. Total victory of Light is one hundred percent sure.
The super AI which has firmly bound up people of Earth and aliens superior to AI were destroyed yesterday. Kings among humans are a target for elimination now. Anybody that acts against the will of God will be eradicated. Those who claim ownership of treasure including gold which is supposed to be shared with humanity are set to be eradicated from the earth. Eradication of such people is ongoing now.
They might have enjoyed thousands or tens of thousands of longevity and have been in power. However, it is nothing to do with what is ongoing. Those who cannot give up ambition and greed will be completely eradicated. They have no place to exist in the universe.

January 13, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Trend of Japan, World and Universe – January 13, 2016 –

What do chemtrails, HAAP and satellites aim at?


January 12, 2016

Secret Space Weapons Program Exposed as Ultimate Police State

Dahboo77 video

Those who control the world are using different kinds of technology including HAAP to change the climate and Chemtrails.
They also warm upper atmosphere, using specific antenna (ion layer heater). Furthermore, they scatter nanoparticles or metallic particles in the sky all over the world, and cover the whole earth with artificial veil.

In fact, scientists who are performing chemical experiments on Chemtrails openly admit the existence of Chemtrails.
However, such technology is not used simply for climate manipulation.
They are utilizing geo-engineering to completely control and manipulate people all over the world.

Nanotechnology, sensors or satellite systems are used all over the world. The aim is to generate specific phenomena on the earth and to identify, chase and surveil the appearance, action, thought or location of all humanity of the earth.

The satellite system senses and chases everything (such as heat and electricity). And the social media such as Facebook monitors the action and posting of all users and chase them.

They predict everything about how we will act next by grasping our action patters. They predict our action in any situation and manipulate us.

They not only manipulate the climate but can put us under mind control by changing earth vibrations and frequencies.

Their technology is used to destroy the earth and it is never used for a good purpose such as greening of the desert or solution of global problems.

If such technology is handed to good people, it will be used for a good purpose like improvement of earth environment.

Two kinds of giant blobs (warm-core rings) come into being off the west coast. These blobs are managed and controlled by the elite, which are responsible for abnormal climate such as El Nino.

The blobs have an influence not only on the weather but also on the earth itself, which include crustal movement, earthquake and magma migration.

It is impossible to change the current miserable situation unless the consciousness of people all over the world is changed. With our consciousness being changed, we can change the consciousness of the elite.

Space war is actually ongoing.

Within the next 20 years they will be able to always monitor us by unmistakably grasping and predicting the action of people all over the world.

They are scattering Chemtrails in the sky all over the world and cover the whole earth with the veil of nanoparticles or metallic particles (which has a function as a small-sized sensor). The small-sized sensor installed in the sky spies, chases and monitors people of the earth.
They can make an image (hologram) appear in the sky.
Something terrible is ongoing in the sky above Earth (in the atmosphere).


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