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Jan 25, 2016

Subterranean Council Meeting Mr. Corey Goode Attended - Subterranean people are unlikely to be freed from difficulties unless conquering deep-seated egotism or the idea of the “Chosen People.” –

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Subterranean Council Meeting Mr. Corey Goode Attended - Subterranean people are unlikely to be freed from difficulties unless conquering deep-seated egotism or the idea of the “Chosen People.” –
The following report describes how the Subterranean Council meeting Mr. Gorey Goode attended was held. The article reads that they describe that “those of us on the surface are uncivilized barbarians who are diseased and genetically impure,” which indicates that they look down on us humanity on Earth. According to channeling information, all people of Agartha network living in subterranean cities were supposed to build an ideal society that is fully harmonized as saints filled with love. As long as reading the article, however, we see everything is fantasy.
They were supposed to never face realistic difficulties because they are in complete harmony with the universe and they are free from negativity. However, in reality, various difficulties confronted them and they were driven so deeply into a corner that they were forced to form an unthinkable alliance with humans.
Mr. Corey Goode and Lt. Gonzales represent humanity on earth, whom the subterranean population look down on, and yet the two were chosen as delegates by the Guardians or the “Sphere Alliance” who event the subterranean population highly respect. Why is this?
Around the end of the report, there is an expression; “Apparently the Guardians were not going to contact them (=subterranean groups) on their own.” As I always point out, from the view point of inner beauty, not technology, the people on the surface are not so different from the subterranean population. Rather it is all the more difficult to save inhabitants living in subterranean cities than the surface population because the former firmly identify themselves as the “Chosen People.”
They are unlikely to be freed from difficulties unless conquering deep-seated egotism or the idea of the “Chosen People.”

January 18, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from Sphere Being Alliance – September 23, 2015 –

Subterranean Council Meeting & SSP Alliance Debrief Part 1 –“HONEYCOMB EARTH”


The discussions between these groups then began. They were asked by the person doing the introductions to speak English for their guests, but this didn’t last long. They would speak English and then switch over to some other language. Gonzales later told me this was a pre-Akkadian tongue that has long since died out on the surface of the planet. Then they would switch back over to English yet again. It was naturally all very confusing and hard for me to follow.
I was able to make out that they were discussing attacks that had occurred against various subterranean cities, and the casualties that occurred. They also discussed the betrayals they had suffered from certain secret societies and groups on the surface that they previously thought they had under their control. I was able to determine that their enemies on the surface now had technology that allowed them to locate their cities and bypass their defenses. The people on the surface had developed exotic weapons that could penetrate to the greatest depths and do tremendous damage.
They also spoke of the surface people building more and more of their own cities under the surface, and polluting the very delicate subterranean ecosystem in the process. They also were having to deal with recent skirmishes with a variety of very nasty non-human subterranean groups. This was causing them a great deal of concern. It became clear that all of these mounting pressures had caused them to form an alliance with one another.
This discussion went on for about two hours, and we were only able to follow a small amount of what was said. Then, the leader of the “Omega/Eight Pointed Star” group invited Gonzales to speak. Gonzales later told me that this person was not showing the proper respect to his hosts by doing so. Gonzales looked to the woman wearing the Saturn pendant with the rose colored jewel, and she gave him the nod to proceed.
Gonzales addressed each group by name, and thanked them for their invitation to participate as a representative of the Alliance. He expressed his appreciation to the group that was hosting this council meeting. He further stated that it was an honor to receive and host their small delegation, which had traveled to one of the SSP Alliance outposts in the Kuiper Belt at great personal risk in the weeks prior. Gonzales said that despite some significant differences in points of view, and the former alliances that had been in direct conflict with what we were all now hoping to achieve, he was here to relay the hopes of the SSP Alliance Council that an understanding could be reached between all parties. This would include changes in how these groups engaged the governments and civilians that they were in contact with on the surface of the planet. He ended his speech on the note that we are entering a new era that should involve open cooperation and honesty.
I could feel the sudden rise of tension and mixed emotions and energy in the room as he said this. They began to speak among themselves in a couple of different languages. At times they spoke past each other, or talked over each other. They were speaking calmly, but it was obvious that they were not pleased with at least some of what Gonzales had just communicated. We then received a very condescending lecture from each of them about how we have no right to judge them with our limited understanding and knowledge.
They each described their perceptions of those of us on the surface as uncivilized barbarians who are diseased and genetically impure.
They said they were the only ones who had preserved the various original earth human bloodlines. Wave after wave of refugees from nearby planets had since co-mingled their genetics with the original humans of this planet, and had taken over the surface world like a plague.
They stated that in the nearly 20 million years since the original human bloodlines had arisen on Earth, there had been four major cataclysms that had either changed the Earth’s axis, rotation or orbital path around the Sun. Each time one of these events occurred, the “elite” or priest caste kept their genetic line pure through isolating themselves beneath the ground.
Over oceans of time and smaller destructive events on the surface, nearly all signs of their former civilizations were erased from the memories of the survivors. Only myths and legends of advanced gods remained.
They stated that they would emerge from time to time to kick-start the civilization of the survivors who were the most closely related to them in terms of their genetics. They claimed that these surviving races assumed they were the gods of their own ancient legends. It was decided that they would allow those they were assisting to believe they were gods, in order to keep their subterranean civilizations secret and secure.
They also stated that there were other planets in our solar system that were inhabited during this time period that were also suffering from extreme cataclysms. To add to this incredible story, they stated that more and more advanced groups began to arrive from outside our solar system during and after these cataclysmic events. These new groups began to take advantage of the situation, such as to farm and manipulate the genetics of the natives of this solar system.
They claimed that the Earth became the destination of the refugees from these other inhabited planets. Advanced ETs relocated these refugees here in several waves as cataclysms occurred on their home planets. The refugee races were genetically similar to the original humans of Earth, but were much more aggressive. It turned out that many of these refugees were from a very advanced civilization that had destroyed itself through war and high technology.
The subterranean groups claimed that there had been an ancient civilization that had protected this region of the galaxy for literally billions of years. They were referred to as “The Guardians,” and the Secret Space Program referred to them as the “Ancient Builder Race”. This Guardian race was extremely advanced. There were no other ET groups who would even think of violating their region of space. The Guardians had long since disappeared from our frequency. They had created a protective field or technology within their domain that kept it safe for a vast amount of time after they had physically disappeared.
According to those telling this story, the residents of the other inhabited planets in our solar system unknowingly disrupted this protective technology put in place by the Guardians.
When they used their advanced weapons in aggression against other races, this caused a massively destructive chain of events to occur. When the field went down, this sent out a signal to the rest of the cosmos like a beacon.
The survivors of those inhabited worlds within our solar system relocated to the Earth. They were extremely aggressive, and began to reproduce and interbreed with the original humans that were on the Earth’s surface.
It was not long before the subterranean groups saw this new mixed race as a threat to their existence. This new mixed race is the current surface population of the earth today.
Now more than ever, they knew they had to keep their civilizations secret to preserve their genetic integrity, and the security of hundreds of their ancient and cherished subterranean temples and cities.
They had the advanced technologies to both hide and defend themselves from these ET groups. They began to play a long-term strategic game against them. They continued to appear to certain distant genetic relatives on the surface as gods and ascended teachers, to help them develop their civilizations and themselves spiritually. This was done in the hopes that they might be able to overcome the aggressive part of their genetic programming. This effort has continued right up until the present time.
They decided to start presenting themselves as ETs from other star systems when the surface population became more technologically sophisticated.
They say that will continue to do this to keep the people they make contact with looking to the stars, instead of beneath their feet. They further stated that our recent disclosure about their activities will be counteracted against with contradictory information and communications that they will make to their surface contacts.
They said they will continue this practice until certain conditions have been met. One of these conditions is that the surface population must remove the current control system, which is run by these same ET groups they have been working against. Secondly, they will also need to see that the surface population has overcome its barbaric, uncivilized behavior and genetic programming.
They stated that they are not optimistic that we will be able to do accomplish this, even with the continued energetic changes or return and assistance of the Guardians. This was quite surprising to hear, as they were obviously referring to the Sphere Alliance as the Guardians.
[The Ancient Builder Race left behind a vast collection of pyramids, obelisks and other such structures throughout our solar system, often made out of a glass-like alloy of transparent aluminum. A variety of these artifacts still exist within vast cavities below the Earth’s surface.]

These subterranean groups are under the impression that after a full disclosure event and the removal of the manipulative ETs from our solar system, it will still take several generations for us to heal and evolve as a civilization. Only then will we be able to have open contact with their civilizations as equals.
Apparently the Guardians were not going to contact them on their own. If they wanted any access at all, they had to work with us as a team. They flatly stated that they were doing this under duress. Their alliance was forced into existence by the vast array of problems they were having. This included the lethal resistance they were encountering from various subterranean ET refugees and “ancient pre-human Earth races.” Their problems were further compounded by the recent betrayals they had suffered from certain secret societies and kingships of the surface population.

I didn’t reply, because I was sitting there with all of this information that I had just heard flowing through my head. Much of this was new, or at least far more detailed than anything I had heard before. I was also wondering how accurate it all was, since it was coming from a group that admittedly has been deceiving the surface population of Earth for many thousands of years.

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