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Jan 23, 2016

Seven Groups which participated in the Ancient Earth Council meeting

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Seven Groups which participated in the Ancient Earth Council meeting
According to the report of Ancient Earth Council meeting Mr. Corey Goode participated in, there are seven groups and every person was wearing a pendant that represented the group he/she belonged to.
These seven groups mean a group of stars II mentioned in the article of December 22, 2015.
According to the article, the Council of Milky Way established the Council of Orion. The Sphere Being Alliance Mr. Corey Goode gets contact with belongs to the Council of Milky Way. The details of the seven groups are as follows:
The Saturn pendant attached with a jade stone indicates Vulcan, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in the Council of Solar System. The Saturn pendant attached with a black stone indicates Mars and Pluto. The Saturn pendant attached with a rose colored jewel indicates the earth Council.  
In the article of December 22, 2015, a number is assigned to each of the stars the Council of Orion is composed of. The number and the name of star are as follows:
A silver star indicates 2 Sirius (C), 7 Sirius A, B. A gold “curved” swastika indicates 3 Pleiades, 6 Andromeda, 10 Procyon and 11 Arcturus. An Omega symbol with an eight-pointed gold star in the center indicates 5 Deneb, 5 Arcturus, 5 Vega, 8 Procyon, 8 Aldebaran and 8 Alnitak. A symbol looking like an hourglass indicates 4 Betelgeuse.
Among them, a group of the Omega symbol with an eight-pointed gold star in the center is the Light Draco/Annunaki group. They had been deeply involved in Darkness by providing technology to Nazi Germany.
However, they mended their ways soon after the start of Heavenly reformation and have worked together with deities. This is the reason why they participate in the Council as a member. Reading the article, you see that other groups hate the group very much.
As I have already let you know, a group of King Maitreya Buddha situated at the top of the pyramid organization has already been destroyed. This Council of Orion should have been disbanded. At present, deities are in the midst of executing the elite of these councils fighting back.

January 17, 2016
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from Sphere Being Alliance – September 23, 2015



I was aware that advanced civilizations had come and gone from Earth’s surface in our distant past. They used their own advanced technology to terraform vast pockets inside the earth with all the comforts of home. This provided them with a protective barrier against whatever enemies, both natural and extraterrestrial, threatened them on the surface – including cataclysmic natural disasters.

I was informed that I would be attending meetings with this Ancient Earth council in the near future. This very much excited and intrigued my curiosity. At the same time, these meetings have brought me face to face with highly negative groups, including the Draco “White Royal.”

On the date of the meeting I expected to travel via a blue orb, as I would normally do for any meeting. It is a portal system used by the Sphere Alliance that seems to involve the use of a living, conscious being – the blue orb – as the facilitator of a nearly instantaneous journey to wherever I need to go.

I was standing at the foot of my couch when there was a bright flash of light. I felt a strange static electrical sensation for a moment and then noticed I was not in my house any longer.I found myself in a very large and perfectly polished granite room that was round, with a domed ceiling.

Soon afterwards, I heard the sounds of people coming down what sounded like a corridor in the direction of one of the doors. I immediately saw Gonzales.

He then turned and started walking towards the person standing close by, and motioned for me to follow.

We walked towards the doorway that he emerged from. As we entered, I could see there was a symbol etched over the archway with laser-like precision.
This symbol appeared over all of the doorways in the area we spent our time in. It was two intersecting circles inside an oval.

He said that these groups have recently formed this council out of necessity. Some of them have a very long and complicated history with each other. I was informed that they do not have the most positive view of us.
He further stated that these groups often come across as elitist and prejudiced against the surface population, and that I needed to keep my opinions on the matter to myself.
Right then, the woman and three men walked a few paces into the room. Gonzales then turned and walked towards them, motioning once again for me to follow him.

We walked through the door and then down a curved stone staircase, one level down. We began to file through the door and into the room, two by two. There were people in the same robes sitting around an oval table. I then began to notice that every person was wearing a pendant. The pendants were often different in appearance, and had various symbols on them.

These pendants were not just a jewelry that represented their civilization or group. They were also a technology.
The people who had guided us to this point seemed to be the hosts of the meeting. They were all wearing pendants that appeared to feature a stylized image of Saturn, including the rings.
Each of these pendants had a single jewel that was placed at a different location on the surface of the planet.
Gonzales later told me that the location of and type of gem represented where their particular region was located under the Earth.

Jade Stone

Black Stone

  Rose Colored Jewel

One of the people with the Saturn pendants that had a rose colored gem at the bottom stood up from the table.

He introduced Gonzales and myself, as well as the names, designations and group names of those around the table and in the room.

These different people were obviously human, but they appeared ethnically different than anyone you would see on the surface.

In addition to the Saturn symbols, there was also a silver star, a gold “curved” swastika (though this was not a NAZI breakaway group,) an Omega symbol with an eight-pointed gold star in the center, and a symbol that looked like an hourglass. This may have been a stylized representation of the constellation of Orion.

I realized that seven different groups were being represented -- even though three of them were obviously allied or genetically related.

Each group was made up of three representatives. The room we were in was repeatedly referred to as “The Womb of Isis.” I found out later that this was a temple complex reserved for spiritual and political events.

Most of the groups were made up of one or two women, except the group with the eight-pointed star symbol inside the Greek Omega character, which was made up entirely of men.

The obvious leader of this group made reference to the “Prince of Venus, the Morning Star and the Bearer of Light” several times. This was deeply unsettling to me because of obvious association of Lucifer with these terms. They all seemed very uncomfortable with this particular group, which was not surprising.

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