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Jan 1, 2016

Disbandment of Illunimati and Female High Priest Who Wants to Atone Her Sins / Execution of a Person Named King Maitreya Buddha

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Disbandment of Illunimati and Female High Priest Who Wants to Atone Her Sins / Execution of a Person Named King Maitreya Buddha
In the past I commented that the Illuminati seemed to be disbanded. Seeing this video, I thought that what I said was right. I think that some remnants still hold Satanic rituals, but quite a few people seem to leave the secret society.
A woman in video, who committed many sins including human sacrifices in Satan worship by the covert Illuminati in the past, does not seem to do such things now. This woman is a female high priest of a secret society having connection with the “Council of Mother Council” of the Council of Great Holiness Society, which I introduced in an article dated December 22. She wants to atone her sins she has committed.
A person named King Maitreya Buddha, who sent out a notice, was King Alexander in his past life. Seeing a vision introduced on “From Light Sea” on February 3, 2011, you will see that the soul of King Alexander had already disappeared. He was incarnated as Martian at that time and had physical body, and subsequently another person seemed to walk in his physical body.
He seems to have succeeded in taking up a position as one-time Maitreya because he distinguished himself in the battle against reptilians. However, regrettably as I warned, he was executed at midnight on December 23. The Council of Milky Way has been disbanded. I think that the hierarchical organization called the Council of Great Holiness Society will be extinguished in the near future.
He cannot survive in the universe now even though he rendered distinguished service in the battle against Evil.
He is destined to disappear sometime in the future as long as he has ambition.

December 25, 2015
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Trend of japan, World and Universe – December 24, 2015 –

Satanic Ceremony Held In Capital in Lansing, Michigan


By Lisa Haven 
 You’ve NS Seen Anything Like This! This Video Will Send Chills Up Your Spine! Satanists Performs Nation’s First State Sanctioned Ceremony
Tuesday, December 22, 2015 7:05

Our country has just taken a dramatic turn for the worst! While our government removes the name of Christ from every public building, strikes prayer from school, rips down ten commandments and targets Christians as “extremists”, the Satanic church has seized the moment to make their appearance known. 

On December 19, 2015, the Satanic Temple of Detroit held a ceremony on the steps of the Capitol in Lansing, Michigan, making it their first ever State Sanction Satanic ceremony. This video you are about to see below will literally send chills down your spine as the Satanists themselves hail Satan, raise their blackened American flags, and vow to bring their Satanic practices into our schools, businesses, and even on up to the white house. We truly are living in the last days. 

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