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Dec 15, 2015

The 12:12 Gateway of 2015 – Light of Awareness and Judgment Started Emanating from December 11

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The 12:12 Gateway of 2015 – Light of Awareness and Judgment Started Emanating from December 11
This is correct but very sketchy information. Correctly, this light started emanating from at noon yesterday on 11. Vast amount of light from a goddess, the central sun of so-called Milky Way Galaxy, reached our Solar System. After going down to lower dimensions one by one every day, this light will finally reach our 3D world earth on December 21.

This light was sent to the 3.9D world for one hour from at noon today. The 3.9D beings who succeeded in receiving this light will finally be awakened, while most of beings other than successful beings will finally be destroyed. Light will be showered on the 3.8D world for hone hour from at noon tomorrow. Likewise, this light will go down to each lower dimension day by day. The light to be showered on the 3D world for one hour from at noon on 21 will not stop being showered. Subsequently, the light will be showered on the Animal System on 22 and to the Plant System on 23. Likewise, the light will be showered on the First Elemental System. Since this light serves as light leading to destruction for those who have done wrongdoings, they have no means of escape.
Fools including aliens have sensitivity limited to the material world. Therefore, many of them never realize that their souls have already been destroyed. However, this light works on the physical level and everybody can feel it.
At present, some of those with power are mentally ill. There is more to the story. Most of those who have done wrongdoings in the world behind the scenes will be crippled for life by this light.
All aliens including the being who sent the following message are the target of judgment. You had better prepare for the judgment.

December 12, 2015
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from a Japanese article: GFL Service – December 10, 2015 –


The 12:12 Gateway of 2015 - 08-Dec-2015
We are building momentum to the next big Gateway; that of 12:12, occurring December 12th. As a result, there is a lot going on not only in the world, but within us all. This is accentuated also by solar winds, which especially affects our inner and outer poles (think duality). This energy takes us through the 12:12 Gateway and continues through the Solstice. So be clear with your communications and be patient with yourself and others. It is best to not engage in any battles, but be the Compassionate Observe and be in Detachment, which is observing without judgment or attachment to what is happening or the end result. If you have always been the “fixer” or the “peacemaker,” let those roles go (along with all roles you’ve played till now). Remind yourself that everyone chooses how they want to be. Who you are within creates your outer life. So if there is some clean-up to do, this is a great opportunity to do it. Be aware of what you’re learning, including deep illusions you hold about certain things.

We are called to completely let go of our past in a very powerful way, which includes past lives as well. Moving through the rest of this year can be both exhilarating and precarious. To many it may feel like you are in free-fall mode.

Know that there is a blending of our old selves and our New Divine Self, so doing everything with higher consciousness is the ultimate at this time. Resist nothing; be in the Flow. No; Be the Flow.
To stay balanced, focus on your Heart; your Divine Center. Breathe into it; meditate with your focus there and be in touch with the Divine Flame within your Heart.

As you spend more time being your Authentic Self, your perspectives and perceptions shift higher. You view life from an Eagles’ point of view and at the same time live fully on Earth. Whatever consciousness is integrating within you, know that you become clearer and even more aware than you are now. You will continue to receive insights that you hadn’t really thought of before and new ideas of how to express your Soul.

The 12:12 Gateway: On this day our own sun channels Source Codes from our Galactic Sun. These Codes enter us and then flow onto Earth (automatically; for whatever consciousness we hold flows out in waves, touching all of life). The beautiful Light that flows into us on this day continues to build till (and through) the Solstice on December 21. The 12:12 Gateway helps to bring together more of the perceived schism between the old and the New. This helps greatly to further anchor Unity consciousness in that there is no us and them; we are One.

New Life is becoming more obvious, as you notice that your old ways of thinking and being have been transcended by Love. This is highlighted at this 12:12 Gateway. For those still holding onto the past (oftentimes in the form of traditions), this can be a tough time, for so much Light is pushing us forward as if we are surfing a huge tsunami of Love. For those open to the energies that are flowing forth, you find that you are more unconditionally loving and accepting. This is a powerful Gateway that is especially enhancing your Heart; thus you notice that you are more Love than ever before. Keep your Heart and High Heart open.

Realize that the Source Codes that flow into you go deep into your cells, DNA and all chakras. Your New Blueprint is more activated, which brings new Awareness and different ways to express your Soul. Be grateful for all you receive. That is all that is required.

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