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Dec 5, 2015

Cobra and Red Dragon Ambassador Interview: 70-year cycle of mandate for massive amount of assets, fractions between the families, situation of earth liberation – Yatagarasu lost the mandate in 2012

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Cobra and Red Dragon Ambassador Interview: 70-year cycle of mandate for massive amount of assets, fractions between the families, situation of earth liberation – Yatagarasu lost the mandate in 2012
This Cobra information is valuable. There is a reference to the plasma bodies at the beginning in the article It is the same as the ether double I call.
It seems that this time Red Dragon Ambassador accepted an interview with Cobra. He Ambassador says that he has had communication with all families. He seems to have a personal physical meeting with the Elders which claim to be immortal or are living hundreds and hundreds of years. According to him, the mandate is given to specific people on a 70-year cycle. However, after 2012, “the new 70-year cycle is actually new people for the new generation put in place.”
I have posted articles regarding Yatagarasu for one year or so. I have felt that they lost the mandate. I think that it was Kibi-no-Uzumasa that was newly given the mandate in Japan in 2012.
According to the article, “the old group, they have 120 years, 140 years of established contacts… have their people everywhere all around the world” and “some portions even inside the Dragon families in alignment with the Cabal has been slowing down the process.” Yatagarasu is exactly the group that has tried to survive longer through the use of Bank of Japan to maintain their power as long as possible.
Yatagarasu must also have had a contact with an Elder who has several hundred years to live. If my view is correct, the Elder is the reincarnation of Enno-gyoja, who Benjamin Creme, theosophist, should call “Master in Japan.”  
These beings were executed in Reformation of Heavenly World. The group which resists the new financial system, including Yatagarasau, had better properly respond to this call from Cobra so as not to be exterminated with the Cabal.

November 29, 2015
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from a Japanese article: NowCreation – November 20, 2015 –

Cobra and Red Dragon Ambassador Interview
(November 20, 2015)

Cobra and Red Dragon Q and A
Louisa –What I understand, this etheric liberation that you’re talking out. There’s liberation on many different levels going on and from what I understand, your mission includes the etheric level. You’re referring to these Strangelet bombs and that they are black holes and in some way everyone is incarnated into this life with some sort of implants in them that’s all tied in together. Sounds very complicated. I’m just wondering if you can just give a little bit of an overview of how that works and what the progress is with that at this time.
COBRA – OK. The situation looks complex but in reality it is not. It is simply that we have apart from the physical plane. We have aside from our physical bodies, we have our plasma bodies, we have our etheric bodies, we have our astral bodies, we have our mental bodies and all those energy fields that we have have been manipulated by the Archons and have been actually kept in quarantine. They have been locked in a certain vibrational frequency to prevent us from setting ourselves free. And implants are actually tools of that control and strangelet bombs are tools of that control and now all this is being dissolved because there is a big wave of free will taking place throughout the galaxy. There is a strong wave of light emanating frorm the galactic center at the moment, which is purifying everything that has not been right. This is why the liberation of the planet will happen. It is part of the larger galactic plan.
Rob –I have been in contact with someone who I have to remain nameless who had a bunch of bonds and he actually went to China about 2 weeks ago and he had cemented a deal that he’d been working on with Treaty of Versailles bonds.
…..  while he was there he said Christine LeGarde had actually called in to the meeting and had indicated that things may take some short time.  He was also told that according to her that some arrests must take place but these funds would be released very soon.  Can you talk about the current state of affairs as you know from your sources in the Dragon families?

AMBASSADOR – “When I make my statements, somethings, unfortunately, I’m not allowed to talk about. But I do not like when the world is living on what we call disinformation. At this point of time, all the international entities; World bank or IMF and each of these organizations has certain trustees which is the head of these particular organizations.
And so the World Bank situation is settled and priority of things is settled today and the IMF is also settled, but each and all of these organizations have what we call certain controllers.

And in this situation everything works exactly as it’s supposed to be. Now when this funds becomes remitted and now it’s not redemption doesn’t exist.… a percentage of this asset will be released to the holder. This funds is quite large amount of money that will be released at that point of time. And this funds of course needs to be dispersed to humanitarian projects.
priority funds needs to be given to the people, back through different humanitarian projects, cleaning up the planet, helping with the infrastructure, helping with creating jobs, and other social programs.
Rob – Thank you very much Ambassador. I appreciate that. Cobra, would you like to ask a question now of the Ambassador, maybe on something else or on what he said?
COBRA – OK. First, I would like to say a few things. The process of financial reset does not include only the Dragon families, it includes all interest groups that we have on the surface on the planet and beyond the surface of the planet.… and all those different groups need to come together and find a common ground..
There needs to be a certain critical mass of agreement created for those changes to happen. The changes can not happen, the resistance movement or other ET beings can not be the carriers of the change on the surface of the planet. The surface population needs to be the one making the change.
Rob –Louisa, do you have a question for Cobra in relationship to what he just said?
Louisa I do. It seems to me that the surface population needs help. What’s funny is that they can’t seem to get it together themselves and they criticize us and call us lower beings or bottom feeders or useless eaters when they can’t get it together themselves. I’m just wondering what exactly . . . if they’re the ones who have to make the decisions to get their act together and may come and have these common denominators to make decisions for the people on the surface, just exactly what do you expect the people on the surface of the planet to do?
AMBASSADOR – If you can see it this way, there is some blood. People have . . . they’ve had their own understanding and thinking how things are on the planet and how the financial system is operating and the things with the Cabal and things with the Dragon family. If you simply go and listen to people like Neil Keenan, and you’re following him, for example, for years and listening to his stories, you will very simply form one understanding of how the system really works. Understand that this is his version with a very, very low understanding how the Dragon family works in the first place.
If you base that or base what Benjamin Fulford is talking about, you base what these people are giving out or ideas how things are working with the Dragon families and Illuminati and the Cabal and all these different things.  It’s very much different from what the reality really is.

Now the world as you’ve stated here, when you look, we have something we have as The Supreme Council. In the Supreme Council you have a number of Dragons, then you have a number of Tigers, as Cobra may be aware of, this is just codes. But in this structure that is built up, and has been built up for thousands of years.
Now we know very well that some of the Elders supposedly are not 100% humans, so have ET lineage or ——. In this regard, they all are communicating in some shape or form.
There is frictions besides the same structures we’re talking about even in the same families. Some people don’t want to let go of the power that they are used to having.
Rob – OK. I’d like to let Cobra answer Louisa’s question.
COBRA – OK. Basically people have a misunderstanding of what the ET are doing here when they help liberate the planet. They have their role. They are carrying out their role. What they are doing, they are dismantling exotic weapons. They are removing the strangelet bombs. They are doing much to keep this planet in shape. They’re preventing a drastic cataclysm. They have prevented many world wars.
The situation itself is quite drastic because there are many mistakes being made in the last I would say 25K years. So it is not about putting blame to either the surface population or the ET’s.
Each segment is doing whatever they can to their best abilities, hopefully. Regarding the role of the Dragon families, my experience with interaction with the various Dragon families is that there are many positive Dragon families out there, but they are not completely aligned with their vision.
I would like to communicate to those Dragon families that are not completely aligned: this wealth does not belong to them. This wealth belongs to the whole planet. And I know that many of the Elders are very well aware of this, but I would like to say that it’s important that everybody goes on board and begins to understand this. It is not about China being the new world leader. It is not about certain dynasties coming back in their rulership position. It’s about the ancient custodians coming to the forefront and assisting in distributing this wealth to the whole of humanity.

Rob – Yes, I appreciate that. Cobra, do you have any specific questions for Ambassador in his role as he’s stated or some of the information?
COBRA – OK. Yes, actually I do have a question. Is he having any direct contact with the Elders which claim to be immortal or are living hundreds and hundreds of years?
AMBASSADORYou see our master, his father is one of them, understand. There exists other entities on this planet in different parts of the world. I had a personal physical meeting with these entities.
Including others that is going on with the groups called the Tigers. And so I have had the communication with this people. If we want to be able to move further in the future, we need to somehow repent for the past and ask for forgiveness. .
The faction of the family I come from, the majority of us, are aligned, but some portion of others, just like Cobra said, do not sometimes see the same way as we see it. They see another system for humanity.
Also, I know that people do believe that this asset belongs to humanity, but as well they look at themselves as the custodians of this asset and as rightful owners for it. But the most important thing is that the people that has the possibility and power to do it, to change the world and shift it and to do the right thing – we are going to do it in the way that will be best for humanity. God willing.
Rob – Yes. So they are Anunnaki reptilians, some of these elders?
Rob – Thank you. I have a question for the Ambassador. We are all free will beings. There certainly is an iniquitous element within the galaxy and especially on this planet that is choosing to go against natural law and is violating our free will. I would like to ask you what is your position on, let’s call the Confederation, the light forces in the Christ energy group. What is your position?
AMBASSADORI do believe that we have a creator. I do believe that we do have a supreme intelligence that is behind the whole creation, meaning even the creation of aliens – creation of all forms of lifeforms.
And, basically, you can make decisions in life which is based on good or decisions based on evil and we are the decision makers. We can also see good and evil and we can either silently consent or we can intervene. And the problem that has come into humanity is what we call escapism. And escapism is something which I feel is the biggest threat to humanity. As well as we’re blaming Satan for everything or we’re blaming someone else without taking responsibility ourselves. If we put Satan between us, then we will not be able to aspire to what we are created to be.
COBRA Yes, everybody has free will but this free will has been tampered with and we need to liberate that free will so we can express it fully.
Louisa –My follow-up question is, I wanted to ask Cobra what is it about twin flames that the Cabal is trying to keep them from uniting? Is there something special?
The second question is:  How can we help humanity?

COBRA – Yes.  The union of twin souls would accelerate the liberation process drastically because combined energy of twin souls is the most powerful force in the universe. So, of course, the Archons know about that and this is the reason why they are preventing it. For the second question, what people can do, the most important thing to do would be at this moment to release intel to people. We need to completely saturate the Internet with truth. There is so much disinformation out there.
AMBASSADOR The main important thing is I think people need to open their mind and that’s the reason why we started the Goldfish Report. Many people on the planet are unfortunately asleep because many of them are too busy to try to work and survive in this slavery system.
I think it’s important for us to reach out to everyone and make people have more time to spend with their families and have a better quality of life and I think if people have a better quality of life, they would be able to get deeper into changing. And, also, it’s very important that you have to use discernment with the media and discernment with the politicians in their countries because unfortunately they have a PhD in deception.

Rob – Thank you very much. I We’ve heard from Ben Fulford and Corey Goode said the Chinese are asking for an extension of 100 years.
COBRA –Unfortunately, there are Chinese factions that would like to delay disclosure for 100 years. Of course, this will not happen.
AMBASSADOR – I want to correct some of the disinformation here that comes from the Japanese side or the society that Benjamin Fulford created, this White Dragon society.  First of all, it’s not 100 years that mandates is for. The mandates is in 70 year cycles. This last 70 year cycle and the year before that was given as a mandate given to Barak Sheis, Rockefeller, Morgan’s and Stanley’s and Queen of England and many of these other ones. They were the ones having the mandate, not the Chinese.
The Cabal did not get the #70 year project signed on. So what has to happen is since that period of time the transformation that leads up to the global currency reset that leads up to the new era has been taking it’s time, because some portions even inside the Dragon families from different forms and different entities in alignment with the Cabal has been slowing down the process by posting people including myself and others and basically trying to kill us.
The new 70-year cycle is actually new people for the new generations put in place. But you have to realize that the old group, they have 120 years, 140 years of established contacts and brainwashing and they have their people everywhere all around the world in the banking financial structures. So I think it’s going to take some time to transform this And I think that this is also something that worries me sometimes is that people, they have half truths and they take it into truth and give it as a report, but the real truth of the matter is that the mandate was not with the Chinese. The Chinese is giving the mandate, but the mandate was with the old group and they’re not having mandates any more. So let’s see how the new guys will be able to change the future.
Rob –How do you see this reset as taking place?
AMBASSADORWe’re seeing the Chinese Renminbi taking place as one of the basket currencies, probably be the next reserve currency. We are seeing powers and entities shifting like what I said from West to East. We’re seeing how Europe and America is turning into tyrannies. We see Putin coming in actually as a Knight in Armor and, masterfully, is crushing the deception of the Cabal and we are seeing a lot of things happening. I think that we have in reality maybe come 30% on the journey that we needed. But I think it will very quickly accelerate after Chinese New Year.
COBRA – Yes, I would like for him to elaborate a little bit more how the Red Dragon families concretely see the reset and do they tie together with other aspects of the Event like the global mass arrests and global disclosure process and what is their perception of the disclosure process? And do they have any concrete plans to release some intel about ET involvement in world affairs?
AMBASSADOR – Yes, as you understand in the family structure divided into three arms. You have the Treasury arm which was once controlling the money and the wealth. Then you have the second arm which is the political arm which you can see through the BRICS nations and other creations and the leaders there. Then you have the third arm which is the military arm.
When it comes to the military arm, yes, they will be dealing with the people that are not submitting or surrendering.

On the side of the money arm of things are moving forward in the way that it should, a little bit delays due to the old ones not wanting to let go and the political arms also needs to be even better because, unfortunately, still people are living in some of the nations with a lot of corruption still and that needs to be changed.
I believe that the distant agenda with truth and reconciliation, that includes the aliens, that includes all aspects on the planet and that could also be released at a certain form of time when everyone is ready to take it and the stability of the world is there but as we all know is a lot of activities these days in our skies. And I don’t know how long it will take, political arm will try to keep what’s going on away from the public.
Louisa We are seeing a lot of things in the skies lately. What was the sighting over Los Angeles that was reported recently?
COBRA – There are two things happening.  One is the increased activity of the US military. The other thing is the increased activity of the positive ETs over California’s skies because they are beginning to trigger some sensitive energy nodes in that part of the world because California is one of the key triggers for the Disclosure process. So they are triggering this and the military is reacting, so we have a little bit of, not exactly confrontation, but I would say energetic exchange which can sometimes be visible in the skies.
Rob –Folks, when Cobra speaks about the nodes, he talks about the grid and the ley lines that have been taken over energetically to influence human consciousness on an esoteric level and the light forces are re-establishing the natural order and infusing the divine light into the planet for balance. Would you agree with that Cobra?
COBRA – Yes. I would like to say that Los Angeles area is one of the key points for the planetary liberation regarding Disclosure. It is one of the possible entry points for the Disclosure intel to be released.  And it’s one of the most important portals, entry points, for many, many ships – light ships of the light forces that will arrive at the time of the First Contact.
Rob –II’d like to ask the Ambassador to give a final statement that you would like people to hear in regards to this interview, if there’s anything you’d like people to know.
AMBASSADOR –It is important that we come and exchange ideas and opinions and work together in cooporation because we can make a better world. And I want to thank both you and also Cobra for taking your time to have this discussion that we had today.
Rob – Thank you so very much. Cobra, would you like to give a closing response. Cobra, if you would give your final thoughts today.

COBRA – Yes, actually I’m very glad that this conversation happened because this will create a resonance field that is quite much needed on the surface of the planet for the final push for the final liberation.

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