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Nov 25, 2015

Russia’s Solidarity With the West to Cope With Terrorism In Progress –What Are the Intentions of Both Sides?

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Russia’s Solidarity With the West to Cope With Terrorism In Progress –What Are the Intentions of Both Sides?
Russia has carried out full-fledged airstrikes since Russian aircraft bombing was determined to be responsible for “ISIS.” As I pointed out in the past, “Russia and the West have different opinions.” Coalition is “likely to pull the leg” of Russian.
I think that Western countries try to drag Russia into the war against terrorism led by them and they do not want Russia to do as it likes to do. On the other hand, Russia seems to persuade the West and have them cooperate with the country to stand against ISIS in terms of funding source. What is it possible? Russia seems to have the odds in its favor.
Reading the fourth article, you will see that Russia takes unique measures against terrorism. It is a very effective strategy to Russia, which recognizes that the shooting down of Russian airliner and the Paris attacks were carried out by the same perpetrator. According to Fulford information, Russia considers that behind the Paris attacks are major shareholders of Vanguard. The four people including Pope Francis I pointed out are undoubtedly major shareholders. Information of this kind for bounty might be provided.
If they are confronted with conclusive evidence, they are likely to be forced to bow to Russia’s wishes.

November 21, 2015
Masatoshi Takeshita

Translation of the Japanese version of Sputnik: November 20, 2015

Russia and France Unite to Fight IS


Russia and France will create joint work group to coordinate actions in Syria. A wide-ranging international anti-terror coalition is being formed.

In response to the order of Russia’s president, Russia’s General Staff is examining proposals on joint military actions with the French navy against terrorism.

“Joint work will start after the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier reaches Syria,” the General Staff announced on Wednesday.

On Monday, President Hollande called for a broad coalition including the U.S. and Russia to tackle “Islamic State (IS),” which had claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks on Friday 13.

English translation of an excerpt from the Japanese version of Sputnik – November 20, 2015 –

Difference in Policy on Assad Regime Threatens to Discourage Efforts to Stand Against IS

The Western countries which call on President Assad to step down have repeatedly criticized Russia for carrying out airstrikes on the anti-government moderate forces, not the IS stronghold in Syria. However, when interviewed by Reuters, the French government sources have made an about-turn and admitted that Russian air forces carry out airstrikes on the IS stronghold in Syria. Russia and France are carrying out airstrikes on the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa. In the wake of the Paris attacks, France has demonstrated a cooperative stance toward Russia. As for this, Mr. Yoshiki Mine, President of Institute for Peaceful Diplomacy, who is familiar with security issues, points out that Russia shares urgent need of cooperation with France.

“I don’t think that the French government has changed its foreign policy. It is not foreign policy changeover, but an urgent issue for both Russia and France has come out. It is quite natural that Russia and France, both of which directly suffered damages from terrorism, will work together.

And yet, Russia and the West have different ideas about how to treat President Assad. So difference in opinion about President Assad threatens to discourage efforts to stand against IS in the worst case. Russia and France have focused on cleaning up IS for now. I think they adopt the very right approach. At the same time, they have to examine how to recover the stability in Syria aside from difference in opinion.”

Interviewer: Asuka Tokuyama
Excerpt from a Japanese article: GFLService – November 15, 2015 –

Paris Attackers Fought In Syria, Trained In Israel: Report


By Afraa Dagher
NOTE: What follows is a personal report I received from Hosein Mortada, Lebanese journalist and director of the Information Center for Studies and Documentation.
Hosein Mortada has provided details about one of the individuals who carried out the Paris attack on Saturday November 13th with the rest of his crew of jihadists. His name is Abo Talha Al Jazaeri (Aljazaeri means ‘Algerian’).
Abo Talha, a French national, has been trained in the Occupied Golan Heights, along with his crew who carried out Paris attack operation.
All of the terrorists involved with the Paris attacks were European nationals, previously fighting in Syria alongside Al Nusra Front and then moved to Al Raqqa to join the so-called ISIS, Islamic State in Syria and the Levant.
Finally they moved to Quneitra, Daraa, and their last station was in the Zionist entity, Israel, at a site called Bait Zorah where they have been trained by Israeli Mossad.
They were then sent to France, just six months before the Paris attack incident.
The questions here are:
1.    How could such a terrorist group violate secured places like stadiums or concert halls without any assistance with foreign intelligence?
2.    Is France ready to designate those fighters as moderate rebels, as it is their title in Syria?
The USA started training these terrorists in Jordan, calling them the Syrian Democratic Army at the time, as Hosein has been informed by his source.
The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), backed by Lebanese resistance Hezbollah and Russian aerial support, have made great progress all over Syria and this progress on the part of the Syrian Arab Army makes Israel worried. Thus, Israel needs more involvement on the part of the USA and its allies (including France) in Syria in order to prevent this advance of the Syrian Arab Army even further.
Now, France and the USA have more pretext as a result of the attack in Paris to escalate their interference in Syria.
Afraa Dagher is a political analyst currently residing in Syria. She has made numerous media appearances commenting on the current state of affairs inside Syria as well as the nature of the current crisis.
English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Labaq – November 21, 2015 –

President Putin “We Pay $50 Million Bounty to Anyone Who Gives Information about Russian Aircraft Attack Perpetrator” – International Responses


Russia has carried out full-fledged airstrikes since Russian aircraft bombing was determined to be responsible for “ISIS.”

President Putin expressed outrage, saying “We will find them anywhere on the planet and punish them. There is no place to escape.” He offers $50 million prize money to anyone who gives information about the aircraft bomber.

We introduce international responses to a massive amount of bounty as follows:



I dont know about you guys but I would betray the fuck out of my squad for 50 million dollars.
I'm sure Allah will understand.
Just make sure you donate 10 percent to him.
Or pray for forgiveness
Bounties are underutilized in war. Make a 50 million dollar bounty on the leadership and keep uping the price until they're dead. Way cheaper than conventional warfare.
100% chance you and your family would end up dead.
With 50 million you could buy a NEW family

To put that in perspective the reward for info that led to the capture of Bin Laden was $25 million.
that's A-Rod getting a new contract

I need to reconsider my career choices.
Thinking of being a bounty hunter?

Bandar bin Sultan is the powerful member of house of Saud, the royal family which runs Saudi Arabia, overseeing and funding terrorist activities all over the world including Chechnya and Syria.

Where do I collect the money?

US offers $5 million for IS leader. Russia responds by saying $50 million just for the airline bombers.
Kinda feels like the overall response to this crisis in a way. US supplies menial munitions to 'rebels', while Russia bombs the living hell out of ISIS.
Never piss off a man that rides a bear shirtless.

I think Plato said that or something.


Actually, you're going to be surprised by this but it was Aristotle who said that.
Or something.

Although it is not known if such big prize money will make a difference, it is considered to be typical Russian action for good or ill.

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