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Oct 5, 2015

Resignation of U.S. House Speaker John Bohener / Annihilation of Zionists – Proof of decisive defeat of Bush/Nazi camp & a great war avoided

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Resignation of U.S. House Speaker John Bohener /Annihilation of Zionists – Proof of decisive defeat of Bush/Nazi camp & a great war avoided

As seen at the beginning of the report, it seems that U.S. House Speaker John Bohener was forced to resign after he met with Pope Francis. According to the article, John Bohener was hold accountable for Netanyahu’s speech in the U.S. Congress. This is a proof of decisive defeat of the Bush/Nazi camp.
From the part written in red letters, we can see that President Putin intends to destroy Zionists in Israel. If so, I can’t wait to see what action Turkey will take. It was likely that such a hardline stance of Russia and China would trigger World War III. However, as I explained in another article today, there is no possibility of a great war because they have reached agreement with the Pentagon behind the scenes. And yet, Israel might have some intentions.
Things seem to change in a favorable way. If we can choke the life out of the Bush/Nazi camp, therefore, there is a possibility that the Abe administration will change its stance. Nonetheless, the U.S. forces and China will continue to struggle for power. So, we cannot rule out a possibility that the Self Defense Forces will be used as a bullet. If this issue is solved, a Shino-Japanese war will be avoided and Japan will build up arms only to reduce the shortage of military power for self-defense while the U.S. forces losing power. I hope that things will move in that direction.
After all, I suppose that so-called events will not take place unless an agreement on what to do with territory of each country is reached behind the scenes.

September 30, 2015
Masatoshi Takeshita

Excerpt from a Japanese article: How Sad! – September 30, 2015 –

Fulford Report (September 29)


(Benjamin Fulford) Although the big Vatican/Rothschild love-fest at the United Nations is continuing even as this weekly goes out, it is already clear that the hopes for massive changes in how we run this planet have not been realized.

Then there was the agreement announced by so many countries, including China, the United States and Russia, to take action against “global warming.” This made it clear the “global warming” Rothschild faction was on the ascendant and the perpetual “war on terror” Bush/Netanyahu/Neocon faction was losing the cabal power struggle.

Another sign the Bush/Neocon/Netanyahu Zionazi faction is losing was the fact Bush/Netanyahu allies such US House Speaker John Boehner and “ISIS tsar” General John Allen were both forced to resign last week. Boehner was told by Pope Francis to resign because he sponsored the trip in March by war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu to speak to the Congress, according to CIA sources. General Allen was forced to quit because he was “cooking intelligence,” “sabotage,” and supporting ISIS with airdrops, according to Pentagon sources.

For now though, the most visible and dramatic changes continue to take place in the Midde-East where Israel is being liberated from Zionazi fascist control.

Last week war-criminal Israeli leader Benyamin Netanyahu and a delegation of generals went to Russia to seek protection and reassurances. The Israelis were “treated like the thugs they are,” according to Pentagon sources. The Israelis were told that a large portion of the population of Israel was of Russian origin and that there would be no danger to the citizens of Israel in the event of the overthrow of the Zionazis. However, “when Putin told bibi (Netanyahu) that Syria cannot open a second front against Israel he meant that Russia, China, Iran and Hezbollah will,” Pentagon sources familiar with the meeting said.

There are proliferating signs it is end game for the Nazionist nightmare regime in that country. China, for example, is now fully aware that it was agents of the Netanyahu regime who detonated the small nuclear weapon in Tianjin in August. For that reason a Chinese fleet and Chinese troops are now headed to Syria. Hezbollah has also now been supplied with 75 tanks to use against the Satanic regime in Israel.

The Germans are also considering seriously leaving NATO and joining the SCO, according to German second Reich faction sources. Germany has been put under a lot of pressure recently because it has blocked its borders to the hired “Syrian refugees” being sent into their country. That is the real reason why Volkswagen has suddenly been attacked for “faking CO2 emission data,” according to the German sources. Other German auto makers are also now expected to get hit with similar claims, they say. The result has only been to alienate German industrialists and strengthen their resolve to once again achieve real independence, they continue.

The Germans are, in fact, preparing to nationalize their banks and reinstate the Deutschemark in reaction to an expected up-coming implosion of Deutschebank, the sources said. This of course would put a quick end to the Euro.

Getting back to the UN, there is still hope the entire meeting will not be written off as just an empty talking head festival. All the world’s top leaders speaking there agreed on the need for major action against environmental destruction and poverty.

Many also agreed on the need to develop new energy technology. For example, Putin, in his speech, said “We have to focus on introducing fundamental and new technologies,” hopefully meaning the Russian introduction of Tesla and other suppressed energy technology. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for his part, said “Our national plans are ambitious and purposeful: new capacity of 175 GW of renewable energy over the next seven years; energy efficiency; a tax on coal; a huge afforestation programme; reforming our transportation; and, cleaning up our cities and rivers.” There are also unconfirmed reports India is releasing suppressed energy technology.

The big unanswered question remains: “will the new financial system, and the release of trillions upon trillions of dollars, be announced soon?” If that does not happen there will be revolution starting at the very top of the pyramid, according to the gnostic illuminati.

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