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Oct 6, 2015

Intention of the true elite in Japan (*Yatagarasu=descendants of the ancient Israelites) – They should stop doing evil before deities erupt in anger.

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Intention of the true elite in Japan (*Yatagarasu=descendants of the ancient Israelites) – They should stop doing evil before deities erupt in anger.

Last night, I finally understood what the true elite in Japan are thinking of.
Reading the following two articles, we can see through their intention to some extent. In my view, the nerve center of the true elite in Japan is Yatagarasu. I think that they are thinking of the complete destruction of Japan. In addition, they are thinking of establishment of neo-Manchukuo, establishment of new Empire of Japan, into which the Korean peninsula and Japan are unified, and new Empire of Japan-led global control.
To this end, they intend to completely destroy Japan once. This way of thinking makes me really understand what the Abe administration is doing.
They, who are descendants of Jews, make me feel uncomfortable because they ignore public opinion too much with the aim of realizing their ambition to control the world. This is my advice: they should immediately abandon efforts to realize such a foolish ambition before deities’ anger erupts on them. Deities or Masters in the Hierarchy whom they had served have been extinguished. Furthermore, the Agartha Network they had relied on has completely disappeared.
Deities call on humanity and particularly global elite to eliminate war on the earth, abolish nuclear power generation including power plants and protect natural environment. Among the most important is respect for public opinion. Those who act against the will of deities will be completely extinguished together with their families. They will be reduced to cosmic dust and disappear forever.
The ruling elite in the world who disobey the will of deities have all lost their psychic power. As a result, they got depressed. If they do evil further, they will disappear corporeally. This is my last warning.

September 27, 2015
Masatoshi Takeshita

*Yatagarasu (Three Legged Crow) is Japanese secret society

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Eiken Itagaki Information Agency – September 27, 2015 –

Based on the “Japanese-Jewish common ancestry theory,” Israel, which said “Give us Shikoku,” wants “another land” now.

*<Special information (1)>

Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu plots to establish the “Great Israel” in the Middle East. At the same time, he tries to establish “Jewish nation=Neo Manchukuo” in northeastern China. It is said that based on the “Japanese-Jewish common ancestry theory,” Prime Minister Netanyahu and has ambition for “control by Israel and Japan” of the world to come. Additionally, he has demanded Japan to give the ownership of Shikoku to Israel, saying “Give us Shikoku.” It’s because “Mount Tsurugi.” is located in Shikoku. Legend has it that the “Arc of the Covenant” was buried in Mount Tsurugi (highest mountain in Tokusihma Prefecture, situated on the border of Miyoshi, Minami and Naka in the prefecture. This mountain is one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains. The mountain is the symbol of Tokushima Prefecture. It is also called Tarougyu.) Reportedly, they try to make “another land” their territory. I wonder what place “another land” is.

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: hikaruland – May 27, 2014 –

Incredible earth shakeup plan by Rothschild

Division of China into four parts and Disappearance of Korea
Incredible earth shakeup plan by Rothschild
Japan, great power of gold ingot, to be the core of “NEW Great East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere”

*Full of information which heralds the dawning of the Gold Country Jipang age
The U.S. evades default by using financial trick on security of Emperor’s family-owned gold ingot as mortgage
*Japan provided twenty thousand trillion yen to the U.S. twice.
*Janet Iellen, who has become new head of the Federal Reserve, is a responsible person on the U.S. side who is familiar with the manipulation.
*Janet Iellen very often calls the responsible person for financial trick on the Japan side.
*Japan owns gold ingot which was transferred overseas to private bank in Switzerland and others at the end of the Edo period.
*On security of the ingot, Japan issued “quasi-currency” (2,000 trillion yen x twice) and provided it to the U.S.
*Japan switches from U.S. bonds it owned to “Samurai bonds” and save the U.S.
*The global elite gradually started charging the rich with illegal accumulation of wealth.
*The annihilation target includes Vatican, the rich in Russia and China, mafia, gangsters in Japan, gigantic religious organizations. Money laundering and tax havens are prohibited.
*Japan has already contributed a portion of Emperor’s Gold to save the world from financial crisis. It amounts to 60 quadrillion yen.
*The gold is hidden in five major shrines and temples.
*The keys of such shrines and temples are kept by the Emperor’s family and the Rothschild family.
*Not only the Hishikari mine but massive gold veins not yet open to the public exist.
*There is a rule that gold in Japan and the assets of the Emperor’s family is not be allowed to be used for war.
*True one world (Hakkou ichiu which means “all the world under one roof”) led by Japanese!
*Founding of Jewish nation Neo-Manchukuo in former Manchuria
*Unification of the Korean peninsula and establishment of Great Goguryeo by Kim Jong-un
*Realization of the philosophy as the imperial nation with the help of Israel and the U.S.
*The global elite refers to major families such as world royal families, nobles, top executives of international organizations, Jacob Rothschild, the family head of largest financial conglomerate in Europe, John David Rockefeller IV, owner of the biggest conglomerate in the U.S., and Free Masonry/Illuminati 13 families.
*The Emperor’s family receives special treatment among the major families and is given due respect to.
*The global elite try to make a “peaceful world without war for 400 years” by means of “establishment of world government.
*To maintain stabilization of the Middle East by dividing China, where warlords struggle for power, into four divisions and establishing a Jewish nation Neo-Manchukuo in one of the divisions, former Manchuria (that is, realization of Jewish settlement in the Japanese Empire, which Japan used to plan)
*To establish “Great Goguryeo” by having Kim Jong-un unify the Korean peninsular
*At that time, Korea will disappear.
*Kim Jong-un is a child between Kim Jong-il and Megumi Yokota.
*Kim Jong-il is a child of Kim Chaek (Osamu Hatanaka, a plotter of the Imperial Japanese Army).
*Osamu Hatanaka made the fourth Kim Il-sung, who did not fight in the anti-Japanese , into the real one and make appearance on the front stage.
*Megumi Yokta’s mother, Mrs. Sakie Yokota is a child of Masako Nashimoto who married into the Yi Dynasty.
*Kim Jong-un is a descendant of The Emperor’s family and Yi Dynasty.
*“Great Goguryeo” to be controlled by Kim Jong-un will become the “second Japan.”

*Jang Sung-tack plotted a coup in conspiracy with China, in which Kim Jong-nam was cajoled into serving as a leader.

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